Top 8 Things To Do At Night In Pisa, Italy

things to do in pisa at night
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Pisa is not the first Italian city that springs to mind when you think of a dynamic nightlife. But it is a university city with a robust student population, as well as a healthy amount of tourist traffic, looking for after-dark activities. Put those two elements together and you’re more than likely to encounter some very lively nighttime action. Read on to discover 8 of the best things to do in Pisa at night.

1. Chupiteria: lost in a world of shot drinks!

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Posted by Chupiteria on Monday, 29 May 2017

Enter at your own risk, should be the words inscribed above the entrance of Chupiteria. With over 250 different types of shot drinks, Chupiteria is the first and only place in Pisa completely dedicated to offering shot drinks. Chupiteria’s libations are absolutely seductive; first to the eyes, then to the taste buds. All of Chupiteria’s shot drinks are presented in a dizzying array of color combinations. Beautifully layered reds and yellows, stunning explosions of light blue-colored cloud bursts over darker sapphire hues, are just a few of the drinks you’ll find at Chupiteria. Chupiteria’s shot drinks are truly mini masterpieces of art floating on a clear liquid canvass. They’re almost too gorgeous to drink… almost. But be warned, the beauty you embrace that night can be a horrible burden the next morning.

The bartenders are attentive, and keep the spirits flowing with grace and ease. Chupiteria’s goal is fun and it achieves that with a very festive atmosphere on display nightly. The prices are affordable for what you get; premium liquor, shot drinks that are the perfect mix of imagination and ingenuity, and countless choices. A night out in Pisa means a stop at this one-of-a-kind establishment.


Address: Lungarno Mediceo, 59, 56127 Pisa PI, Italy

Hours: 9.00 pm to 3.00 am nightly

Website: Chupiteria (in Italian)

2. Play or opera? Make it an evening with the arts at Teatro Verdi

Teatro Verdi is a Pisa institution that hosts both theater and opera events. Known for its high-caliber performances, Teatro Verdi was inaugurated in 1867 and boasts a proud and rich history; the present-day concert hall was once a dance hall. Teatro Verdi is located in Pisa’s center and is an awe-inspiring structure that creates a sense of wonder with its historic charm. In addition, Teatro Verdi has a small exhibition area containing costumes and theatrical items that belonged to the famous baritone Titta Ruffo, a Pisa native who enjoyed a long and celebrated opera career.

One of Tuscany’s most important theaters, Teatro Verdi is an unforgettable way to experience an evening at the opera the way 19th-century patrons experienced it. And if you visit during the 2017-2018 season you’re in for a real treat, because Teatro Verdi is celebrating its 150 year anniversary, making a visit to Teatro Verdi extra special.

Teatro Verdi

Address: Via Palestro, 40, 56127 Pisa PI, Italy

3. Unwind with a relaxing stroll down River Arno to Santa Maria della Spina

Pisa is generally a safe place to wander at night and a wonderful nighttime walk is along the Arno River. The Arno River is a marvelous Tuscan River that flows through Florence and then passes through Pisa before reaching the Ligurian Sea, an arm of the Mediterranean Sea. It is a sight to behold during the day and an even more glorious view to take in when the sun goes down.

Start the walk at the heart of the city, the picturesque Garibaldi Square. Locals boast that the best gelato in Pisa can be found here, so drop in La Bottega del Gelato, they’re open until 12.00 am during the summer months and until 10.00 pm the rest of the year. With plenty of lighting to make your way, witness beautiful views of the earth-tone palazzi on the River’s banks. Conclude your walk at the Santa Maria della Spina. An extraordinary example of Pisan Gothic architecture, Santa Maria della Spina is a small church built in 1230. Covered in marble-colored bands, the small church’s exterior is also beautifully decorated with inlays, rosettes and numerous statues. It makes a great postcard image, even when lit by streetlights!

River Arno - Santa Maria della Spina

Address: Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi, 56121 Pisa, Italy (Garibaldi Square), Lungarno Gambacorti, 56125 Pisa PI, Italy (Santa Maria dell Spina)

Website: Santa Maria della Spina (in Italian)

4. Enjoy the ocean breeze at Sunset Cafe on Marina di Pisa Beach

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Posted by Sunset Cafè / marina di pisa on Saturday, 15 September 2012

Marina di Pisa Beach offers the perfect evening getaway and a chance to enjoy a pleasant meal by the water. A short 24 minute drive by car, Marina di Pisa is a seaside resort built during the late 1800s, and is a great place to relax and take a break from the city. You can take a stroll by the water and then head to Sunset Cafe. Sunset Cafe is a wonderful way to begin the evening. Start with your favorite aperitif and one of Sunset Cafe’s delectable appetizers. What’s special about Sunset Cafe is the ambiance. Large mats with candles and cushions are spread across the small beach area, where you’re able to sip cocktails and watch the stars twinkle above, while listening to the waves roll in.

When you’re ready for dinner you can’t go wrong with Da Gino. A family run business offering traditional Italian seafood cuisine, Da Gino is a bright and welcoming restaurant with elegant and delicious four-course meals that feature menu items, such as Spaghetti Allo Scoglio and Catalan-style lobster. To finish off the meal, you must try one of Da Gino’s heavenly home-made desserts. If you love pistachio, the Pistachio semifreddo is a great choice. Sunset Cafe and Da Gino make the perfect dining combination for travelers who want a memorable dinner experience.

Sunset Cafe

Address: Via Litoranea, 40a, 56128 Marina di Pisa PI, Italy

Hours: Monday-Thursday 7.00 pm to 2.00 am, Friday-Sunday 7.00 pm to 3.00 am

Website: Sunset Cafe

5. Party on the banks of the river at Arno Vivo!

Been wishing for a place to gather with friends, sit outdoors, drink great cocktails and listen to good music? Arno Vivo has granted that wish with an outdoor music festival that goes on all summer long. Starting in late May and going until the end of September, the Arno Vivo party assembles in the center of Pisa, under the Victoria Bridge, and offers live music and DJs. With the dazzling Arno River as a backdrop, Arno Vivo adds great music, along with good food and drink, to make for a perfect summer night.

Arno Vivo offers a select and varied program of music on different nights of the week. Thursdays is reggae night, Fridays it’s concert night, and Saturdays the DJs take over. Arno Vivo provides a fully-loaded cocktail bar, where you can enjoy your drink of choice, and there’s also ample tables and benches for comfort. If you get hungry, grab a savory burger at the Hamburgheria Arno Vivo. At Arno Vivo the party begins at 6.00 pm and goes until the music dies out, the food runs out, the liquor runs dry or the sun comes up, whichever happens first!

Arno Vivo

Address: Lungarno Bruno Buozzi, 1, 56124 Pisa PI, Italy

Website: Arno Vivo

6. Skip the crowds; take the Pisa by Night Guided Walking Tour

Pisa Tower with cathedral and baptistry at night
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Clayton Tang used under CC BY-SA 3.0

Pisa is a city overrun with tourists during the day. That’s a fact. But Pisa is a different place at night. The vibe is vibrant with a certain Mediterranean flair. So why not experience for yourself this distinct side to Pisa by exploring it when it’s less crowded. That time is at night with a Pisa by Night Guided Walking Tour. A true highlight of the Pisa by Night Guided Walking Tour starts at the beginning, where you meet in Miracle Square and are able to observe the Leaning Tower of Pisa at night. Seeing it after dark gives the tower an even more magical aura. Other high points of the Pisa by Night Guided Walking Tour is a trip to old town, where your guide will show you historic spots such as Piazza Dante, the medieval Borgo Stretto, and, of course, the house where Galileo was born.

And because this is Pisa, the tour concludes with a chance to relax and enjoy a glass of wine at the romantic Piazza della Berlina, or for a more decadent choice, enjoy a scoop, or two, of home-made ice cream on the Ponte di Mezzo Bridge. If, after all that, you’re still in go-mode your guide will happily provide some awesome insider tips on the best Pisa has to offer at night.

Pisa by Night Guided Walking Tour

Address: Piazza del Duomo, 56126 Pisa PI, Italy (Miracle Square)

Duration: 2 hours

Website: Pisa by Night Guided Walking Tour

7. Orzo Bruno; the mecca of craft beer!

Posted by L'Orzo Bruno on Sunday, 3 July 2016

Even though Italy is known for its fabulous wines, it may be also nice to know Italy has some pretty great beer. Located in the heart of Pisa, Orzo Bruno is a pub and brewery that offers a relaxed and friendly atmosphere to unwind after a long day of sightseeing. The locally brewed brands are well worth the visit. The ingredients are pure, only malted barley, water, hops and yeast. No additives or preservatives come within reach of Orzo Bruno’s beer; try the Montemagno, red beer! Orzo Bruno also has some classics on tap.

Orzo Bruno is definitely a fun and inviting nighttime diversion and is a favorite among locals. Many have jokingly called it their second home. Don’t miss the opportunity to sit at the bar and chat with the locals, while enjoying a plate of grilled vegetables and mozzarella, along with your brew of course!

Orzo Bruno

Address: Via delle Case Dipinte, 6/8, 56127 Pisa PI, Italy

Hours: Sunday to Thursday 7.00 pm to 1.00 am, Friday to Saturday 7.00 pm to 2.00 am

Website: Orzo Bruno (in Italian)

8. Music knows no boundaries at Borderline Club

Posted by Borderline Pisa on Saturday, 4 February 2017

The image displayed on the website says it all; a tough-looking dog wearing a large sombrero poised with a pair of six shooters. No doubt about it, Borderline Club is a place with attitude. Borderline Club, a live concert venue, was founded in 1996 with the expressed desire to create a locale where people could gather to listen and enjoy great live music. Borderline Club has lived up to that wish.

After 20 years and countless varieties of musical performances from blues to jazz, from rock to pop and everything in between, Borderline Club has become a renowned concert club in Italy that suits all music tastes. Borderline Club is certainly a good pick for tourists if they want to experience the partying side of Pisa. Borderline Club consistently delivers a great concert experience, and is well worth checking out.

Borderline Club

Address: Via Giuseppe Vernaccini, 7, 56127 Pisa PI, Italy

Website: Borderline Club (in Italian)

Pisa nighttime is the right time

Pisa offers plenty of choices for nighttime fun-seekers. Whether it’s a desire to drink, revel in good conversation, dance to great music, or just stroll the streets and people watch, Pisa is the perfect place. Like a chameleon, Pisa presents two different sides to its liveliness over the course of 24 hours. During the day Pisa draws much of its vigor from scrambling sightseers and the hustle and bustle of marketplaces, but as nightfall approaches, the energy of the bars, pubs and clubs take over. So, when you visit make sure you experience both versions of Pisa, and don’t miss out on the half of the action that happens when the sun goes down.

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