Top 10 Boat Tours In Istanbul, Turkey - Updated 2023


Participate in a breathtaking encounter by unearthing the world-renowned bodies of water that run through the city of Istanbul. Such an expedition will take you to locations along the European and Asian coasts, as well as the spaces between the two continents. Throughout the process, you will come across the wondrous waters of Bosphorus, participate in memorable and thrilling sightseeing activities, and entertain yourself by taking part in a small-group dinner. The latter is highlighted by shows and elegant decorations that characterize each of the boats and cruise ships. Overall, navigating through Istanbul on the water is sure to be an unforgettable experience! Check out these top boat tours in Istanbul, Turkey, so you can plan well for your trip.

1. Float along Bosphorus with hourly boat tours from Fatih (from USD 10.0)

Launching on an hourly basis from Fatih on the European side of the city, this boat tour will introduce you to the famous body of water known as Bosphorus—or Istanbul Boğazı, as called by the locals. The Bosphorus strait is significant as it serves to define international boundary lines, dividing the landmass that is Istanbul into the European and Asian sides. Along the strait, you can marvel at the impressive Bosphorus Bridge, as well as many other architectural works that distinguish the European and Asian shores.

Ninety-Minute Bosphorus Cruise with Audio Guide App and Drink

Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes

122 reviews

2. Marvel at various spots while traveling on the water (from USD 12.0)

Making frequent stops on the waterfront neighborhoods and districts, this boat tour allows you to familiarize yourself with several places—such as Kabatas, Besiktas, and Emirgan—in a fun and exciting manner. There will be plenty of time to delve into each stop, as the activity lasts all day long. This package is favored by those who prefer a more active way of enjoying the city, instead of just relaxing and letting the day unfold as it does. The tour also gives you the chance to taste some wonderful street food that can be discovered in the three districts mentioned earlier!

Unlimited Hop-on Hop-off Bosphorus Boat Tour

Duration: 100 to 300 minutes

17 reviews

3. Enjoy a one-of-a-kind dinner in Istanbul (from USD 37.0)

Eating dinner between the two continents of Europe and Asia is a wonderful chance to fully appreciate the nighttime views of the two sides. On top of this, the occasion also allows you to get accustomed to dishes that are a big part of Turkish culture. There is a certain appeal about Istanbul during nighttime, and the whole sightseeing experience is further enhanced when done from the water.

Bosphorus Dinner Cruise & Night Show from Istanbul

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

47 reviews

4. Explore the splendid Bosphorus (from USD 18.0)

This guided boat tour offers an intriguing vantage point for some of the finest architectural works located within Istanbul’s city limits. Departing from Sultanahmet, the participants can expect to see major attractions and even take pictures of them. Even better, a professional guide will give commentaries on each important landmark, so you also learn a thing or two about the city while having a wonderful time.

Bosphorus Sightseeing Boat Tour

Duration: 2 hours

10 reviews

5. Spend a memorable Turkish night on water (from USD 48.0)

This nighttime cruise is focused on the idea of portraying various kinds of traditional and modern Turkish dance routines—all of which have a significant place in Turkish culture. Along with these rare dance performances, the cruise offers delightful dishes and beverages—the perfect company to shows that are scheduled all night long! You can be sure that the pairing of traditional Turkish cuisine with traditional performances is one that will create lasting memories.

Istanbul Bosphorus Dinner Cruise with Live Turkish Dances

Duration: 4 hours

2 reviews

6. Take a journey along Bosphorus and the Black Sea (from USD 81.0)

This all-day boat tour includes both Bosphorus and the Black Sea as destinations. This gives the tour participants an opportunity to learn more about how the Bosphorus strait connects with the Black Sea—which has been essential in establishing routes of trade and transporting goods between the two regions. It is known that expeditions have been made between the two areas—dating all the way back to the fifth century! There will also be delectable food and beverage offerings presented during lunchtime, along with stops at ideal swimming locations.

Bosphorus Sunset Cruise Tour, Feel Special On A Luxury Yacht

Duration: 2 hours 15 minutes

96 reviews

7. Experience a dreamy dinner cruise (from USD 34.0)

This night cruise departs from the Golden Horn area, where you will get the opportunity to see all the excitement around Istanbul’s bodies of water. Once the tour is under way, the boat will enter the Bosphorus strait during the sunset hours—the time of the day when the sky is painted with an array of colors! To either side of the boat, there will be exemplary architectural features to observe carefully. As the views begin to captivate your full attention, delicious food offerings will be served up—dishes that highlight the magnificence of Turkish culture. The night is then capped off with a series of dance performances, leaving the visitors with feelings of joy as the boat makes its way back to Golden Horn.

Bosphorus Yacht Cruise with Two Continents in Istanbul

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

8 reviews

8. An enchanting open-air boat tour at night (from USD 67.0)

Cruise the waters of Bosphorus in an open-air setting after nightfall, when structural beauties show their grand facades from the shore. Savoring mouthwatering dishes on the top deck of the boat is sure to excite your senses, while a variety show is presented for your enjoyment—which lasts the whole night!

A Cruise on Bosphorus in the Night with Traditional Show Alcohol Included

Duration: 4 hours

9. A dream cruise with dinner along Bosphorus (from USD 100.0)

During this tour, you’ll be able to familiarize yourself with the Bosphorus region while chowing down on food offerings that are sure to impress beyond expectation! The activity lasts a total of three hours, so there will be enough time to grasp all the information provided about the region and learn about the many things that make this destination special for so many across the world.

Istanbul: Bosphorus Dinner Cruise with Entertainment

Duration: 3 hours

10. Enjoy fish and chips while cruising along Bosphorus (from USD 16.0)

Balık ekmek (fish and chips) is a popular Turkish street food, and your trip to Istanbul won’t be complete without having a taste of this delicious sandwich. With this boat tour, you’ll have the opportunity to marvel at the city’s attractions as well as have a bite of the delicious balık ekmek. This way, not only will your memories be filled with beautiful images, but your stomach will also appreciate the savory treat.

Bosphorus Night Cruise by a Private boat Balik-Ekmek (Fish & Chips)

Duration: 2 hours

1 review

Get to know Istanbul through unforgettable boat tours

Touring Istanbul’s waters is arguably the best possible way to take in the magnificent views of this one-of-a-kind metropolitan city. The options listed here are quite diverse—from tours that make frequent stops at various neighborhoods to those that offer nighttime adventures. Every day, the citizens of Istanbul navigate the same bodies of water to and from work, thus joining a boat tour is a great way for you to experience the city.

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