What To Buy In Kotor, Montenegro

what to buy in kotor

When it comes to majestic settings, you can’t go wrong with Kotor on the coast of Montenegro. Sat at the end of a beautiful fjord-like inlet of the Adriatic Sea, and boasting one of the best preserved medieval old towns and squares in Europe, its picture-postcard streets welcome a vast array of visitors every year by land, air, and cruise ship. If you can tear yourself away from the beautiful old town and such spectacular buildings as Kotor Cathedral, then you’ll also find even more sights to see, from the hiking opportunities of the Lovćen mountain and the national park which bears its name, to the charming Our Lady of the Rock church on a small artificial island. But when you take a break from Kotor’s innumerable charms, you’ll likely want to pick up some souvenirs and treasured mementos of your stay. Read on for just some of the souvenirs you can by during your visit. Here’s what to buy in Kotor, Montenegro.

1. Pick up authentic Montenegrin headgear with a Kapa cap

Hrvatski povijesni muzej 27012012 Domovinski rat 9
Source: Photo by user Roberta F. used under CC BY-SA 3.0

This striking headgear is a traditional piece of Montenegrin attire and is worn by both the Serbs and the Montenegrins of the country. Similar in design to the similar Lika and Herzegovina-style caps, the Kapa is cylindrical in shape, and usually predominantly black with a flat red top - although more ornate versions are available, too. These usually feature embroidered designs, ranging from Serbian crosses to Montenegro’s coat of arms. Indeed, the latter design is enjoying a resurgence as the people of the country celebrate the nation’s sovereignty. Needless to say, if you pick one up on your travels you’ll have a truly unique memento of your Montenegro holiday.

2. Brojanica

Source: Photo by user Чорный Лузеръ used under PUBLIC DOMAIN

These consecrated bracelets are a special kind of rosary and woven from sheep’s wool. A type of Orthodox prayer rope, the brojanica and brojanice are popular among a number of eastern European nations including Macedonia, Bosnia, Serbia and, of course, Montenegro. What’s more, they date back to the earliest days of Christianity - and, in that time, have evolved into a range of styles - boasting everything from 33 to 150 knots, although the larger knotted variety are usually worn round the neck as opposed to as a bracelet. Today they also come in a variety of colours and ornamentation, too, making them a fashionable accessory as well as a religious symbol.

3. Vranac wine

Source: Photo by user Petar Milošević used under CC BY-SA 3.0

Wine lovers will also find much to enjoy during their visit to Montenegro. Indeed, there are a number of vineyards in the coastal and southern areas of the nation, producing tasty vintages from a variety of grapes. The country is also home to a particular type of grape - the Vranac - which produces a red wine that is much enjoyed. What’s more, it enjoys geographical protected status, which means that any vranac wine you purchase will have been produced in Montenegro’s rugged landscape. There are plenty of wines to enjoy too, with Vranac’s dark grapes producing a variety of tastes depending on the method of production and the length of time the wine is stored - giving you a perfect excuse to try a few.

4. Tabby-centric souvenirs from Cats of Kotor

Kotor's cats (35557827681)
Source: Photo by user Alex Alishevskikh used under CC BY-SA 2.0

Besides its stunningly well preserved old town and beautiful fjord-like seascape, Kotor is also famous for its large population of stray cats, which are an integral part of its streetscape. Naturally this has seen cats taken into the heart of the city’s identity as an unofficial symbol of the old town - a fact perhaps best exemplified by tabby-related souvenir shops such as Cats of Kotor. Located in Kotor Vista in the old town, this popular shop and cat museum features a range of arts and handcrafts centred around the city’s moggies. It’s also open until well into the evening, giving you a chance to pick up your souvenirs at a time to suit your daily holiday itinerary. What’s more, some of your money will be used to help feed the animals - you can even buy food for them yourself.

5. High-quality clothing items, rugs, and curtains from Niti

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If it’s memorable folk-style rugs, curtains, or clothes you’re after, then you may wish to keep your eyes out for products from Niti. These high-quality goods are created in Bijelo Polje (pictured) in the north-east of the country. All are produced by hand using sheep wool, and made using a range of traditional skills - including embroidery, weaving and knitting.

6. Montenegro grape vinegar

Cote d'Azur 2007 - Sour Grapes (1163744985)
Source: Photo by user The Next Web used under CC BY-SA 2.0

If you or a loved one are a bit of a foodie then this next entry will likely prove interesting. As already mentioned, Montenegro is home to a host of top vineyards so it should come as little surprise to learn that grape vinegar is a popular condiment in the country. Sour grapes are prized for use in this product, with its uses ranging from a condiment to pickling and even as an ingredient in sauces. Furthermore, it’s a common sight among souvenir shops so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to snap some up during your travels.

7. Homemade peasant cheese

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Speaking of culinary delights, if you’re a cheese fan you’ve come to the right place. Montenegro is home to an array of homemade peasant cheeses. The country boasts a number of varieties of unusual cheeses with memorable and unique flavours. These include Njeguški sir (pictured), which is kept in oil, a salted old cheese made from cow’s milk called Pljevaljski sir, and a number of salted cottage creams called Skorup. Needless to say, you’ll almost certainly stumble across some during your visits to Kotor’s various souvenir outlets and shops.

8. Pick up antiques from Kotor's shops and bazaars

Roman coins
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Ad Meskens used under CC BY-SA 3.0

A city with such a rich and lengthy history as Kotor - which dates back to the 5th century BC - naturally is home to all manner of fascinating antiques. So if you want to pick up one-of-a-kind or memorable mementos then you’ll find plenty of things to catch the eye while wandering the stunning old town and its shops and bazaars. Antiques Stankovic boasts everything from Roman coins (see picture) to socialist-era medals, while the Antique Art Sales Museum sells everything from ring-watches to clocks and plates.

9. Olive oil

Bottle of olive oil
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user margenauer from P... used under CC0

Let’s face it, the Mediterranean and Adriatic are famed for their olive oils. This super-food is used in all manner of dishes and has wowed food fans across the world for centuries. So why not pick up some fresh from the source during your visit. As well as being stocked in shops in Kotor, the nearby Lustica peninsula is home to a range of olive groves and oil producers. Some even welcome tours so as well as buying fresh organic olive oil, you may even be able to see it being produced.

10. Pick up a souvenir magnet or mug with landmark images

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Kotor’s status as a jewel of the Adriatic means it is a tourism hot-spot, welcoming fleets of cruise ships and waves of visitors every year - all looking to experience the world heritage site charms of its well-preserved medieval old town. Naturally this means you’ll find plenty of souvenir shops catering to this demand. And, of course, if you’re looking for simple mementos of your stay - either for yourself or friends and family back home - you’ll find plenty of classic options. These include the typical magnets and mugs that you’d find in many a gift shop, featuring the country, cities, and landmarks.

Time to go shopping

Kotor, Montenegro
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Diego Delso used under CC BY-SA 3.0

Whether it’s culinary treats to tantalise those taste buds, classic souvenir options, or clothing that is truly unique, there are a whole host of options when looking to buy lasting keepsakes of your trip to Kotor. What grabs your fancy?

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