What To Buy In Narita Airport

what to buy in narita airport

Narita Airport is located 60 km (37.28 miles) away from Tokyo and it consists of three terminal buildings with a free shuttle bus operating between the three terminals. If you have some free time to explore Narita Airport, you will find that it consists of a range of entertainment facilities and shops that will help you kill some time before your next flight. Narita Airport is also the place where you can find various Narita-style souvenirs alongside Japanese snacks that you can only find at the airport. Check out our list of what to buy in Narita Airport when you’re in transit or are departing from this transport hub.

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1. Giant Pocky

Giant Pocky!
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Janine used under CC BY 2.0

Pocky needs no introduction. Being a well-known snack now available worldwide, Pocky is one of the more popular souvenirs for many to bring home from Japan. Of course, one might argue that they could easily get their own Pocky in their home country but how about Giant Pocky? That’s right. Giant Pocky is not something that is available worldwide. It comes in three local flavors; Uji matcha, Shinshu Kyoto, Yubari Melon. Giant Pocky is often sold at 1,000 JPY (8 USD) for a box consisting of 18 sticks. While you are familiar with the normal Pocky, this might just make your jaw drop for various reasons.


Price Range: 1,000JPY (8.87USD)

Address: Terminal 1, South Wing, 4th Floor

Website: Fa-So-La

2. Tokyo banana

Tokyo Banana (1)
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user 毒島みるく used under CC0

Tokyo Banana is one of the most popular souvenirs in Tokyo. Just one step into any of the shops in Narita Airport will help you to easily locate them, as they are often displayed on the most noticeable shelves in the shops. Tokyo Banana is a sponge cake stuffed with banana cream, with the cream made out of strained banana puree, something you might not be able to get elsewhere. The natural flavor makes the Japanese snack a favorite, not only amongst adults but children as well!


Price Range: 560yen - 1,595yen (5USD - 114.15USD)

Address: Terminal 1, South Wing, 2nd Floor

Business Hours: 07:30-21:00

3. Tokyo Curry Age Mochi

The Tokyo Curry Age Mochi is made from 100% domestic sticky rice, deep-fried, then marinated with Japan-exclusive curry sauce, made better when aromatic spices are sprinkled on it. All the ingredients used in making the Tokyo Curry Age Mochi are only found in Japan, hence making it one of the best authentic souvenirs that one can take home before they leave Narita Airport.


Price Range: 864JPY (7.66USD)

Address: Terminal 1, South Wing, 2nd Floor

Business Hours: 07:30-21:00

4. Hiyoko

Hiyoko on a dish
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user 毒島みるく used under CC0

Hiyoko means “baby chick” in the literal context. This delicate food is made out of fresh eggs and white sugar mixed with flour, then wrapped in layers of pastry, giving it a shape that looks like a chick. You might have noticed that most of the souvenirs in Japan are cutely designed; the same goes to this box of Hiyoko. If you are one who loves to collect adorable souvenirs, don’t miss out this cute box of chicks.


Price Range: 1,000JPY (8.87USD)

Address: Terminal 1, South Wing, 4th Floor

Website: Fa-So-La

5. Tenugui

Source: Photo by Flickr user allegro Takahi used under CC BY 2.0

Tenugui are pieces of cotton towels that come with various designs. The cloth is light and smooth, making it usable as more than just a towel, but as decorations on the wall as well. Due to the rich variations in colors and patterns, we are sure that you can find just the right design preference for yourself. If you would like something that is more representative of your trip to Tokyo, get those with a more authentic Japan-style design.

YAMATO craft gallery

Price Range: 300JPY - 1,500JPY (2.66USD - 13.30USD)

Address: Terminal1,Central Bldg,4th Floor

Website: YAMATO craft gallery

6. Kokeshi dolls

Kokeshi dolls
Source: Photo by Flickr user Giuseppe Milo used under CC BY 2.0

As you might have guessed from the name, the Kokeshi Dolls are dolls hand-crafted in wood, the painting on the faces giving them vibrant and lively expressions of their own. There are all sorts of Kokeshi Dolls that you can find in Narita Airport, from the ones in traditional clothing to the more contemporary ones that possess a modernized touch. They are adorable decorations in the house and are light and easy to be carried around.


Price Range: 1,860JPY - 18,600JPY (16,50USD - 165.00USD)

Address: Terminal 1, No.3 Satellite, 3rd Floor

Business Hours: 08:00-19:30

7. Peanuts Monaka

Peanuts Monaka is shaped like a peanut from the outside. It is a famous type of Japanese sweet that is made of azuki beans pressed against two thin crispy rice cakes. The rice cakes are also filled with peanut butter, making the sweets look and taste like peanuts all the same. If you are a peanut lover, you might not want to miss this Japan-exclusive sweet.


Price Range: 560JPY (5USD)

Address: Terminal 1, Central Bldg, 4th Floor

Business Hours: 07:30-20:30

8. Matcha sweets

Meiji Rich Matcha Chocolate
Source: Photo by Flickr user Hajime NAKANO used under CC BY 2.0

How can you leave Narita Airport without purchasing at least one matcha sweet? Matcha is a very prominent flavor in Japan. Despite the bitter flavor of the matcha tea, the sweet tooth may find it delightful that the matcha sweets are not as bitter as the tea. In fact, they are mostly sweet yet still not losing the authentic matcha flavor, allowing travelers who prefer sweet over bitter to be able to enjoy its taste.


Price Range: 350JPY - 1,000JPY (3.10USD - 8.87USD)

Address: Terminal 1, South Wing, 2nd Floor

Business Hours: 07:30-21:00

9. Japanese tea

Japanese tea
Source: Unsplash.com

Japanese tea is the most popular beverage in Japan and it also plays a significant role in Japanese food culture. So while you are in the land of the rising sun, don’t forget to buy some packets of authentic Japanese tea. They come in various forms but the more popular packets you will find are those of powder and tea packets forms. Feel free to choose one that suits your preference.


Price Range: 1,500JPY - 200,000JPY (13.30USD - 1,773.00USD)

Address: Terminal 2, Main Building, 4th Floor


10. Japanese fans

Japanese fan
Source: Pixabay

There are two types of Japanese fans; sensu and uchiwa. These fans are light and easy to carry around, especially useful during summer. Aside from the convenient function, the delicate and beautiful designs that these fans usually come with also make for great decorations in your home, regardless of whether you intend to display them on your wall or in glass cases.

Kyoto Craft Mart

Price Range: 2,200JPY - 225,600JPY (20USD - 2,000USD)

Address: Terminal 1, Central Bldg, 4th Floor

Business Hours: 07:30-20:30

Souvenirs with great cultural value

As you can see, most of the souvenirs you can purchase from Japan are of great cultural value. Take your time and browse through the items on the shelves when you can. By that, you will be able to bring home a valuable souvenir that acts as more than just a memory of your trip to Japan.

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