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Pet-friendly Accommodations

What are pet-friendly accommodations?

Pet owners (or pawrents), this one's for you! We can all agree that pets play a huge part in our lives. Often, many key family events and experiences feel empty without them around. Such experiences, of course, include travel. Luckily, pet-friendly travel has become more accessible over the years — with the steady growth of inclusive regulations from different travel partners. These include accommodation partners, such as hotels, vacation rentals, and even cabins. Travel just got sweeter with your pets around. Do you have a pet that loves the outdoors? Pet-friendly cabins are available for your getaway. And if you have pets that feel more comfortable indoors, do not worry, there are plenty of pet-friendly hotels that you can choose from, too.

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Read on as we help you navigate the different pet-friendly destinations for accommodation options to ensure that your trip as pawrents falls nothing short of amazing.

Types of pet-friendly accommodations

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  • Vacation rentals

Hosts understand the want of guests to bring their pets along during vacation, so it’s no surprise that many vacation rentals permit furry friends! This accommodation type includes properties from Airbnb and VRBO such as cabins, cottages, and RV rentals, to name a few. Staying in any of these is truly handy as they offer a more personal stay experience, and your pet will feel right at home.

  • Hotels

Many hotels also allow pets to come with you, though oftentimes, there are strict policies to be followed — especially regarding the maximum number of pets, maximum weight, and size. But staying in a pet-friendly hotel elevates you and your pet’s overall vacation, thanks to the great amenities provided. Do note that a lot of pet-friendly rooms are usually located on the first floor.

  • Resorts

If your furry friend is as posh as you are, then booking a room in a resort might be an incredible idea. Pet-friendly resorts are dedicated to keeping you and your pet comfortable and relaxed. A lot of these resorts have outdoor areas where your furry friend is free to walk and run around. You can request a pet-friendly accommodation beforehand to make sure that everything goes smoothly.

Typical amenities in pet-friendly accommodations

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  • Pet bowls

One of the most convenient things that pet-friendly accommodations provide are bowls for your pets. This way, you won’t have to bring all of your furry friend’s equipment. Pet bowls are usually offered by hotels and resorts to keep things as organized and hygienic as possible.

  • Welcome treats

What better way to make your pets feel welcome than by allowing them to relish a treat given by the staff? Common treats are milk bones and small bites, so your pets are happy from the get-go! But make sure to check the ingredients in case your pet has certain food restrictions.

  • Hypoallergenic bedding

It’s always best to be cautious when taking your pet on a trip or holiday. With this, it’s ideal to find accommodation with hypoallergenic bedding or at least request for one. This is so that there’ll be no allergic incidents along the way for you as well as other guests, especially since pets usually leave stray fur behind.

  • Fenced backyard

This feature can commonly be found in vacation rentals. Backyards, especially fenced ones, are a big help to keep your pet engaged and entertained because they’ll have enough space to run around without distractions. You can play catch with them, lie on the grass, or simply share a meal outdoors.

Typical services and facilities in pet-friendly accommodations

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  • Off- and on-leash areas

Some accommodations provide dedicated off- or on-leash areas so that you can walk your pet instead of just leaving them in the room. This helps them get their exercise and still be active. So, make sure to check whether the accommodation you’re after has an off- or on-leash area.

  • Dog-sitting

Off to an important occasion in the area but don’t want to leave your pet alone? Don’t worry because some accommodations, especially vacation rentals, provide dog-sitting services or at least provide recommendations for it. This way, your furry friend won’t be alone in the house.

  • Pet events

Some pet-friendly accommodations do offer fun activities for your furry friends! For instance, you can join a mini-pet competition and show off your pet. And if you don’t have a pet but still want to play with them, some hotels have partnerships with adoption centers, and you can see and maybe even rescue a puppy or two while they roam around the property!

  • Access to pet-friendly establishments

You can also choose accommodation near other pet-friendly establishments, such as parks, restaurants, beaches, and even grooming establishments. This way, you can explore the area with a companion and have a convenient vacation.

Top pet-friendly destinations around the world

Throughout the years, there has been a steady growth of pet-friendly destinations, and for a good reason! With plenty of millennials choosing to be pawrents, many are taking this opportunity to travel with their pets. While not every country ensures an excellent experience for you and your pets, a handful of countries are sure to meet the requirements of your travel list!

Pet-friendly destinations in the US

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  • Colorado Springs, Colorado

In the Pikes Pike Region lies Colorado Springs — a place teeming with nature and tranquility. If you’re curious about the area’s long history, head to Western Museum of Mining and Industry. Don’t forget to visit the iconic Garden of the Gods Visitor and Nature Center. Moreover, a lot of the attractions and establishments here are pet-friendly. You can even bring your fur baby to Pub Dog Colorado to dine and meet other dogs. For accommodations, you can book a room in any of the pet-friendly hotels in the area!

  • Chicago, Illinois

Do you want to sample authentic Chicago-style pizza? There’s no better place to do so than in Chicago itself! This vibrant city in Illinois is famous for its delectable cuisine, leaving you always satisfied and full. You can even appreciate good ol’ jazz music in several of its nightclubs. Some shops and restaurants, such as Barrio and Navy Pier, allow pets! You can also check out some of the best pet-friendly accommodations in Chicago for a comfy stay.

  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia — or Philly — is a charming city perfect for all kinds of travelers, even pets! It allures visitors with a promise of unforgettable activities, such as visiting the historic Liberty Bell Center, hiking at Fairmount Park, and more. Many hotels in Philadelphia also allow you to keep your furry friend company during your vacation!

  • Bend, Oregon

Amazement will always be felt whenever you visit Bend. This Oregon city is where you can go skiing, hiking, and mountain biking — a haven for sports enthusiasts. Meanwhile, Downtown Bend is where you can indulge in retail therapy, thanks to the numerous stalls and stores present. You can also find pet-friendly trails and restaurants while here. For your stay, check out these top vacation rentals and hotels in Bend.

  • San Diego, California

Give in to the beauty of San Diego, a wonderful destination with plenty of opportunities. If you’re a lover of all things exciting, visit Belmont Park, an oceanfront amusement park offering lots of interesting rides and stalls. Other attractions include Balboa Park, Petco Park, USS Midway Museum, and Seaport Village. A lot of the parks and eateries are also near pet-friendly accommodations.

Pet-friendly destinations in Canada

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  • Vancouver, Canada

Take your pet on a wonderful journey in Vancouver! This diverse Canadian city impresses many visitors with its spectacular offerings — from its myriad of beaches to hiking trails. What’s more, many vacation rentals and hotels welcome pets with open arms! You’ll even find great campsites should you want to be embraced by nature. For more adventures with your family, including your fur babies, you can visit Capilano Suspension Bridge Park.

  • Toronto, Ontario

Toronto is the biggest city in Canada and boasts an impressive metropolis and even quiet spaces, offering the best of both worlds. Apart from being a shopping destination, with famous malls such as Manulife Centre, this city has a lot of outdoor recreational activities to explore. You can tee off on any of the golf courses available, take a walk in a park, or swim in a pool center. Toronto also houses many pet-friendly accommodations, from hotels to Airbnb rentals.

  • Calgary, Alberta

For an all-around destination, choose Calgary. You don’t need to have a lot of budget to enjoy your time here because there are many free activities on offer — from visiting the expansive Calgary Public Library to watching a Shakespeare play outdoors during the summer. Energize by indulging in sandwiches or omelets in Benny's Breakfast Bar, which allows pets. Make your stay here more unforgettable by booking a room in a pet-friendly hotel or vacation rental.

Pet-friendly destinations in Asia

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  • Manila, Philippines

There’s so much stuff to do in the Philippines’ bustling capital that you’ll never get bored! Manila is known for its Spanish influences made present in a lot of its architecture and establishments. Find out more about the Spanish colonization period by visiting Intramuros and Rizal Park. But other than its old-world charms, Manila also features modern delights, such as the Mall of Asia and Manila Ocean Park. If you want to bring your furry friend along and want to stay in lavish accommodations, check out the top pet-friendly hotels in Manila.

  • Bangkok, Thailand

Red-light districts, rich culture, and famous cuisine — these are what best describe Bangkok in Thailand. This capital city is also a huge religious destination, filled with Buddhist temples that you can visit and appreciate, one of which is the historic Temple of the Emerald Buddha. Those who love to take their pet anywhere can also head to Benjakitti Forest Park, as it has a specific area where their furry friends can roam around. If you’re looking for a place to stay, check out these best pet-friendly hotels in the awe-inspiring city.

  • Mussoorie, India

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Mussoorie — also referred to as the Queen of the Hills — one of India’s sought-after hill stations in the country. Are you looking for accommodation that welcomes pets? You can find the best pet-friendly hotels here. Moreover, some common activities here include hiking, ziplining, and angling. Art enthusiasts can also spend time checking out different paintings and artifacts in the beautiful SOHAM Himalayan Centre.

Pet-friendly destinations in Europe

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  • Cape Finisterre, Spain

Cape Finisterre is on the west coast of Galicia, with some people calling it the “end of the world” because of its edged placement. This peninsula is covered by rocks and presents a beautiful harbor where you can observe fishing boats floating on calm waters. It’s the place you want to be if you crave tranquility for a few days with your pet. You can find accommodations that allow pets near Cape Finisterre by clicking here.

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

A must-visit during your European vacation is Amsterdam — one of the most beautiful places you’ll ever see! Check out the elaborate canals, cobblestone streets, and historic houses while here. Of course, your trip won’t be complete without renting a bicycle and roaming around the capital with ease. Make sure to also visit Anne Frank House and De 9 Straatjes to learn more about Amsterdam’s most significant offerings. Another plus is that this city and its hotels are pet-friendly!

  • Lake Geneva, Switzerland

This crescent-shaped lake in Switzerland is a hidden gem, making it the ideal area to call your home away from home. It shares a border with France and oozes a serene atmosphere. Here, you can sit by the shores and observe the waves crashing, have a picnic, and take your dog out for a walk. Later, you and your furry friend can relax in your cabin accommodation.

Tips for a stress-free travel experience with your pet

Aside from researching the pet policies of your destination and accommodation of choice, here are other helpful tips to consider before embarking on that trip with your furry friend:

  • Pack essentials

Of course, your pet needs their very own packing list! Ensure your list includes everything your furry friend needs while away from home to avoid further problems. Consider external factors, such as emergencies, when packing so your pet will be taken care of no matter the situation. Some essentials you should pack include a pet carrier, collapsible bowls, poop bags, and food. It’s also important to pack their medication, cleaning products, and grooming supplies.

  • Schedule a pre-trip check-up with a veterinarian

Before any trip where you’ll be away for a couple of days, it’s important to schedule a trip to the veterinarian. This way, you’re sure your pets are in tip-top shape and healthy. You need to do this ideally at least three weeks before your trip, just in case the vet will prescribe medicine or give vaccinations. During the check-up day, you need to prepare your pet’s medical records and any other specific documents the clinic requires.

  • Keep your pet comfortable during the trip

Everyone should always feel comfortable throughout the trip, including your pets! The best way to keep them that way is to listen to their needs and plan a playtime for them as much as possible. Their sleeping arrangements should also be ideal so that they’ll have a restful sleep whenever they can. Remember that your pets also deserve coziness!

  • Review behavioral training for your pets

If you’re taking your pets with you on your trip, it’s also best to review their behavior to ensure that they won’t act out in public and cause inconveniences to others. There are times when their actions will surprise you, so you need to anticipate these instances so that you’ll know just what to do when it happens. You can review their training a few weeks before the trip by yourself or with an expert.

Factors to consider before booking a pet-friendly accommodation

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Before booking that pet-friendly accommodation, make sure that it’s situated in an ideal location for you and your pet. It’s best to book one close to local attractions for walking, such as pet parks and beaches. Some accommodations may also provide a fenced backyard or a dedicated off-leash area for your convenience.


Like any other vacation, budgeting should always be considered when planning your upcoming trip with your pet. You need to set aside money in case of emergencies, such as going to the vet and running out of pet medicines, among other things. Many pet-friendly accommodations also require a pet fee, which can vary. So, it’s best to have an estimate of what you’re going to spend on your pet.

Pet policy

Different pet-friendly accommodations have different pet policies, so you must read up on them as carefully as possible to avoid any further problems. Here are some basic pet requirements that you may likely encounter:

  • Weight

Some accommodations, especially hotels and resorts, place a weight restriction on pets as they often prefer those that aren’t so big. This particular restriction can vary depending on the property, but it usually ranges from 25 lb (11.34 kg) to 80 lb (36.29 kg).

  • Number of pets allowed

Do look up the number of pets allowed on the accommodation of your choice beforehand, as some of them only have a strict one-pet policy. However, if you need to bring all your pets, you may reach out to the staff or host and see if they’ll make a compromise.

  • Type of pets allowed

The breed of pets may also play a huge factor in whether they’re permitted to stay with you in a particular accommodation. Some accommodations don’t allow “aggressive” breeds, such as pit bulls, so keep this in mind when booking your stay.

  • Behavior

Of course, your pets must always be behaved throughout your vacation as a common courtesy to the people around you. Ideally, they are house-trained and not aggressive, even though these may not specifically be included in the pet policy.

  • Pet hygiene and medication

Upholding great hygienic standards toward your pets makes for a hassle-free experience, so make sure they’re in shape and clean throughout your vacation. For instance, they should not have fleas or other parasites, as these could be contagious to other pets and cause problems along the way. Your pets should also be vaccinated with the necessary shots.

Have a fur-tastic vacation with your pets!

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Vacations will be much more fun when you bring your furry friends along! This way, you won’t have to worry about what they’re doing when they’re left alone at home. So, if you’re thinking of this kind of vacation, read this article for a detailed guide on what to pack and what to look for in a pet-friendly accommodation.

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