13 Best Yurts In Mongolia - Updated 2023


The steppes of Mongolia are dry and flat and often deal out extreme weather conditions to its native dwellers. For thousands of years, nomadic inhabitants of the steppes of Central Asia have been living in yurts—portable homes that can house as many as 15 warm bodies. It takes anywhere from half an hour to three hours to set up. The portable and sturdy yurt has proven to be reliable and it is still a distinctive feature of the country’s rugged landscapes, which feature lots of natural wonders to explore. Your adventures in Central Asia should start in a self-supporting yurt made from a latticework of wood. Mongolia may present a laid-back vibe but it doesn’t shy away from exciting things to do. Start rolling out your vacation plan here by booking a retreat. Check out our list of some of the best yurts in Mongolia.

1. Authentic yurt hosted by a nomad family

Mongolia features rugged expanses where nomadic culture is rich. If you want to experience life just like the herders, the ger (yurt or nomad’s felt tent) is one the best bases to introduce you to such a lifestyle. Hosted by a nomad family in the Erdene grasslands, the ger includes the comforts of a typical home. You can expect to cook in a traditional kitchen, cozy up by the heating stove, and doze off in comfy bedding.

During your stay, you’ll be immersed in the daily routine of your host family, such as milking cows, preparing traditional dairy, and even horseback riding. Any booking here readily comes with transportation, three meals per day, and a guide and translation.

Mongolian Nomad Family
Erdene, Töv, Mongolia
3 reviews  Wifi Available
Yurt 10 Beds 10 Guests 3 Bedrooms 0 Bathrooms

Accommodates: 10

Top guest reviews
at the ger we were greeted by the host family who were super hospitable and friendly
the guide was very helpful throughout the trip
there are no words kind enough to describe this family love love love them
the owner turned out to be an excellent conversationalist and we heard a lot of information about mongolia
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2. Lovely wooden yurt close to city center

This lovely wooden yurt inspired by a Mongolian traditional ger is a knockout for solo backpackers or couple travelers. Its rustic interior allows you to while away the night in a queen-size bed and revel in the warmth of electrical heating and a fireplace. The large picture window perfectly frames the neighboring hills and welcomes the sun all day.

Apart from WiFi, the unit is also appointed with laundry facilities so you can pack light for the trip. Or perhaps you can use the extra luggage space for the things of your fur pals as you can let them tag along on the property. As for its location, Ulaanbaatar’s city center with shops and local joints galore is easily accessible.

Bayar’s house
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
3 reviews  Wifi Available
Yurt 1 Bed 2 Guests 1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom

Accommodates: 2

Top guest reviews
the place was really clean and enkhbayar's parents were really hospitable
the ger is very beautiful and clean and very good isolated
they were really friendly and helped us by giving the local tips
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3. Authentic nomad yurt near Khustai National Park

Yurts complement the way of life of nomadic tribes in the steppes of Mongolia. If you have a burning desire to learn more about the culture, then spend time where nomads roam. Book an authentic nomad dwelling and see for yourself how they make yurts work for them. With a five-star rating, Anuk, the Superhost is quite keen on her offer—a yurt all to yourself and your companions. The host of Nomad Family Homestay provides breakfast to get your day going. You may cook food in the kitchen, which provides basic amenities. There’s no need to bother with other essentials because soap, toilet paper, and towels are provided. The yurt is located near Khustai National Park which is 102.3 kilometers (641.44 miles) from the capital city of Ulaanbaatar.

Nomad Family Homestay near Khustai National Park
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
63 reviews  Wifi Available
Yurt 4 Beds 4 Guests 1 Bedroom 0 Bathrooms

Accommodates: 4

Top guest reviews
the ger doesn’t have much modern facilities but it was clean
host was very welcoming
anuk was kind and thoughtful host
they were very hospitable and really took care of us
they were kind and helpful anytime
host family is very kind and friendly people
beautiful location not too far from the capital
what a lovely location and even greater host
the location is really authentic and the landscape is breathtaking
for those who are interested in night photography this is a must-visit location
the location was incredible with amazing views
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4. Comfortable and private room inside a ger

A yurt is called a ger sometimes but some insist on distinct differences. We won’t concern ourselves with semantics at this time. For now, we’re all agreed that a traditional Mongolian yurt or ger house near the city is the perfect accommodation for you and your friends. Superhost Oyuntsetseg guarantees privacy and comfort in a private room in a ger with ample space for two guests. There are two beds and a half-bath so that you and your companion experience comfort during your stay.

If you book during the summer, the host offers interested guests a short stint as a farmhand. Be prepared to work with domesticated animals if you have nothing else planned and doing dairy work in Mongolia is on your bucket list.

Mongolian national Ger .
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
47 reviews  Wifi Available
Private room in yurt 4 Beds 2 Guests 1 Bedroom 0 Bathrooms

Accommodates: 2

Top guest reviews
the ger was always clean and comfortable by ms
outhouse toilet but clean and shower
the gher is clean and comfortable situated outside ulaanbaatar and surrounded by a beautiful landscape
her meals were delicious the ger was clean and comfortable
in the ger is always warm and always clean
oyuntsetseg was such an informative and gracious host
oyuntsetseng is a wonderful host
she could not be more accommodating and helpful
i can recommend oyuntsetseg as a host and tour guid
authentic experience with kind host
the ger is a beautiful location to relax though
oyuntsetseg's ger is indeed pretty close to ulan bator which of course adds values to it
our stay in the ger was fantastic: host food location all perfect
by the time you reach her location you are in a beautiful valley that is very peaceful
i could enjoy my stay due to her hospitality beautiful nature and unique location
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5. Accommodation that is the epitome of Mongolian hospitality (from USD 17)

Outstanding hospitality—that’s what guests say about Munkh, the host for this private yurt in Ulaanbaatar. He is offering a private room and guarantees cleanliness. He’s assured of this because his mother handles the chores herself. Munkh offers transport from the airport and train station and promises an interesting Mongolian menu every day. There seems to be no shortage of hospitality in this part of Mongolia. Your host also offers assistance with tours in the city and other places of interest.

Yurt in Ulaanbaatar · ★4.81 · 1 bedroom · 2 beds · 1 shared bath
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
140 reviews Superhost  Wifi Available
Private room in yurt 2 Beds 2 Guests 1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom

Accommodates: 2

Top guest reviews
Amenities & Room:
the ger was comfortable and warm with the fireplace in middle
the bed was comfortable and we really enjoyed learning the traditional mongolian way of living
clean cozy and welcoming
the place is cozy and clean
munkh's ger was a great place and clean and comfortable enough for me
munkh’s mom always made sure that my ger room is warm and clean a warm-hearted and hardworking housewife
complete with wood stoves simple no running water arrangements and clean comfortable outhouse
munkh is a great host
munkh is an amazing host
the host was extremely friendly and helpful
munkh is a good host
both are very good hosts
this location is a perfect getaway from the city
just to get around the bus is perfect 500 mnt per ride
great stay at munkh's place in ulaanbaatar
she always helped me like buying bus tickets looking around some museums with her guide and so on
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6. Hospitable quarters in Hatgal (from USD 30)

Your host, Mona has a heartwarming story to share. The Mongolian tent or ger in Hatgal on offer is actually a passion project of hers. Mona helped a family to purchase a new ger after their home burned down. When you book this accommodation you’ll be helping a family earn a living. In return, you can expect excellent Mongolian hospitality. Hatgal (Khatgal) is a charming village near the vicinity of one of the largest freshwater lakes in the country. It is quiet and peaceful and patches of wildness await whenever you step out of your nomadic dwelling.

Support locals not big tourist places: private Ger
Hatgal, Khövsgöl, Mongolia
3 reviews  Wifi Available
Private room in yurt 1 Bed 2 Guests 1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom

Accommodates: 2

7. Traditional accommodations far from the city

Exotic camping—that is how your host, Sukhee describes the experience awaiting you at Kharkhorin. This ancient city on the Silk Road was Genghis Khan’s capital –the very place where he ruled the Mongol Empire. When you go to Kharkhorin be prepared to leave modern living behind. The space you will be renting is the home of Sukhee and his wife. Aside from the Mongolian tent home or yurt where you will be staying, another yurt is also accessible to guests. There, you can observe dairy production, which is the family’s livelihood. The nearest restaurant and fast food chain is quite a distance away so you will learn to appreciate the meals prepared for you.

Live like a nomad! (food, horseriding and fun)
Kharkhorin, Uvurkhangai, Mongolia
14 reviews  Wifi Available
Shared room in yurt 2 Beds 3 Guests 1 Bedroom 0 Bathrooms

Accommodates: 3

Top guest reviews
the ger is spacious and clean
sukhee and his son’s are very kind and his wife puujee's traditional mongolian meal is very delicious
most amazing place and very friendly family the food is very good :)thanks again
we had a great experience at sukhee's the once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience
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8. Modern rental inside a new yurt complex

Yurts in Olgii are affordable, charming, and comfortable. The private room is located within a new yurt complex in Bayan-Ulgii. Your host, Pyerizat offers comfortable lodgings and access to the kitchen, if you want to cook your own meals. Aside from basic essentials, you can expect hot water and ironing and washing services. WiFi is available if you want to stay connected with family and friends back home.

Yurts in Olgii
Bayan-Ulgii, Mongolia
5 reviews  Wifi Available
Private room in yurt 4 Beds 2 Guests 2 Bedrooms 1 Bathroom

Accommodates: 2

Top guest reviews
bathroom and shower were both kept clean
excellent value and the host was very helpful even giving me a ride a couple times
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9. Resort facilities near Khamar Monastery

This facility is proud of its five-star ratings from all previous guests. No wonder Nomin, your host is proud to offer the resort in Sainshand in Dornogovi Province. Private rooms are available in public areas for meals. The location is about half an hour’s drive from the Sainshand train station. The host will be there to pick you up and bring you to your temporary home in Mongolia. Since the resort is only 2 km (1.24 mi) from Khamar Monastery, which is one of the must-visit monasteries in Mongolia, you should take up the host’s offer of touring the famous landmark.

Gers 4 beds- Khamar monastery- Dornogobi Sainshand
Urgun, Dornogovi, Mongolia
4 reviews  Wifi Available
Yurt 0 Beds 4 Guests 0 Bathrooms

Accommodates: 4

Top guest reviews
the ger is spacious and clean and had the basic things we needed
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10. Comfy yurt featuring a skylight (from USD 68)

Those looking for an authentic Mongolian yurt stay experience will enjoy their time at this Airbnb offered by a nomadic family. Though it is ideally suited for two guests, the yurt is kid-friendly too and offers the use of children’s books and toys, kid’s tableware, and more. You will also enjoy participating in the daily activities of the nomadic family. This pet-friendly yurt is fully furnished and offers two comfy beds, storage and plenty of space to move around. The hosts also offer breakfast and lovely views can be had from the yurt camping site. Horseriding is a popular activity at this property.

Yurt in Ulaanbaatar · ★4.75 · 1 bedroom · 10 beds · 1 private bath
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
141 reviews  Wifi Available
Private room in yurt 10 Beds 10 Guests 1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom

Accommodates: 10

Top guest reviews
Amenities & Room:
the stay at oyuntsetsegs winter yurt was more than comfortable
the bed is nice fire warm and enough space to stretch out and rest
as oyuntsetseg says if you want modern comforts you can always stay in one of her apartments
she even cooked a great dinner and breakfast for us complete with fresh yak milk
my private ger was clean and serene
the ger was warm and clean and the beds were very comfortable
the ger was clean airy and ver comfortable
we spent 1 night in a gert which was very clean and comfortable beds
place was clean and sanitation is good
oyuntsetseg was a great host
oyuna was a fantastic host
oyuntsetseg was friendly and always made sure we were ok
oyuntsetseg was very kind and helpful
she is good host but also she is best guide
the location is great - not too far from the city but surrounded by beautiful scenery and animals
it is still a good location
the shower and outhouse are a short and safe walk away
once we finally got out there the location was amazing
it was the best decision to stay at oyuntsetsegs winter place
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11. Simple accommodation for a nomadic lifestyle

Your host, Dashdulamsuren offers a Mongolian yurt for your own particular use at a reasonable daily rate. Guests enjoy the privacy of their own ger, which can accommodate as many as 10 people. This offer works only for intrepid travelers who want to experience nomadic life as it is. Luxury is an unfamiliar word in a traditional ger, and even basic modern amenities are absent. Nevertheless, a traditional setting allows for sharing of food and daily chores.

The meals will be adequate, and you will get a chance to milk cows and make dairy products. If you’re not keen on helping out, then it’s alright to just sit back and relax, and take in the Terelj countryside.

Real nomadic life of Mongolia
Terelj, Töv, Mongolia
8 reviews  Wifi Available
Yurt 10 Beds 10 Guests 1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom

Accommodates: 10

Top guest reviews
dashka’s parents and her daughter are very kind and thoughtful
the family always smile and be helpful for everything
but that's all part of the adventure dashka was so kind to us and speaks great english
it is a good place for vacation
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12. Exciting yurt stay for an immersive domestic life

Gorkhi-Terelj National Park, which is one of the best places for nature lovers in Mongolia, is a rock climbing destination located 37 kilometres (23 miles) away from Ulaanbaatar. The mountains and rivers beckon tourists to trade the hustle and bustle of city life for a simpler one. Superhost Munkhbaatar (Mogi) invites you and your friends to stay with a family of herders in a shared room that accommodates as many as six people. The simplicity of the ger and its surroundings could be a good antidote to a stressful and often monotonous routine. You’ll have opportunities to interact with locals, assist in collecting wood, and help see to domesticated sheep, cows, and horses. For the adventurous type, the yurt can serve as your starting point for custom tours in the national park.

Stay with Nomadic family in Terelj national park
Terelj, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
36 reviews
Shared room in yurt 3 Beds 6 Guests 1 Bedroom 0 Bathrooms

Accommodates: 6

Top guest reviews
Amenities & Room:
the ger while semi rugged is pretty comfortable
i got to swim in a clear river fun horse riding session and bonfire under the stars
mogi is a great host
mogi was a perfect host he took care of everything
he was so kind and took care of all
thanks for the kind host family
mogi is one of the best host you can ever asked for
the location is beautiful
the location is fantastic and the animals are friendly
i had an amazing time at munkhbataar's place
excellent value in a beautiful place
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13. Unforgettable stay experience with a local herdsman and his family

When you fly from Ulaanbaatar to Uvurkhagai (Övörkhangai) Province you will notice the contrast between the bustling capital city and the peaceful province to the south immediately. Your host is Bayarmaa and she has arranged for a shared room that can accommodate as many as six guests. The traditional Mongolian tent house or ger that you’ll be living in is the home of Ochir and Tsegi. Ochir is a herdsman of the picturesque Orkhon Valley. Nearby is a cliff and a waterfall is within walking distance. In July, there’s a highly celebrated felt-making festival. If you book the yurt at other times of the year, you can look forward to hiking, fishing, horseback riding, and cooking sessions with the family.

Nomadic stay at Orkhon Valley
Uvurkhangai, Mongolia
19 reviews  Wifi Available
Shared room in yurt 6 Beds 12 Guests 1 Bedroom 0 Bathrooms

Accommodates: 12

Top guest reviews
the nomadic family was so very kind and helpful
if you want to stay with real mongolian family highly recommend every one is very kind and nice
the place is quite far from ub but it's worth it
we loved the food ger location and country side
overall a wonderful and welcoming family in a beautiful location with lots to do
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Nomadic tribes have been thriving in the steppes for thousands of years. Any vacation in Mongolia isn’t complete without experiencing the lifestyle of the locals. So stay in a traditional yurt or ger to experience a life so far removed from the daily grind of urban living.

FAQs about 13 Best Yurts In Mongolia - Updated 2023

1. Which yurts in Mongolia have parking?

So you can easily get settled upon arrival, it’s best to book a place with parking. The lovely wooden yurt close to city center, authentic nomad yurt near Khustai National Park, hospitable quarters in Hatgal, and modern rental inside a new yurt complex all have parking available.

2. Which yurts in Mongolia are pet friendly?

If you want your furry four-legged friends by your side during your trip to the natural landscapes of Mongolia, you can consider staying in Lovely wooden yurt close to city center, Hospitable quarters in Hatgal, or Comfy yurt featuring a skylight. These retreats all welcome pets.

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