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15 Weekend Getaways With Mom In The U.S.

Updated May 05, 2016

When did you last spend meaningful time with mom? If you have been neglecting mom amid the daily hustle and bustle of life and work, here’s your chance to slow down, take a short break and spend a meaningful weekend with (possibly) the most important woman of your life!

From pure relaxation in the hot tub to visiting a vineyard and enjoying brunch like Meryl Streep, here is a list of 15 stunning weekend getaways within the United States that will guarantee a great bonding session! Let every weekend be Mother’s Day!

Top 3 activities to book in United States of America

This one's for Mom!

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1. Indulge in a Los Angeles girly luxury staycation like Pretty Woman (from USD 545)

Hotel highlights1

The movie, Pretty Woman, is not the only reason why the Beverly Wilshire is famous, but it does add one more reason to visit the place. With its luxurious allure and mystique, the Beverly Wilshire is a prime location in one of America’s most wealthiest communities, and its proximity to downtown Los Angeles and Santa Monica is just one of its highlights.

Southern California is the land of sunshine and palm trees, and the Beverly Wilshire allows you to indulge in the area’s famous climate with style. The Mediterranean pool will make your mom feel like a movie star.

At the end of the pool, there is a two-story fitness centre with glass walls from the floor to the ceiling. If you want to grab a bite to eat, The Pool Bar & Café is perched on the pool’s opposite edge, with outdoor seating for 28 and a small bar. All in all, the entire scene is typical Southern Californian glam with tons of photo ops to remember this special occasion.

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2. Treat Mom like royalty and bring her to the Hearst Castle, San Simeon

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The Hearst Castle is an untainted 20th Century gem located right on the California coast. During the 1920s and 1930s, while it was still used as a residence, William Randolph Hearst entertained the who’s who of Hollywood here. Now, you can bring your mother here and make her feel like she’s royalty.

The castle itself is a sight to behold, but it also offers a breathtaking view of the coast and the ocean. Inside the castle, there are thousands of antiques to marvel at, in the unabashedly huge dining rooms, movie theatre, libraries and all the other nooks and crannies of this grand property.

Within the castle, there are also hidden, cozy areas for you and your mom to sit and have a nice cup of tea, or even take a dip in the castle’s luxurious indoor pool.

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3. Take a road-trip to the Yosemite National Park

Img 9762

Even on a normal day, there is no reason why one should pass up the opportunity of visiting the Yosemite National Park. It feels like a real life art gallery, and it will leave you stunned with awe. If you and mom are looking for an adventure, rent a car, make a mixtape of all your mom’s favorite tunes, and take a road trip down to this nationally-protected haven of overwhelming beauty.

Although you might feel that a road trip isn’t the most exciting, it will probably be one of the most beautiful drives of your life, because even the trip there is a scene to behold. The tall pine trees, against the backdrop of stunning ice-capped mountain ranges, are sure to be a feast for your eyes.

If you end up loving this lush destination upon arriving (which you will), you could even set up a camp in the park and huddle with Mom around a nice warm campfire and sleep under the stars at night.

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4. Have brunch in Southeastern Connecticut, like Meryl Streep in Hope Springs

Screen shot 2016 05 04 at 11.22.35 am

Southeastern Connecticut has a lot to offer. Quaint towns, the famous Mystic Seaport, the large Mystic Aquarium, historic Fort Griswold and Fort Trumbull, beautiful street art, and the shoreline full of sandy beaches. There is plenty to do, no matter what activity you choose. The best way to start your weekend is with a hearty brunch and a strong cup of coffee.

Noah’s Restaurant offers great breakfast foods and a pleasant, quaint interior space. Going in, you might recognize the place. It was where some of the scenes from the movie Hope Springs was filmed. In fact, inside the restaurant you’ll see a framed photo of Meryl Streep and her autograph. Be sure to bring your mom here, especially if she’s a Meryl Streep fan (who isn’t?), and you can have a great conversation over a plate of fluffy blueberry pancakes and cups of steaming hot coffee. It’s a great way to start the day!

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5. Start your getaway in Hawaii with a free yoga class

Ala moana beach

Hawaii is one of the best places to have a quick getaway, but still feel as though you have been whisked off to a beautiful island resort. With its pristine beaches and stunning resorts, it’s pretty hard to go wrong with a weekend in Hawaii. And what better way to start the relaxing weekend than with a free yoga class at Lululemon?

Ala Moana Center is one of the most popular shopping centers in Honolulu. It is close to Waikiki, making the mall’s accessibility a very attractive point. Every morning, they offer a free yoga class. Yoga is a great way to feel connected with your body, and it is the perfect mother-daughter/son bonding activity. Trying different poses and breathing exercises are sure to provide happiness and serenity in both your lives, and it’s a great way to recharge for the weekend.

You need to bring your own yoga mat, but if you do not have one, don’t sweat it! The class takes place in the store itself, so you can choose from a selection of yoga mats and comfortable yoga wear.

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6. Relax in the hot tub at Rancho Bernardo Inn, San Diego

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Treat your mother to some much needed rest and relaxation and head to the decadent Rancho Bernardo Inn in San Diego for some first-class pampering.

They offer an array of services that are sure to make your mother feel like she is royalty. From skin and body treatments to facials and massages, there is a full menu of decadence to choose from. A full service nail salon also offers a wide range of manicure and pedicure options - perfect ingredients for a bonding session! From the decadent pool to the relaxing hot tub, everywhere within the inn is an opportunity to relax.

After a day of pampering, head out to the resort’s veranda for some cocktails and lunch! They have an extensive menu to pick and choose from, you’d be spoilt for choice.

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7. Visit the White House! (Bed and Breakfast) (from USD 150)


It’s not the White House per se, but it is so grand and hospitable that it is a worthy place for any VIP to stay at - and who is more important than Mom?! The mansion, turned into a bed and breakfast, is complete with a sweeping staircase, European-style chandeliers, and a gorgeous formal dining room; it provides for an extremely luxurious getaway!

The rooms are exquisitely decorated, guaranteed to give Mom some much needed relaxation. The breakfasts are made from locally sourced produce, complete with a complimentary espresso coffee bar.

It is also conveniently located close to several attractions, like the Portland Art Museum and even Oregon Wine Country! However, the rooms book fast, so hurry up and don’t miss out on the opportunity to spend this weekend at White House Bed and Breakfast!

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8. Visit small town Europe while in the U.S.


If you want to bring your mother to a place with somewhat of a different scenery, head to a small European village within America itself. The European influences can be seen in every facet of life there, from the architecture to the fashion. It is an easy way to get a different picture of life in small town America.

Minnesota’s community of New Ulm recreates olden times in magical ways. The city’s downtown is complete with a glockenspiel and even an old-styled brewery. You and your mom can feast on Milka chocolate, look at garden gnomes and marvel at other German delights at several gift shops downtown. For dinner, head to Rathskeller, a German restaurant in Turner Hall painted with beautiful murals of Germany’s famed castles.

Apart from the Germans, many Dutch people settled in Holland, a southern Michigan city. The architecture and culture still echo the Dutch settlement. In the month of May (Mother’s Day month in the U.S.!), the Tulip Time Festival happens. It is a day filled with color, costumes, and, of course, culture.

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9. Discover architectural gems within Nashville (from USD 159)

Source: Trip101

Nashville is known for its grand music hall and country music. What is not very commonly known is that there are other hidden treasures in Nashville that are treats for whoever is visiting.

The Gaylord Opryland Hotel and Resort is a great place to explore, have dinner, or unwind on a riverboat cruise. Tip: If you choose to stay at the hotel, request a room that faces the atrium space. These rooms have balconies that allow you to sit back, enjoy the view, people watch, and relax.

Another hidden gem is the First Saturday Art Crawl. It’s a monthly event where galleries host receptions and art openings. The atmosphere is really lively and it is a great place to learn a bit about art and meet artists. If you think it can’t get any better, admission to the galleries is always free and most also serve free wine and refreshments.

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10. Immerse in the arts in New York


If low-key is not your cup of tea, there are other ways to enjoy New York with Mom, even on a small budget. Fun alternatives include winning tickets for Broadway, and having a good laugh at a drag show, to really soak up the New York atmosphere.

If you and Mom are feeling slightly more adventurous, you could even enrol in a circus class and ‘fly’ with aerobics! That will surely make for an unforgettable weekend for the both of you.

As for food, New York is probably the most cosmopolitan city with every cuisine imaginable. To celebrate that, they have a massive food fair called Smorgasburg, every day from April to November. Some of New York’s best restaurants and vendors gather in Brooklyn for Smorgasburg to serve up their house specialties. Expect everything from smoked meats and tacos to even the inventive ramen burgers, bubble tea and many more items. You can see the range on the vendors’ list on the Smorgasburg website.

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11. Visit the Saltwater Farm Vineyard in Stonington, Connecticut


To have a bit more grown-up fun, the Saltwater Farm Vineyard offers stunning views and a casual and affordable wine-tasting experience. Choose from an extensive array of wine to savor. It’s okay if you are not quite the wine connoisseur; the knowledgeable and friendly staff will describe the various flavors and notes of each wine.

At the end of your trip, you can choose to purchase a bottle of their delicious wine to bring back home, as a memento of the beautiful weekend spent together with mom.

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12. Take a historic carriage ride tour in Charleston

Dsc 0464

In the beautiful city of Charleston, history can be seen in every facet, from the old fashioned architecture, plantations, to the quaint street details. In fact, Charleston has a preservation society that works tirelessly to maintain these features in mint condition.

What better way to fully experience and immerse in this city than on a horse-drawn carriage ride? Adding on to the fun, the carriage rides work on a lottery system, so both you and Mom won’t know which route you will take until you’re on the carriage.

In Charleston, every street has something to offer. Be it the historical Middleton Place with its ever-blooming gardens, the magnificent Cooper River, or the Magnolia Plantation, beaches, shopping, the list is endless. There will be something for both you and Mom to learn about and experience in this historic city in South Carolina.

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13. Find nature and peace at Lake Tahoe


For both locals and travellers alike, Lake Tahoe is always a huge vacation spot, and not without reason. This dream destination is nothing short of breathtaking in every way, around every corner.

In the winter, it is a wonderland that is reminiscent of the North Pole. In the summer, it opens up endless trails for hikers, bikers and just anyone else who enjoys basking in the glory of nature.

It is a perfect destination to appreciate nature, feel calm and tranquil, enjoy the fresh air, and bond with you mom while taking a beautiful hike up the terrains.

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14. Have a low-key weekend in Brooklyn, New York

Img 5439

When you think “New York”, the word ‘quiet’ does not come to mind. But it actually is possible to have a quiet yet fun weekend with Mom in the city that never sleeps.

Prospect Heights in Brooklyn is a great place to enjoy the stunning brownstones and beautiful parks. It is also studded with quaint little Bed and Breakfasts, perfect for a weekend getaway. The best part is the nightlife, especially if you are looking for something a bit low-key yet thoroughly enjoyable. Little pockets of ramen bars, hidden speakeasies will allow you to have a gastronomical food and drink experience, for a good price too!

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15. Visit a Disney themed spa resort in Hawaii

Img 0814

Aulani, a Disney Resort and Spa in Oahu, Hawaii, opened 5 years ago and still is one of the most talked about vacation destinations in Hawaii. It is both relaxing and exciting, and both you and Mom can relive your childhood and exchange fond memories.

The rooms are exquisite down to the details, with Mickey Mouse styled lamps and soaps. Aulani also gives you access to some beautiful pools, and a stunning private beach for you and your mom to have some alone, quiet time.

A good mix of fun and relaxation, the Aulani Disney Resort and Spa is a great place for you and mom to engage in fun activities and create new memories.

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Enjoy a fun weekend with Mom

A weekend getaway with mom is achievable! To begin, start planning your trip ahead of time to ensure a smooth journey. Making reservations is also advisable, and map out alternative routes to ensure that your trip is free from last minute surprises.

Apart from that, the possibilities are endless, and these suggestions are sure to make your mother feel like the queen she is.

This article was originally published on May 05, 2016

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