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The 5 Best Airbnb Vacation Rentals In Maui, Hawaii

Updated Mar 16, 2018

Aloha! We don’t know if this is going to be your first time in Maui, if this place has already become a part of you, if you want to visit for surfing or a yoga retreat, or to attend a spa day or take a helicopter tour. Let us help you with the stay anyway! Popular as one of the most visited destinations for honeymooners, Maui offers even more than breathtaking beaches and mountains. It revives you!

Here are the top 5 Airbnb vacation rentals that will make Maui just grow on you in all its beauty.

I can't even speak Hawaiian, but if you go there and listen to a Hawaiian song, you get captured because it's so beautiful, like the melody is just gorgeous and you know Bob Marley is on the radio every single day. It's very reggae-influenced down there. Basically, you haven't been to paradise if you haven't been to Hawaii. Bruno Mars

1. Gorgeous, serene, and away from the touristy hustle (125 USD)

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Nestled between the West Maui Mountains and the dazzling Pacific Ocean, this house makes for complete bliss. The highlights are the saltwater pool (surrounded by jasmines), organic gardens, the sounds of the Waihe'e River that emanate from the valley below, energy healing sessions, delicious breakfasts, and a very unique setting. In terms of connectivity, this house is 15 minutes from the main town of Kahului, and 20 minutes from the airport.

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Surrounded by spectacular views and the lovely fragrance of jasmines, the saltwater pool in the house is a delightful place. It is a must, not only for an early morning swim, but for that peaceful moment you have been longing for long. After which, you can enjoy the breakfast that is included in the room rate. Who would mind a platter of homemade banana bread, scones, marmalade, roasted nuts, fruits, and coffee or tea in the morning, amidst mountains, forest and ocean?!

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Absolutely wonderful! Sally's place is even more spectacular than described. The location is superb, next to the Ridge Crest trail and Iao needle. We loved the breakfasts(...) Olia
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If you would like to stay with plumeria flowers all around you and swim amidst nature’s glory, this beautifully decorated place will certainly make a perfect option.And yes, that generous white window in the bedroom is sure to give you memories of the most beautiful mornings.

Mountain Ocean views

Address: Waihee-Waiehu, Hawaii

Number of Guests: 2

Price: from 125 USD

Access: By car - the closest public bus stop is 2.5 miles (4 km) from the house.

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2. Romance at the oceanfront with panoramic views (169 USD)

In addition to the panoramic views across Maalaea Bay, this home scores a perfect 10 when it comes to location. Only 10 minutes from the airport, Lahaina, Kehei, Wailea, North Shore, and other major destinations, the house allows you to explore and take up activities without any trouble. A short walk from the house is a beach park, which is not crowded and can be used for long walks, biking, or a picnic in the shade.

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The sunrise over Mt. Haleakala can be seen as the whales, dolphins, and marine turtles perform in the tropical waters, only a few yards away from your table. Another way to enjoy a romantic meal is by going for a sunset dinner cruise, which can be booked by walking to Maalaea Harbor.

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After a good night’s sleep in the big and warm bed, start your day with breakfast and beautiful panoramas across Maalaea Bay. The island offers an option of romantic carriage rides, which give you an opportunity to click vintage-like pictures and experience another era. Now you know why it is a hit with honeymooners!

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This place was incredible, definitely the highlight of our honeymoon. Quiet, comfortable and relaxing. The view from the lanai is really something and the little beach is a real gem. Amazing snorkling and green turtles right on your doorstep, we would highly recommend a stay. Liam

Romantic Maui Direct Oceanfront

Address: Wailuku, Hawaii

Number of Guests: 4

Price: from 169 USD

Access: 10 minutes from Kahului Airport. Take the public bus, taxi, or Aaron’s surf taxi Maui (35 USD)

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3. Private cottage on the hill for the honeymooners (199 USD)

Close to several forest reserves that are perfect for hiking, zip lining ooportunities, the lavender farm, and Haleakala National Park, this ritzy cottage is extremely private and, unlike many in Maui, not attached to the owner’s house. This place is also just a few minutes from Makawao and Haiku Town Centers, but having a car is a must when planning to opt for this private country estate. Also, if you are into wildlife and love bird watching, you have another great option of spending an entire laid-back day in the cottage, watching horses, deer, and cattle running and grazing through the pastures below.

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A perfect base for exploring Upcountry Maui, the house is warmly done out with vaulted ceilings, hardwood floors, and Hawaiian-themed hand-painted decorative touches. The colossal windows in the bedroom offer spectacular views and you can watch deer, owls, horses, and bats without leaving your bed. A private barbecue pit and dining area with ocean views are a few more perks of signing up for this pretty cottage.

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This was hands down the most wonderful Airbnb I have stayed in since joining three years ago and staying 30+ places. It has fantastic views, lovely Hawaiian furniture and a lot of amenities. Thank you! Jacob

Private Detached Ocean View Cottage

Address: Makawao, Hawaii

Number of Guests: 2

Price: from 199 USD

Access: By private vehicle

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4. Glamping in a yacht under the stars (55 USD)

For adventurous souls and water babies, this fancy Airbnb yacht stay offers everything fun and modish. The option of sleeping under the stars and above the water on a 45-foot (13.7-meter) catamaran on the sea is tempting enough to beat all reservations. There are options to choose from a queen-sized bed inside the yacht, the trampolines, or the cozy private berths. On top of it all, you get your own personal kayak to explore and commute. Excited already?

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Located in the middle of the bay with sights that encompass the sunrise over the eastern mountains and sunsets over the western mountains, one doesn’t really need to do a lot to relax. But if you want, you can choose between taking out your kayak and paddling around the bay, jumping off the boat for a swim, or just listening to some good music.

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Enjoyed every minute of it on this catamaran!!! The best last minutes decision to find my getaway place after long hard week. Brent was always helpful and very accommodating to make sure you are comfortable on the catamaran. My best times were sleeping under stars and waking up with the first morning rays of the sun on my skin. Totally awesome!! Elsa
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In Ma'alaea Bay, the vessel is protected as the waves are usually flat and calm in the mornings. The trade winds are also manageable in the afternoon. That is one key reason for whales visiting the area to give birth.

Yacht Glamping Under the Stars

Address: Kihei, Hawaii

Number of Guests: 6

Price: from 55 USD

Access: Maui bus system for 4 USD a day. There is a bus stop just near shore from the yacht. Or opt for a personal pick-up service

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5. Unwind and reflect at Maui Eco Retreat (129 USD)

A perfect place for a spiritual retreat, Maui Eco Retreat is located in the North Shore of Maui and is encircled by lush jungles, ponds, and an interesting garden of four elements.

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A little temple in the retreat, which is built with authentic recycled teak wood and has craftsmanship of Asian heritage, is one of the most fascinating features of this place. Always thought about serious introspection? Take some time off and listen to your heart. As the host describes it, it is “where your vacation becomes a transformation!”

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Directly next to the ocean, this property boasts beautiful hiking trails, waterfall lagoons, a dreamy setting, and free Yoga and meditation classes. The easily accessible waterfall with lagoon certainly tops it all as you find yourself standing on top of the waterfall 200 feet (61 meters) above the bottom. Don’t forget to bring your hiking boots.

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Every room in Opua House has a unique theme, with carefully selected pieces of art and cultural items from around the world. Many of the guests describe their experience in this peaceful property as magical, with numerous striking hidden treasures all over the place. The strolls in the garden can be very fascinating, with several beautiful statues that have history behind them.

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Maui Eco Retreat ~ Indian Room

Address: Haiku/Huelo, Hawaii

Number of Guests: 2

Price: from 129 USD

Access: Rent a car. It is located 40 minutes northeast of Kahului Airport, and 30 minutes from Paia Town (on the way from the airport)

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Live, love, aloha!

If any of these Airbnb properties had you swooning and made you feel like taking a holiday, book a vacation to Maui before your calendar gets full. You can thank us later. Hawaii please!

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