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9 Best Things To Do In Afula, Israel

9 Best Things To Do In Afula, Israel

Israel is a country full of culture and Afula is a wonderful city to visit, in order to take in some of that culture. With museums, hot air balloon tours and parks, Afula has a little something for every traveler. Read on to discover our list of the nine best things to do in Afula, Israel.

1. Well of Harod

The watering hole is particularly beautiful in the summer when everything is in bloom
Source: Wikimedia

The Well of Harod is one of the best and most popular things to do when visiting Afula. Also called the “Spring of Harod,” this place attracts people from all over the world. It is known as “Ayn Jalut” in Arabic, which roughly means the Spring of Goliath. Mentioned in the Book of Judges, this landmark means a lot to the people of the surrounding areas. A lot of history has taken place here, which is why so many people visit the area. The Well of Harod is in the Ma'ayan Harod National Park, so pack a picnic and enjoy the afternoon.

Well of Harod

Address: #71 Afula-Bet Shean Rd, Gidona, Gidona 1912000 Israel

Website: Well of Harod

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2. Tel Megiddo Museum

The remains of Megiddo are preserved and taken care of
Source: Wikimedia

Megiddo is a sacred town in Israel, that is close to Afula. The remains of the town show what used to be temples, palaces, gates and even the water system, all left for visitors to see the power that this town once had. On site, you’ll also find the museum, in which artifacts are stored and taken care of, by the museum workers.

This is a beautiful site to visit as this was once one of the most powerful cities in the Canaan district, which used to be considered the Promised Land to those that lived here. There is so much history in this area north of Afula, it would be a shame to miss out.

Tel Megiddo Museum

Address: Megiddo, Nazareth 18320, Israel

Website: Tel Megiddo Museum

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3. Skytrek Hot Air Balloon Tours

Hot air balloon rides really are a great way to see the area
Source: Wikimedia

Hot air balloon tours are the best way to see the beauty of a city. The pilots of the hot air balloons are very friendly and willing to answer any questions that may come up, while in the air. The big balloons are decorated in different ways but they are all well taken care of, which makes the trip less stressful and more enjoyable. Be sure to pack a camera for this particular trip, as there are some beautiful views to be had, from up in the sky.

Skytrek Hot Air Balloon Tours

Address: Mount Gilboa, Afula 18910

Website: Skytrek Hot Air Balloon Tours

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4. Mount Tabor

Mount Tabor reaches a height of 575 meters (1,886 feet)
Source: Wikimedia

With a height of 1,886 feet (575 meters), Mount Tabor is an unusual mountain. All of a sudden, it rises up in the midst of flat surroundings, to form an almost perfect half-sphere. There is a Catholic Church at the top of the mountain, that is viewable from the town below, suggesting its enormous size. Mount Tabor is an important landmark, as it has served as the grounds of war throughout the years and is believed to be the site of the Transfiguration of Jesus, by many Christians. Visitors can travel up the mountain if they wish or just admire it from the villages below.

Mount Tabor

Address: Kfar Tabor, Israel

Website: Mount Tabor

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5. Animals Zone

A Fallow deer resides in a naturalistic habitat at the zoo
Source: Wikimedia

Animals Zone is a nice zoo to visit, for families with children. They have a lot of different animals, and some of them can even be fed, for a small price. They have many unique animals here, due to the warmer climate. Some of these animals include hyenas, jackals, wolves, roe deer, white oryx, and birds, such as eagles.

There are also some beautiful gardens to look at and walk through, here. The different flowers attract many birds and butterflies you can watch. Animals Zone makes for a lovely afternoon, for kids and adults alike.

Animals Zone

Address: Megiddo, Israel

Website: Animals Zone

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6. Bet Alpha Synagogue National Park

The floor of the synagogue is etched with drawings and depictions of religious events or people
Source: Wikimedia

This synagogue is a large, architecturally sound building, with a courtyard, corridor, and a main hall, with a second story balcony for visitors to see. There are a lot of different mosaics in this synagogue to check out. They depict different historic moments in time and let visitors see for a moment what it was like to live during the time that the building was constructed, in the fifth century.

The twelve signs of the zodiac appear here as well, in Hebrew, surrounding the sun god, Helios, driving his chariot across the sky, with his four horses. It’s quite a sight to see.

Bet Alpha Synagogue National Park

Address: Heftziba, Israel

Website: Bet Alpha Synagogue National Park

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7. Church of Transfiguration

The church stands high on Mount Tabor, allowing visitors to see it from the villages below
Source: Wikimedia

This is the site where Christians believe was the point of Christ’s transfiguration and from where he was brought to an unnamed mountain, to speak with Moses and Elijah. The Church of Transfiguration is an architecturally beautiful sight. The current church was built on Byzantine church ruins, from the 4th to 6th century. There is also a Greek Orthodox church, located a short distance from this church, also dedicated to the Transfiguration of Christ.

Church of Transfiguration

Address: Mount Tabor, Israel

Website: Church of Transfiguration

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8. Sturman Museum

The front entrance of the Sturman museum is cool
Source: Wikipedia

This museum was founded in 1941, by members of the Kibbutz’s Ein Harod and Tel Yosef, who wanted to preserve the memory of their friend Chaim Shturman, killed three years earlier when his jeep went over a landmine. Chaim Shturman was a member of the guardsmen organization and was one of the founders of the Kibbutz Ein Harod, which is one of the communities the Israelites cherish.

The museum is a building to honor what he did for the community. It’s very interesting to learn about this man’s life and all he accomplished before he died.

Sturman Museum

Address: Ein Harod, Israel

Website: Sturman Museum

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9. Giv'at HaMo're Reserve

The views from the reserve are definitely ones to remember
Source: Wikimedia

Giv'at HaMo’re Reserve is a peaceful park, where you can take the family for a few hours. Bring your own games to play on the picnic tables provided or bring a baseball to throw around if you want to. There is quite a bit of land to explore here, so you can bring your hiking shoes and venture into the paths.

Biking is also an excellent pastime for visitors if you have bikes available to you. The views are pretty at the reserve, especially in the spring, when new flowers are starting to bloom. Be sure to check out the Giv'at HaMo’re Reserve for a peaceful afternoon.

Giv'at HaMo're Reserve

Address: Afula, HaZafon, Israel

Website: Giv'at HaMo’re Reserve

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Good memories in Afula, Israel

The city of Afula is a beautiful one to explore
Source: Wikimedia

No matter what travelers decide to do, there are going to be some great memories that come up from the trip to Afula. With so much history in the town and surrounding areas, there is a lot to be learned while on a trip through the pretty landscape. Parks, museums and tours will keep you well entertained and informed.

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