Giuseppe Creazzo

Hi, I am Giuseppe and I am a 24 year-old musician and traveler from Italy. I was born in Sicily, a land of history, mysteries, beautiful landscapes and astonishing seaside spots. At the age of 17 I moved to Rome, where I started my studies in Jazz music until my graduation at Santa Cecilia Conservatory of Music. Since August 2015 I live in Oslo where I am continuing my studies in Jazz music performance. Travels has been the leitmotiv of my life even though I started to travel outside Italy quite late. Travel could be an inner state of mind, an exciting experience that you can start by reading a book or an article, looking at pictures or just imagining where you would love to have your next trip. Sometimes I have felt scared about far destinations, especially when we need to care about our budget, but I find that you can really make it in any case. Indeed my best travel experience was my journey along the coasts of Sicily with one of my best friend, the brilliant photographer Giorgia Fagà. 10 nights and 11 days walking through the splendid land of Sicily, resting in a sleeping-bag under a thousands stars nocturne vault making money singing with my tambourine. When we were tired of walking we just used to stop in the middle of the street and hitch-hiked thanks to some gentleman. I have been to Prague, Oslo, Stockholm, Amsterdam, London, Rome, Perugia, Florence, Sicily, Paris, and now I am dreaming about Istanbul, Iceland and Iran. I do love literature, especially novels and essays by Isabelle Allende, Carlos Ruiz Zafòn, Umberto Eco, Herman Esse, Philip Pullman, Walt Whitman, Alessandro Baricco and many many others. I hope you will enjoy my articles and my pictures, I am happy to share with you guys this significant part of my interests and dreams.

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