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Long-Term Rentals

If you’re one of those people whose work takes them to different cities for extended periods of time, then you must understand the struggle of finding a homelike place to stay. Whether you’re planning on exploring a city like a local or relocating for a month or two for work, you can find plenty of long-term rentals around the world to help you with your extended accommodation woes.

If you’re planning an extended outing, keep reading this elaborate guide on long-term rentals that will answer all your questions.

What are long-term rentals?

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Long-term rentals are accommodations that you can rent for month-long periods or longer. With complete amenities and unmatched comfort, long-term rentals will make you feel right at home, even in a completely new city.

Types of long-term rentals

Whether you prefer staying in vacation rentals or hotels, you can find long-term accommodations to suit your needs. Below are a couple of the most common long-term accommodations that you can easily find:

  • Monthly rentals

Monthly rentals are vacation rentals that you can book for a month or longer. They offer plenty of amenities to make your extended stay hassle-free. Apart from top-notch facilities and comfort, these rentals offer handsome monthly discounts to help you with your finances on your long-term visit.

  • Extended-stay hotels

If you prefer hotels over vacation rentals, you can find plenty of extended-stay hotels, especially in the USA. The accommodations in extended-stay hotels often feature separate living areas and kitchenettes, making you feel right at home. Apart from in-room amenities, you can also find several hotel facilities that will make your long stay enjoyable and hassle-free.

Usual amenities included in long-term rentals

If you’re planning to book a long-term rental, check out the typical amenities that you can expect to find during your stay:

  • Kitchen

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A kitchen is one of the most important amenities you’ll need in a long-term rental. Even if you prefer to eat out, a well-appointed kitchen with dishes, cookware, and other equipment will definitely make your experience more seamless. You can enjoy homemade meals and even save up on your food budget.

  • Laundry equipment

You can only pack certain items of clothing, no matter how long you’re traveling, so that you don’t overburden yourself. To make your extended stay feasible, laundry equipment is another crucial amenity in a long-term rental. While monthly rentals usually boast private laundry facilities, extended-stay hotels either offer laundry services or have free-to-use or coin laundry facilities on the premises.

  • Parking

With easy and free on-site parking, you can save both time and money during your extended holiday. On-site parking doesn’t just keep your vehicles secure, but it also makes for a hassle-free experience if you plan to regularly drive in and out.

  • Safety features

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Both extended-stay hotels and monthly vacation rentals have safety features in place to make you feel secure. While plenty of monthly rentals today have features such as keyless entry and smoke alarms, most hotels also offer video surveillance and security personnel in common areas.

  • Internet connection

The Internet is one of the most basic necessities in this day and age. We need a stable and reliable internet connection at all times to help us seamlessly work or entertain ourselves. Considering our dependence on the internet, most hotels and vacation rentals today feature free and secure Wi-Fi connections.

  • TV

Featuring a variety of entertainment options, from movies and shows to live sports broadcasts, a TV is one of the vital requirements for a long stay. In most hotels and monthly rentals, you can find Smart TVs on which you can stream your favorite shows and films.TVs are also great amenities to keep your young ones busy.

  • Workspace

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If you’re staying in an accommodation for around a month, chances are you’re going to be working remotely at some point. Almost all hotel accommodations and monthly rentals feature workspaces, either in the form of in-room work desks or separate rooms with laptop-friendly desks, printers, computers, or other equipment.

  • Conference rooms

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Several extended-stay hotels feature conference or meeting rooms. If you’re staying in a city for business and need to organize a meeting or a convention, you can check out one of the extended-stay hotels with conference/meeting facilities. The conference rooms are usually equipped with a good sound system, ergonomic chairs, air-conditioning, Wi-Fi, and other necessities.

  • Storage

If you’re planning to stay in a rental or hotel for around a month, it would be best to unpack your suitcases, organize your belongings, and make yourself feel at home. Most monthly rentals and extended-stay hotel rooms feature wardrobes and storage lockers where you can keep your belongings safe.

  • Family-friendly amenities

Traveling for work and taking your family along on your extended visit? It would be best to book accommodation with family-friendly amenities. Make sure to book a place that features amenities such as a cot, high chair, and more, if you’re staying with an infant. Books, games, and toys for kids also come in handy.

While most long-term rentals usually have these features, it would be best to confirm with the host or admin if you specifically need one of these facilities.

Other amenities that you may find in long-term rentals

Depending on the property, you can also find several recreational amenities in long-term rentals. Check out a few of the most popular leisure amenities you can find in monthly rentals and extended-stay hotels.

  • Swimming pool

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While most extended-stay hotels feature common swimming pools, select monthly rentals offer access to both private and communal pools, allowing you to take refreshing soaks every day.

  • Fitness center

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A fitness center in a long-term accommodation is an outstanding facility for those with a daily workout routine. Most extended-stay hotels feature this facility. While it’s a bit rare to find in a monthly vacation rental, some rentals do come with exercise rooms or equipment.

  • Pet-friendly amenities

While many long-term rentals allow you to bring along furry companions, often with an additional charge, select pet-friendly long-term rentals feature amenities such as dog bowls and pet blankets. Monthly rentals with fenced backyards also let your pets have fun outdoors.

  • Outdoor amenities

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Outdoor dining and seating are charming facilities to have in a long-term rental. Plenty of monthly rentals feature gorgeous outdoor areas where you can gather with friends and family, have a cookout using a barbecue, and huddle up around a fire pit.

  • Game room

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Select upscale monthly rentals feature game rooms where guests can keep themselves entertained with indoor games such as arcade games, ping pong, pool, and foosball, among others. Outdoor games such as cornhole or bocce ball may also be provided. Apart from game rooms, select extended-stay hotels feature on-site amenities such as a kids’ club and tennis courts for both children and adults.

Services you can expect in long-term rentals

To make your extended stay trouble-free, long-term rentals, especially extended-stay hotels, offer various useful services. Check out a few of the top services that will make your long-term stay a breeze:

  • Housekeeping

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Regular or frequent housekeeping service is a must when you’re booking a long-term rental. Daily or weekly housekeeping will do wonders in keeping your living quarters tidy and organized while also elevating your experience.

  • Dry-cleaning/laundry

If your schedule does not allow you to do laundry, it would be best to book a long-term rental with laundry services. While this service is usually a feature of extended-stay hotels, you can try finding laundry services or laundromats near monthly rentals as well.

  • Babysitting

If you have a little one whom you hate to leave alone, you might want to arrange for babysitting before going out. For your assistance, select extended-stay hotels offer babysitting services for an additional charge. If you have booked a monthly rental, you can ask the host for babysitter recommendations.

  • Breakfast

Usually, extended-stay hotels offer free or surcharged breakfasts to help you start your day right.. By having breakfast provided by your accommodation, you can save on prep time, have a fulfilling start to your day, and hop on to other tasks or adventures easily.

  • Shuttle services

Airport transfers and area shuttles provided by extended-stay hotels are some of the best services for those who are not taking personal vehicles. Even though shuttles are generally provided by hotels, some monthly rental hosts gladly arrange airport shuttles for an additional charge on request.

Why should you choose a long-term rental?

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If you’re still confused about finalizing your booking, even after learning about the amenities and services, then check out a few more reasons that can help you make up your mind:

  • To explore the destination better

When you’re traveling to a new city or revisiting a favorite one, you can always book your stay for at least a few weeks or even months to take your time exploring the destination. In this digital age with easy remote work opportunities, you can make any place your temporary home while also exploring its culture and history.

  • To get the comforts of home

With almost all homelike amenities, long-term rentals allow you to reap the benefits of homey comforts even when you’re away from home. Amenities, including but not limited to kitchens and laundry facilities, are enough to kickstart your extended stay.

  • To have access to conveniences

Even when you’re away from home for long periods, you can access conveniences and services, such as easy on-site parking and housekeeping, among others. These are bound to make your experience seamless.

  • To have a budget-friendly stay

Although long-term accommodations might charge significant fees, you can always avail of the monthly discounts, especially those offered by the monthly rentals. Also, considering all the amenities and services that are provided for an extended period, long-term rentals technically offer a budget-friendly stay.

Who are long-term rentals suitable for

Whether you’re a solo backpacker or a working professional relocating with family, long-term rentals are suitable for everyone.

  • Families

For families visiting their children studying away from home or those who are just looking for an extended getaway, long-term rentals offer amenities and services that are perfect for a comfortable stay. Even if you’re a family with toddlers or pets, you can find long-term rentals that suit all your needs.

  • Couples

For couples looking for an extended romantic getaway, plenty of long-term rentals are available in romantic corners of the world. If you’re one of those couples, find a gorgeous one-bedroom monthly rental for some time away in your favorite destination.

  • Working professionals

It often happens that we have to relocate because of our work commitments. If you’re also looking for an extended but temporary stay at your new work destination, you can book a monthly rental or accommodation in an extended-stay hotel.

  • Solo travelers

Long-term rentals are also ideal for solo travelers exploring distant corners of the world. For travelers who are always on the move, extended-stay hotels and monthly rentals are perfect accommodation options.

Destinations with monthly rentals across the world

Again, whether you’re traveling for work in a bustling metropolis or planning a month-long retreat, you can find monthly rentals at a range of destinations. Check out some of the best destinations across the world with independent monthly vacation rentals:

Monthly rentals in the Americas

From Canada in the north to the Caribbean in the south, you can find endless monthly rentals in North America. Keep reading for a few of the best destinations:

Monthly rentals in top metropolises in the USA and Canada

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  • Boston:

From international students to art enthusiasts, Boston welcomes everyone with its warm hospitality and rich culture. If you’re planning a long-term visit to this historic city, you can find plenty of monthly accommodations and Airbnb monthly rentals.

  • New York City:

Living in this cultural melting pot of a city for at least a few months is a dream of many across the world. If you’re planning to make the dream come true, check out some of the best Airbnb monthly rentals in New York City.

  • Toronto:

A city whose populace is nearly entirely built of immigrants from over the years, Toronto is as cosmopolitan as it can get. For newer immigrants, tourists, and temporary visitors, the city boasts several comfortable monthly rentals and various Airbnb monthly rentals that are worth checking out.

Monthly rentals in top tourist destinations in the USA and Canada

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  • Hawaii:

The Pacific wonderland of the USA, Hawaii, boasts plenty of monthly rentals for long-term visitors. From Maui to O’ahu, you can find monthly rentals on all of its major islands, providing temporary visitors with plenty of accommodation options.

  • Palm Springs:

The gorgeous desert oasis of Palm Springs is a leisurely treat for anyone looking for a relaxing time. Take a month-long break in one of its monthly rentals and detox yourself from city life while working from your temporary home.

  • Whistler:

If you’re more of a mountain person than a beach bum, the stunning ski resort of Whistler is just the place for you. Stay in one of its several long-term rentals or monthly rentals to reap the benefits of the therapeutic mountain air for an extended period.

Monthly rentals across the top destinations in the Caribbean

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  • Cancun:

This Mexican tourist hotspot full of Mayan heritage is a delight for both history buffs and beach lovers. To explore all of it, you can stay in one of its long-term rentals or comfortable monthly rentals.

  • Jamaica:

Witness the best of the vibrant Caribbean culture, sample its distinct cuisine, and explore its gorgeous cities and stunning beaches while staying in one of the long-term rentals in Jamaica. The monthly rentals, some of which are waterfront, will make for one of the most memorable retreats.

  • Puerto Rico:

This American territory in the Caribbean boasts a vibrant capital with a gorgeous old town. To explore that, along with its stunning coast, book an extended stay in one of its charming monthly rentals.

Monthly rentals in Europe

With cities full of history and distinct cultures, you need at least a month to make the most of any destination in Europe. Check out a few of the most gorgeous cities in the continent where you can have a long-term stay:

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  • Athens:

One of the oldest existing cities in the world, Athens attracts both history enthusiasts and culture buffs. To make the most of your visit to Athens, stay for at least a few weeks in its long-term rentals or for a month in any of its cozy monthly rentals.

  • Istanbul:

Istanbul is a European city that boasts the perfect confluence of modernity and tradition. Book your stay in a monthly Airbnb rental and have a comfortable long-term retreat in this gorgeous city.

  • London:

The cosmopolitan capital of the UK has something for everyone, making it one of the top-visited cities in the world. If you’re planning to explore all it has to offer, book your stay in one of its comfy Airbnb monthly rentals.

Monthly rentals in Asia

With diverse landscapes, distinct cultures, and a range of world-famous cuisines, Asia is a megadiverse continent. Check out a few of the best destinations across this vast continent where you can enjoy a month-long retreat:

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  • Bali:

The Indonesian island province of Bali boasts a stunning confluence of lush greenery and a charming coastline. Whether you’re traveling solo or on a romantic getaway with your partner, you can find plenty of things to do in Bali. For a comfortable long-term stay on the island, book one of these lovely monthly rentals.

  • Goa:

This former Portuguese colony on the Western Coast of India boasts a rich history along with magnificent beaches and lush greenery. For long-term tourists, it also features several monthly rentals and plenty of monthly Airbnb rentals, ensuring a hassle-free long-term stay.

  • Tokyo:

The dazzling Japanese capital features both a vibrant culture and lively neon-lit shopping districts. Whenever you visit this bustling metropolis, make sure to stay for at least a month and settle in one of its Airbnb monthly rentals for a comfortable time.

Destinations with extended-stay hotels across the USA

While you can find extended-stay hotels across the world, they are not as prevalent in other parts of the world as they are in the USA. Check out a few of the best cities across the country where you can find extended-stay hotels:

Extended stay hotels in the top metropolises in the USA

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  • Atlanta:

From comedy clubs to jazz bars, the historic city of Atlanta has something for everyone. Whether you’re planning an extended stay for work or leisure, you can have the most comfortable time in one of the several extended-stay hotels in the city.

  • Los Angeles:

Apart from being a popular tourist destination, this dreamy and magical West Coast city is also one of the most important urban centers in the country. If you’re planning an extended visit, stay in one of the long-term hotels offered by Extended Stays America.

  • Philadelphia:

With quite a few historic places, charming fountains, and vibrant nightclubs, Philadelphia is a gorgeous urban center and has something for everyone. To make the most of your long-term visit, staying in an extended-stay hotel would be the best.

Extended-stay hotels in the top tourist hotspots in the USA

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  • Tucson:

Boasting a vibrant Mexican-American culture and gorgeous desert landscapes, Tucson has an energetic vibe. If you’re planning a quiet, long-term getaway, you can stay in one of its extended-stay hotels.

  • New Orleans:

Book your stay in one of the extended-stay hotels and have a relaxing and entertaining long-term retreat in this ‘Big Easy’ city. For endless fun and festivities, you can visit the city during Mardi Gras celebrations in February and March.

  • Nashville:

Even though Nashville might not be considered a hardcore tourist destination, it boasts a vibrant music culture and a buzzing nightlife, making it a favorite for plenty. Whether you’re traveling for work or leisure, these extended-stay hotels in Nashville will make for a hassle-free long stay.

Factors to consider when choosing a long-term rental

  • Location

If you’re staying in a long-term rental to explore a city’s culture and history, then it would be best to stay in and around the city center. Even if you’re a working professional, looking for a long-term rental near your workplace or the Central Business District would be best. Since you’re staying for at least a month, make sure to choose a location that suits your needs the best.

  • Connectivity

If you’re going to be relying on public transportation during your extended stay, make sure to stay in a location that is easily reachable. Staying in a location that is within walking distance of shops, essential services, and restaurants would also be beneficial.

  • Child policy

Planning a long-term stay with your little ones? While most monthly rentals and extended-stay hotels allow children, make sure to book accommodation with kid-friendly amenities such as cribs and high chairs. You can also check for properties that offer babysitting services or recommendations.

  • Pet policy

If you’re traveling with your furry companions, make sure to book pet-friendly accommodations. Also, don’t forget to check with the host or staff about the pet fee and house rules before booking.

  • Accessible features

If you or someone traveling with you has any form of disability, staying in an easily accessible long-term rental would be the best. While most extended-stay hotels have plenty of accessible features, several monthly rentals might not be suited for people with disabilities. It’s always best to check with the hosts.

Have a comfortable extended stay

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Relocating to a new place, especially for a month or a few, is never easy. This is where long-term rentals come into play. Offering hassle-free stays with top-notch amenities and services, long-term rentals allow you to enjoy a comfortable retreat for as long as you want. Moreover, enjoying homelike comforts even when away from home is a perk you ought to love.

So, if you’re planning a visit lasting at least a month, browse through our website and book a long-term rental in your preferred destination.

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