10 Things To Do In Plaza Surabaya Mall, Central Surabaya's "Mall For Everyone"

10 Things To Do In Plaza Surabaya Mall, Central Surabaya's "Mall For Everyone"
Shierly Octaviana
Shierly Octaviana 
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Locals also refer to this mall in Central Surabaya as “Delta” because it is close to the Central Surabaya River. The mall is located behind Balai Pemuda and is about one kilometer from the iconic Tunjungan Plaza.

I highly recommend visiting the unique Plaza Surabaya to see its heritage features, such as wayang prints, Javanese typography in the parking lots and mall, and the traditional Reog dancer monument in front of the mall. These features attract tourists who appreciate Surabaya and East Javanese culture.

What else can you see and do here? Read this guide on things to do in Plaza Surabaya Mall, Central Surabaya’s “mall for everyone”, to find out!

1. Take photos with the wayang puppets or capture the Javanese typography

Plaza Surabaya’s highlights include the “Punakawan,” which are the four main Wayang puppet characters in real-world size. They greet visitors after they depart from Monkasel and arrive at Plaza Surabaya.

Wayang themes can also be found in the parking lots and the mall’s interior. Javanese letters and proverbs can be seen throughout the mall, showcasing the authentic Javanese heritage. On my last visit, I took lots of photos of these fascinating Javanese elements.

The Reog statue in front of Pintu Barat (West Entrance) is not only the most popular pick-up point for GrabBike, but it also holds significant value for East Java locals. This attraction from Ponorogo has been proposed to be UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage.

2. Have a mini health check-up next to the Guardian store

Find this vendor next to Guardian store
Source: Shierly

The street vendor’s location may not be visible on Google Maps, but it does exist. Simply walk past the Guardian store, and you will find a senior-aged man (sometimes replaced by a woman in the same age range) with medical equipment and signs displaying the prices.

They most likely only accept cash payments. I don’t see any EDC machines around this vendor’s area, and the typography is manually written instead of using modern printing methods.

They can also conduct urine health checks, in addition to checking blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels. However, their most sought-after services are cholesterol and blood sugar level checks. (P.S.: They are only open until 8pm local time every day).

3. Relax your body, mind, and spirit

The massage parlors at Plaza Surabaya offer a unique relaxation experience. For example, Sehat Segar Family Reflexology is located near a mosque, providing relaxation for the mind, heart, and spirit.

Relax & Go massage chairs are also available on the second or third floor. However, I’m particularly drawn to the massage chairs near the nail art salon. They are a superb form of self-care for me!

For a better experience, I recommend spending at least 30 minutes in the massage parlor or sitting in any of the massage chairs.

4. Try authentic Indonesian herbal products and supplements at Sido Muncul's store

One of my most memorable experiences at Sido Muncul’s store in Plaza Surabaya was when I purchased Pewangi Bulan, a supplement for preventing discharge. At that time, Sido Muncul was still located on the second or third floor of Plaza Surabaya.

As far as I can recall, Sido Muncul at Plaza Surabaya has been relocated to the first floor since 2022. I visited a couple of days ago and discovered that Sido Muncul also offers a Ginkgo Biloba supplement for improving memory.

Their ginger products are also worth trying! Another thing that attracts me to Surabaya’s only operating Sido Muncul branch is the selection of herbal drinks. You can choose from naturally brewed traditional drinks focused on specific health benefits. Alternatively, you can mix them with other traditional drinks that provide equivalent or complementary health benefits.

Sidomuncul Herbal Store

Address: Plaza Surabaya, Jl. Pemuda Lantai 3, Embong Kaliasin, Kec. Genteng, Surabaya, Jawa Timur 60271

Opening hours: 10am - 10pm (daily)

5. Take nice selfies at Instagrammable spots in the mall

There is a lovely freight elevator located behind Kabobs, a kebab-selling place, on the first floor. While it may just be a freight elevator, we can’t miss the Instagrammable scenery around it. First, we see the artificial lush leaves and grass blending with the artificial brick walls, giving us a natural feel. Then, the hot pink LED light adds a romantic atmosphere as we take selfies in front of this scene.

Sometimes, Kabobs, the neighboring stall, also offers a Japanese vibe package. You can order a Japanese-style kebab while enjoying the scenes around the freight elevator!

Meanwhile, the mall’s escalators are laden with artificial flowers and grass. They can be seen in the middle of all the escalators, from the first floor to the elevator leading to Plaza Surabaya’s food court. You can also find these scenes hanging on the glass part of the second floor’s building block wall connecting to the Matahari Department Store.

P.S.: I used to find similar things in other Surabaya-based shopping malls when I was a child. I can confirm that Plaza Surabaya is the only place that retains such beautiful and timeless scenery!

6. Access the narrowest escalator in Surabaya

Most escalators in Surabaya are designed for 2-3 people, and this applies to most areas of Plaza Surabaya as well. However, Plaza Surabaya’s escalators behind Maison Kuma, which lead to the Solaria restaurant, are a different story. Another narrow escalator can also be found in front of A&W.

These elevators can only accommodate one average-sized person, making them a hidden gem. I visited Plaza Surabaya many times before 2021, but it was in 2021 that I discovered this hidden gem elevator.

P.S.: Like with other escalators in Plaza Surabaya, you can still enjoy the artificial grass scenes in the middle of the two elevators.

7. Rent a PlayStation at PlayNest

PlayNest, located opposite the kids’ playground in Plaza Surabaya, is the first rental in Surabaya with a unique concept. First of all, it’s a self-service outlet, which means you handle the payments through the provided QR code and arrange for the equipment independently.

Once you’ve paid for your rental through QR, you can choose from the available video games. Then, get seated to start your live PlayStation gaming experience on the monitor display. Whatever buttons you tap and interactions you make through the game will be reflected on the big screen.

P.S.: Play for at least one hour to maximize your gaming experience!

PlayNest | Rental Playstation Self-Service

Address: Plaza Surabaya, Jl. Pemuda No.33 -37 Lantai 3, Depan Cocoland, Embong Kaliasin, Kec. Genteng, Surabaya, Jawa Timur 60271

Opening hours: 10am - 10pm (daily)

8. Purchase pastry products from Surabaya Suites Hotel next to Cinema 21

Surabaya Suites Hotel's mini pastry stall
Source: Shierly

Surabaya Suites Hotel is a hotel that connects Plaza Surabaya to WTC, the neighboring mall dedicated to anything related to technology. The hotel building itself is right behind Plaza Surabaya.

One of the things that intrigues me about this hotel’s presence in Plaza Surabaya is their mini bakery stand next to Cinema 21. It’s located on the same floor as the food court where live music usually happens on weekends.

Are you thinking of buying some pastries here? I would suggest trying anything chocolate—they taste heavenly!

9. Play at Timezone after shopping for clothes

The department store's logo
Source: Shierly

The Timezone game center is everywhere in the Asia Pacific, including Indonesia. However, Plaza Surabaya’s Timezone is different as it is located inside the Matahari Department Store.

Have you ever imagined what it’s like to go on a virtual car race and hunt for as many ticket prizes as you can after shopping for economically priced clothes? That’s one of the perks of Plaza Surabaya’s Timezone!

10. Enjoy affordable food in Plaza Surabaya's food court areas

Initially, I only knew about the food court on the top floor. That’s where I have been going since I first visited Plaza Surabaya in 1999.

Now, the food court has expanded with many legendary Surabaya-only brands, such as Kiet Wan Kie and Bakmi Gili. Plaza Surabaya even has an additional food court with menus priced below IDR15,000 (or 0.94 USD) per item on the first floor, opposite Miniso.

Caution: Be careful with the spiciness of their kickass sambal!

Let's explore Plaza Surabaya to the fullest

Like its neighboring mall, WTC, Plaza Surabaya also sells some phone accessories. However, their product selection is not as comprehensive as WTC’s. After all, WTC has a greater focus on electronic products than Plaza Surabaya.

So, how can tourists access Plaza Surabaya? You can either go from the submarine monument (Monumen Kapal Selam, abbreviated as Monkasel) or walk straight and cross the pedestrian line from WTC.

P.S.: If you brought or rented a motorcycle, make sure to allocate enough time on weekends, as the motorcycle parking lots are always crowded on Saturday nights around 4pm-8pm local time.

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