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Pensacola, Florida is a busy seaport situated on Pensacola Bay - a 95-kilometer (59-mile) beach oasis. It’s about nine hours from Fort Lauderdale. Wondering what to do in Pensacola? With a variety of activities available, the best Airbnbs and other great vacation rentals right on Pensacola’s picturesque beaches, it’s easy to find the perfect home and the right things you just might enjoy. With this list, we’ll narrow it down a bit, so you can experience all the activities that are great to do on a strict budget. Pensacola has a lot to offer that’s free and cheap - not to mention it’s massive amounts of fun too. Live it up, too, and find the best Vrbo and RV rentals in town! Here are the top things to do in Pensacola, Florida. 

Kid- and family-friendly attractions in Pensacola

1. Have an adrenaline-filled day at Sam's Fun City

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Sam’s Fun City is among the best places to visit in Pensacola, FL when you’re with kids. This attraction may not be the biggest name when it comes to amusement parks, but it is a fine place to let your little ones ride go-karts, play arcade games, and run around the laser tag. The fun doesn’t end there, though! There’s also a water park with slides here. If you need to cool off from the sun after an entire day of enjoying the other attractions, take a dip in the pool and have a picnic at the pavilion!

Sam's Fun City

Address: 6709 Pensacola Blvd, Pensacola, FL 32505, United States

Website: Sam’s Fun City

Opening hours: Sun - Thu: 11am - 8pm; Fri - Sat: 11am - 9pm

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2. Catch a game at Admiral Fetterman Field

Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Navarre0107 used under CC BY-SA 4.0

If you’re a fan of baseball, a good place to visit in the city is Admiral Fetterman Field. It serves as the Pensacola Blue Wahoos stadium during the Minor League Baseball season. This attraction is actually a multi-use park that also features an amphitheater, a waterfront community park, and various commercial buildings. You might be lucky enough to catch a baseball game during your visit, but if not, there’s plenty of things to do around this area, especially at the public park.

Admiral Fetterman Field

Address: 351 W Cedar St, Pensacola, FL 32502, United States

Website: Admiral Fetterman Field

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3. Experience great moments with Pensacola's finest

Blue Angels perform the Low Break Cross at the 2018 Pensacola Beach Air Show.
Source: Photo by Flickr user Official U.S. Nav... used under CC BY 2.0

No clue on what to do in Pensacola that will delight everyone in your group? One of the biggest Pensacola tourist attractions is Blue Angels Air Show. Pensacola is known to be the home of the Blue Angels, also known as the U.S. Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron. For a perfectly symmetrical showcase of stellar airplane acrobatics and aeronautical prowess, the Blue Angels give a show-stopping performance. Colorful streamers, twists, turns and flips through the air are all part and parcel of the air show extravaganza that the Blue Angels have become synonymous with.

Important notes for all wanting to check out the Blue Angels in action are the following:

  1. People with sensitive hearing should bring along some form of hearing protection.
  2. Visitors older than 16 years old will need to produce a form of identification when attempting to access the museum flight line to view Blue Angel practice.
  3. Do not bring backpacks, daypacks, luggage, or similar items. They will NOT be allowed on the flight line during Blue Angel practice air shows.

Blue Angels Air Show

Address: 1750 Radford Blvd., NAS Pensacola, FL 32508

Website: Blue Angels Air Show

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4. Watch the waves while the music and the waves serenade you

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Grab your lawn chairs and join us this evening at the Gulfside Pavilion for Bands on the Beach – tonite featuring Johnny Earthquake and the Moondogs from 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Posted by Pensacola Beach, Florida on Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Located at the Gulf Pavilion, overlooking the Gulf of Mexico, you’ll be able to enjoy the soundscape of artists, performing at the weekly Bands on the Beach event. This famous Pensacola beach activity can be enjoyed while seated on your deck chair, or beach blanket, on the white sands of Pensacola Beach.

Every Tuesday, between 7.00pm and 9.00pm, from the first Tuesday in April until the last Tuesday in October, Bands on the Beach showcases various artists in diverse musical genres and styles. This popular outdoor summer concert series is a great way to soak up some quality beach moments while feeling the sand between your beat-tapping toes. Join a tour by Gulf Coast Air Tours or Emerald Coast Tours if you wish to explore the area even more.

Bands on the Beach

Address: Gulf Pavilion, Pensacola Beach, Pensacola, Florida

Facebook: Bands on the Beach

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5. See the Florida bayou at Tarkiln Bayou Preserve State Park

Pensacola FL Tarkiln Bayou SP Claire bdwlk04
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Ebyabe used under CC BY-SA 3.0

Tarkiln Bayou Preserve State Park is located 10 miles (16 kilometers) from the city of Pensacola and is known for being home to plenty of wildlife and over 100 different plant species, some of which are endangered and rare. The park is consistently rated as one of the best places that showcase local life, and guests can walk through the boardwalks and explore the nature trails that wind through the park.

Tarkiln Bayou Preserve State Park

Address: 2401 Bauer Rd, Pensacola, FL 32506, United States

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6. Marvel at the beauty of Florida Panhandle at Pensacola Bay

Pensacola Bay, Florida
Source: Photo by Flickr user eutrophication&hy... used under CC BY 2.0

The area around Pensacola Bay is one of the more picturesque places in the Florida Panhandle region and is also one of the most historic places in the state. This Pensacola attraction has been used to fortify the area against the British during the War of 1812, and several forts still can be found here. Nowadays, the bay is home to several parks and public spaces like shopping malls and restaurants, as well as plenty of nature to observe. One of the best ways to explore the area is by joining a tour by Pensacola Bay Cruises.

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7. Spend time in historic Pensacola at Seville Square

Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user http://www.pensap... used under PUBLIC DOMAIN

At first glance, Seville Square is an unassuming little park in the middle of town. But it is actually one of the oldest parks in the city! Located in the downtown area, the park is the original site of a Spanish outpost established in 1764. Ten years later, when the British controlled the area, they turned it into a public square. Historic buildings like Old Christ Church face the park, and Seville Square is host to tons of events yearly like a jazz festival and Fourth of July celebrations.

Seville Square

Address: 311 E Government St, Pensacola, FL 32502, United States

Opening hours: Mon - Sat: 6am - 3am; Sun: 6am - 12am

Price: Free

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8. Discover the gems of yesteryear in the historic downtown district (from USD 25.0)

Experience downtown Pensacola, Florida, like you cannot anywhere else. The historic area of Pensacola is specifically designed to preserve and maintain the rich history of Pensacola, its inhabitants and ancestors. Make the most of exploring this rich heritage conservation space by taking part in a Historic Walking Tour. The tours come in various packages:

There is the self-guided tour, where experienced guides will assist you in planning the best routes to take, to explore the historic district at your own leisure. There is also a guided tour, which lasts approximately 1-1.5 hours, and happens from Tuesday to Saturday, from 11.00am to 1.00pm. Themed tours are also available, Tuesday to Saturday, from 2.30pm. Visitors looking to experience this novelty tour are requested to meet at the Tivoli High House at 2.30pm sharp.

Another great feature to these Historic Tours is the Living History Program. This is a program where actors portray day-to-day living as it was, hundreds of years ago. A daily schedule is maintained Tuesday to Saturday and it is a great way to get a pseudo first-hand experience of how it was done, way back then.

Historic Walking Tour

Address: 330 S Jefferson St, Pensacola, FL 32502

Website: Historic Walking Tour

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North Hill Historic Homes Tour of Pensacola

Duration: 2 hours

3 reviews

9. Enjoy a picnic at Bayview Park

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Posted by Bayview Park , Pensacola Florida on Sunday, April 11, 2010

One of the things to do in Pensacola this weekend is to enjoy a lovely picnic in the park. Break-out the picnic basket, as we head on over to the next top pick: Bayview Park. Here you will be able to stretch out on the expansive lawn and enjoy a great time in the sunshine. When you feel the urge to stretch your legs, there are walking trails to get the blood flowing. This is a great place for dog owners, as there is an impressive dog park here, too. Spend some time letting your furry friend run around the park - while you get to barbecuing on the grills provided.

Bayview Park offers a great place for a family day of fun in the sun. There is also a boat launch spot, which only adds to the many features that this impressive park has on offer. Whether you find yourself enjoying the gazebo, the expanse of lawn, or minding your children as they play in the playground, you’re sure to have a great day when you spend it the Bayview way.

Bayview Park

Address: 2001 E Lloyd St, Pensacola, FL 32503, USA

Facebook: Bayview Park

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10. Visit Destination Archaeology Resource Center

The Destination Archaeology Resource Center in Pensacola is small but packed full of interesting things. Be sure to take along the kids if they are into Dinos. The place is devoted to archaeological find and digs. Exhibits are interesting and well displayed. Some of them include old ships that sank in the area.

Hands-on activities include processing bags of artifacts in the lab, that were found at local sites. Situated next door to the Fish House, with easy parking in reach of the beach, be prepared for an absorbing visit. From there, the Historic Pensacola Village is just across the street.

Destination Archaeology Resource Center

Address: 207 E Main St, Pensacola, FL 32502-6034

Website: Destination Archaeology Resource Center

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11. Browse or buy local art at the Artworks Studio & Gallery

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Posted by Artworks Local Art & Gifts on Friday, July 9, 2021

Browse the wide array of local art at the Artworks Studio & Gallery. There’s jewelry, pottery, canvas works and more on display. The quaint little shop has much to offer, even if you’re on a budget. Meet some artists and admire their work. It’s an ideal place to find some souvenirs and mementos of your vacation. You can even sign up for a painting class if you like the idea of learning. Take a break out of the hot sun, or spend an enjoyable time on a rainy day. If you take the art class, it’s more affordable than many beach activities.

Artworks Studio & Gallery

Address: 3700 Perdido Key Dr, Pensacola, FL 32507-7471

Website: Artworks Studio & Gallery

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12. Leave your footprints in the sand at Pensacola Beach Eco-trail (from USD 90.0)

Take in the impressive views and explore the Pensacola Beach Eco-trail near Fort Pickens. This 8.5 miles (13.7 km) of natural surrounds, also known as ‘Footprints in the Sand Eco-trail’, is a great way to spend the day with the kids, or to get out and experience beach life. This fantastic Pensacola point of interest is great for learning all about the indigenous flora and fauna of the vicinity, not limited to but including turtles, tropical fish, dolphins, sharks, and birds.

Another great feature of this eco-trail is the fact that there are many regular spots where you’ll find QR codes (quick response codes) - which are designed to be scanned using your smartphone, to access more information about the area. If bird watching, walking trails, biking, hiking, running, swimming, snorkelling, and diving is what you would like to get into for your day - then Pensacola Beach’s eco-trail is the one to try out, for sure. While exploring the eco-trail, make time to visit the nearby Gulf Islands National Seashore too.

Pensacola Beach Eco-trail

Address: Fort Pickens Rd, Pensacola Beach, FL 32562, United States

Facebook: Pensacola Beach Eco-trail

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3-Day Pensacola Sightseeing Pass

Duration: 1 to 3 days

13. Have a day at the beach at Perdido Key State Park

Pensacola FL Perdido Key SP beach south01
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Ebyabe used under CC BY-SA 3.0

Forget water parks for a moment. Perdido Key State Park is one of Florida’s smallest state parks, but it is also a pretty one. When you think of Florida, you’re probably thinking about beautiful beaches and water, and this park exemplifies that. Located right on the border of Florida and Alabama, the park is really more of a white sand beach with aqua blue waters. Fishing and surfing are popular activities here, and the park is also a conservation area for local wildlife like sea turtles and shorebirds.

Perdido Key State Park

Address: 15301 Perdido Key Dr, Pensacola, FL 32507, United States

Opening hours: 8am - 7:30pm (daily)

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14. Check out baked goods, fine arts and so much more at Palafox Market

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

A trip to Pensacola would be incomplete without a venture downtown on a Saturday morning (9.00am to 2.00pm) to Palafox Market. Do yourself a huge favour and make this particular experience a ‘must-do’, during your travels in P-cola. What began as a modest 5-month seasonal market, with 25 vendors, has grown exponentially to where it now open all year round, boasting over 85 weekly vendors with a wide range of products.

With the market’s motto of: “Bringing you a variety of the best local goods”, expect to find all manners of wares and trinkets here - from fine art to fresh produce. Be it live plants, antiques or deliciously baked goods, Palafox Market is a plethora of treasures. For other markets in Pensacola, check out Joe Patti’s for all your seafood needs and the various farmers markets all around town.

Palafox Market

Address: Martin Luther King Park Palafox Street., Pensacola, Florida

Website: Palafox Market

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15. Spend a day at the historic Naval Live Oaks Nature Preserve

GINS FL Live Oaks north part water south01
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Ebyabe used under CC BY-SA 3.0

Naval Live Oaks Nature Preserve is one of Florida’s oldest national parks, and it is one of the most beautiful too! The park was originally purchased by the U.S government back in the 1800s, and the area was actually once a tree farm. The reason for the United States’ acquisition of the land was so the space could be used as a place for shipbuilding. Several famous ships were built here that were then used in the War of 1812 against the British. In 1998, the park was put on the National Register of Historic Places.

Naval Live Oaks Nature Preserve

Address: 1801 Gulf Breeze Pkwy, Gulf Breeze, FL 32563, United States

Opening hours: 24 hours (daily)

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16. Hike through Bay Bluffs Park

Florida is relatively flat and not very mountainous, so for those looking to hike, head to Bay Bluffs Park. The park offers some great views since it is a little bit of an upward hike, so you can look over the water from the top of the bluffs. The park is pretty big, and the paths along the park are visibly marked and generally pretty easy to trek. It is a relatively popular hiking spot for both amateurs and experts alike.

Bay Bluffs Park

Address: 3400 Scenic Hwy, Pensacola, FL 32503, United States

Opening hours: 6am - 6pm (daily)

Price: Free

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17. Bring the family to Uncle Sandy's Macaw Bird Park

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Florida is home to pretty amazing wildlife, and if you’re interested in seeing some of the most colorful and majestic birds then check out Uncle Sandy’s Macaw Bird Park. The park was started by an immigrant from Honduras who grew up in an area where macaws fly freely around, and when he came to the United States he brought his love for these birds with him. The park these days operates as a non-profit and is a little gem in the Pensacola area.

Uncle Sandy's Macaw Bird Park

Address: 9513 N Palafox St, Pensacola, FL 32534, United States

Website: Uncle Sandy’s Macaw Bird Park

Opening hours: Thu - Mon: 10am - 4pm (closed on Tue & Wed)

Price: 2 - 5 USD

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18. Catch a ball game at Vince J. Whibbs Sr. Community Maritime Park

Vince J. Whibbs Sr. Community Maritime Park is a waterfront park that aims to promote a lifestyle of enjoying the outdoors and celebrating health and wellness for the people of Pensacola. The park is located next to the bay and includes several amenities like an amphitheater, a baseball park, and an open green space for activities and events like music and cultural festivals.

Vince J. Whibbs Sr. Community Maritime Park

Address: 301 W Main St, Pensacola, FL 32501, United States

Opening hours: 24 hours (daily)

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Hiking trails and parks

19. Camp out at Big Lagoon State Park

Pensacola FL Big Lagoon SP from obs tower02
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Ebyabe used under CC BY-SA 3.0

We don’t always have to the grand stuff when it comes to vacation. Sometimes, all it takes to have a memorable trip is a chill afternoon in the park next to your family or travel buddies. One of the best places for such an activity is Big Lagoon State Park. Located near the Great Florida Birding Trail, this park is a spot not only for swimming but also for recreational activities like canoeing, fishing, hiking, and kayaking. Visitors may also view wildlife from the observation tower and footbridge that overlooking Grande Lagoon.

Big Lagoon State Park

Address: 12301 Gulf Beach Hwy, Pensacola, FL 32507, United States

Website: Big Lagoon State Park

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20. Go mountain biking at UWF Bike Trails

Mountain Bike ladder
Source: Photo by Flickr user midnightcomm used under CC BY 2.0

Established by the University of Western Florida, UWF Bike Trails is a great place to head to if you’re into mountain biking. There are several trials on-site with varying levels of difficulty and some hills and slopes to ride on. The trails are primarily used by mountain bikers, but there are some footpaths as well. The paths were established at first by loggers until the university bought the property and it became an ideal spot for mountain biking.

UWF Bike Trails

Address: 11969 Pate St, Pensacola, FL 32514, United States

Price: Free

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21. Hang out on the grassy lawns of Bartram Park

Editor's Note: There's no photo available at the time of writing

Bartram Park is one of the local parks in Pensacola and is a beautiful little spot to spend the day. Located on the waterfront, the park is a good spot to bring the family, have a picnic, and enjoy the warm Florida sunshine. Relax under the large oak trees or head out to the water and do a little fishing. There are benches and trails in the park, and it is located near the historic downtown area.

Bartram Park

Address: 211 Bayfront Pkwy, Pensacola, FL 32502, United States

Opening hours: 24 hours (daily)

Price: Free

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22. Bring the whole family to Hitzman-Optimist Park for a day in the sun

Editor's Note: There's no photo available at the time of writing

Hitzman-Optimist Park is a local park that pretty much has everything to offer everyone in the family, making it ideal for those summer days when you just want to head outdoors. The park is a relatively new one and is already one of the most popular parks in the area. The amenities here include a picnic area, a baseball diamond, tennis courts, children’s playgrounds, and even a disc golf course.

Hitzman-Optimist Park

Address: 3221 Langley Ave, Pensacola, FL 32504, United States

Opening hours: 7am - 11pm (daily)

Price: Free

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23. Spend an afternoon with friends or family at Woodland Heights Park

Editor's Note: There's no photo available at the time of writing

There’s nothing like a nice afternoon of hanging out at the park. Woodland Heights Park is a great place to spend time with friends for a day of fun in the sun and also for a picnic. Locals often bring their kids to this park as there’s a children’s playground with monkey bars and slides. Enjoy the weather on a good day, or duck under a shade and read a book. The park has a lot of shade with its abundance of oak trees and Florida foliage.

Woodland Heights Park

Address: 520 Woodland Dr, Pensacola, FL 32503, United States

Opening hours: 6am - 10pm (daily)

Price: Free

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24. Chill out in Dunmire Woods Park

Editor's Note: There's no photo available at the time of writing

Dunmire Woods Park is a local park that’s not too big but is still a pretty nice spot to spend the day hanging out with some friends or the family. Have a picnic on the little picnic table or simply just chill out with the kids in the playground. The surrounding neighborhood is pretty quiet, so the atmosphere here is generally quite relaxed. If you’re looking for a low-key way to spend the afternoon in a quiet part of town, head to this place. Another park to visit in the city is Veterans Memorial Park which is 15 minutes away.

Dunmire Woods Park

Address: 1135 Northbrook Dr, Pensacola, FL 32504, United States

Opening hours: 24 hours (daily)

Price: Free

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25. Check out the nature preserve at Bayou Marcus Birding Trail

Florida is home to tons of great nature sites that offer visitors plenty of opportunities to observe wildlife. This state is home to some woodland creatures like squirrels and deer. Bayou Marcus Birding Trail is frequently trafficked by hikers and is known for being an easy trail, making it an ideal spot for novice hikers and people just looking for a casual walk through nature. The park is part of protected wetlands and features tons of natural flora that are only found in this part of the state. These wetlands are home to some 17 endangered species as well.

Bayou Marcus Birding Trail

Address: 3051 Fayal Dr #3011, Pensacola, FL 32526, United States

Opening hours: 8am - 5pm (daily)

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26. Let the curious minds explore Pensacola Children's Museum

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Did you know museums must keep temperatures low and humidity controlled to maintain the integrity of the artifacts? That...

Posted by Historic Pensacola on Thursday, July 29, 2021

If you’d like to take your inquisitive little ones for a fun, laid-back day out in the city, one of the best museums to visit is Pensacola Children’s Museum. This vibrant museum details the city’s history in an engaging way with interactive exhibits and educational programs and events. The hands-on experience here will surely pique the kids’ interest. With displays like Panton Trading Post, Native American Village, Kiddie Corral, and the Fort, it’s going to be an adventure during your visit.

Pensacola Children's Museum

Address: 115 Zaragoza St Pensacola, FL 32502, United States

Website: Pensacola Children’s Museum

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27. Explore Pensacola Lighthouse & Maritime Museum

Pensacola Lighthouse
Source: Photo by Flickr user Coast Guard News used under CC BY 2.0

Explore the famous Lighthouse and Museum of Pensacola, and experience vistas of Pensacola Beach unparalleled and unrivalled by any other vantage point. Climb the 177 steps to the top of the lighthouse and check out the impressive view of the Pensacola Pass (the point where Pensacola meets the Gulf of Mexico). Built in 1859, the lighthouse has been part of the Pensacola skyline for hundreds of years.

A visit to the lighthouse also means a visit to the newly restored keeper’s quarters, built in 1869, which is now known as the Richard C Callaway Museum. This is a great place to get in some edu-fun activities, on your day.

Admission is 7 USD for adults and 4 USD for kids, seniors and military. Operating hours are daily between 10.00am to 5.30pm.

Lighthouse and Museum of Pensacola

Address: 2081 Radford Blvd, Pensacola, FL 32508, USA

Website: Lighthouse and Museum of Pensacola

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28. Learn about airplanes at National Naval Aviation Museum

Pensacola FL Naval Aviation msm01
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Ebyabe used under CC BY-SA 3.0

Pensacola has always been an important place for the military and for the aviation industry in the United States. This museum is dedicated to the history of aviation in America. National Naval Aviation Museum is a local landmark that showcases some of the best aircraft the U.S military has ever had, along with aircraft they still currently operate. Established in 1962, this museum near Naval Air Station Pensacola is home to 150 aircraft and spacecraft spanning the history of aircraft in the military, with models starting from the 1920s all the way to the modern age. If you’re interested in aviation or military history or even engineering, this museum will surely have what you’re looking for. Located across the street is a training center for piloting military aircraft.

National Naval Aviation Museum

Address: 1750 Radford Blvd, Pensacola, FL 32508, United States

Website: National Naval Aviation Museum

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29. View modern masterpieces at Pensacola Museum of Art

Pensacola HD MOA01
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Ebyabe used under CC BY-SA 3.0

Founded in 1954 by a group of local women, Pensacola Museum of Art is a great place to spend the afternoon if you’re looking to get out of the sun for a bit and see some local art as well as some pieces from international artists. Visiting the art museum is another thing to do in Pensacola. It offers a place for artists to showcase their work on a rotating basis, and it also hosts plenty of activities for kids and families, from art classes to guided tours. Some permanent pieces in their collection include iconic and legendary artists like Dali, Picasso, and Calder.

Pensacola Museum of Art

Address: 407 S Jefferson St, Pensacola, FL 32502, United States

Website: Pensacola Museum of Art

Opening hours: Tue - Thu: 10am - 5pm; Fri - Sat: 10am - 7pm; Sun: 12pm - 4pm (closed on Mon)

Price: 8 USD

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30. Bring your young science lover to Pensacola MESS Hall

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Despite its name, Pensacola MESS Hall is not actually a place where people dine together but it is a place of learning and science, and it is located in the downtown area. Started by two locals in 2012, the museum is a great option for families with kids since this is where they can learn about science. If you’re looking for an afternoon activity that involves learning but is still fun for both kids and adults, then this is the spot to be. Try some hands-on activities and attend some workshops while you and your child learn about fossils, food chemistry, physics, and plenty more. The museum is operated by a charitable organization and is a non-profit museum.

Pensacola MESS Hall

Address: 116 N Tarragona St, Pensacola, FL 32502, United States

Website: Pensacola MESS Hall

Opening hours: Tue - Sat: 10am - 5pm (closed on Sun & Mon)

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31. Learn about local history at T.T. Wentworth Jr Museum

Pensacola HD Wentworth01
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Ebyabe used under CC BY-SA 3.0

Built back in 1907, T.T. Wentworth Jr Museum is located along South Jefferson Street and is part of Pensacola Historic District. It aims to bring local history to life, as it is dedicated to teaching both tourists and locals about the origins of the city. The museum was built in the Alamo mission style, which pays homage to Florida’s first Spanish settlements. It officially opened in 1988 and has always been an integral part of the city’s history. History buffs will have a grand time here for sure.

T.T. Wentworth Jr Museum

Address: 330 S Jefferson St, Pensacola, FL 32502, United States

Opening hours: Tue - Sat: 10am - 4pm; Sun: 12pm - 4pm (closed on Mon)

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32. Learn about the city's old businesses at Museum of Commerce

Pensacola HD MOC01
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Ebyabe used under CC BY-SA 3.0

Museum of Commerce on Zaragoza St, Pensacola is a small and simple museum that brings visitors to a different world. Here, you get to see what businesses were like in the area at the turn of century and learn about what it took to operate one. You will also see what production was like in the 19th century. The museum aims to show people what commerce would have looked like between the years of 1860 and 1910. There are several different “properties” that people can walk through, and you’ll see businesses such as a print shop, a toy store, a gas station, and a hardware store. The museum is full of real antiques from the era, allowing visitors to see the things that made Pensacola such an economic hotspot.

Museum of Commerce

Address: 201 Zaragoza St Pensacola, FL 32502, United States

Opening hours: Tue - Sat: 10am - 4pm (closed on Sun & Mon)

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33. Learn state history at Fort Barrancas

Pensacola FL Fort Barrancas VC01
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Ebyabe used under CC BY-SA 3.0

Established in 1787, the fort was built by the first Spanish colonizers in the area as a means of defending the region. Fort Barrancas was built on a strategic hill overlooking the bay, and the area where the former gun batteries are located is still accessible to tourists. During the War of 1812, the historical fort saw action against the British Royal Navy in the Battle of Pensacola, with the results being an American victory. Today, the fort stands as a museum and has been designated a place on the National Register of Historic Places.

Fort Barrancas

Address: 3182 Taylor Rd, Pensacola, FL 32508, United States

Opening hours Thu - Mon: 9am - 4:15pm (closed on Tue & Wed)

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34. Explore the history of Pensacola's industries at Museum of Industry

Pensacola HD MOI01
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Ebyabe used under CC BY-SA 3.0

Museum of Industry is part of the historical society of Pensacola and aims to showcase to the people of the area the industrial beginnings of the city. The building that the museum is currently housed in was built back in 1884 and originally belonged to the Pensacola Ice Company. Several structures on the site date all the way back to the Spanish colonies and subsequent British takeover. Museum of Industry showcases a number of industries that helped Pensacola thrive, such as the timber industry, brickmaking, fishing, and the railroad.

Museum of Industry

Address: 200 Zaragoza St Pensacola, FL 32502, United States

Opening hours: Tue - Sat: 10am - 4pm (closed on Sun & Mon)

Price: 4 - 7 USD

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35. Check out the multicultural landscape of Pensacola at Voices of Pensacola Multicultural Center

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Voices of Pensacola Multicultural Center opened back in 2014, and it is another place that aims to bring arts and culture to the people of Pensacola. The museum showcases various exhibits, particularly on different cultures. There are also some documents and photographs on-site at Hilton-Green Research Room. This center also hosts tours that take visitors around some of the most historic spots in the city.

Voices of Pensacola Multicultural Center

Address: 117 E Government St, Pensacola, FL 32502, United States

Opening hours: Tue - Sat 10am - 4pm (closed on Sun & Mon)

Price: 4 - 8 USD

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36. Enjoy a night out dancing in the streets

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Gallery Night is another option for those looking for things to do in Pensacola. Step out into the city streets for a wonderful night of dancing with Gallery Nights events. According to the website of the founders of Gallery Nights, their mission is to be: ‘an engaging cultural event that takes the “Arts to the Streets”, where visitors can connect with the unique Culture of Pensacola.’

This is a perfect mission statement, as it encapsulates what Gallery Nights are all about. Get to tapping those feet and shaking those hips, while hob knobbing with many like-minded revellers, as you dance the night away, street style.

Check out the Gallery Nights website or Facebook page to save the dates for the next Gallery Nights event. All events commence at 4.00pm until 8.00pm, for the milder kid-friendly performances, whereas the after-party continues from 8.00pm until midnight for the die-hard party goers.

Gallery Nights

Address: 43 S. Palafox St, Pensacola, FL 32502

Website: Gallery Nights

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37. Join a unique beer tour with Pensacola Pedal Trolley

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How about a unique take on a pub crawl? Explore the best neighborhoods of Pensacola with your friends and sign up for this one-of-a-kind sightseeing tour! Pensacola Pedal Trolley provides a 14-seater vehicle that’s powered by pedals! You will be pedaling the trolley yourself, slowly but surely, all around downtown. You’ll go from bar to bar, just like a classic crawl, but it’ll be an eco-friendly journey throughout. This fun activity in Pensacola is best done with your closest friends or loved ones, so better round them up soon and join the tour!

Pensacola Pedal Trolley

Address: 11 S. Palafox St Suite F, Pensacola, FL 32502, United States

Website: Pensacola Pedal Trolley

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Where to stay in Pensacola, Florida

With several accommodation options like some of the amazing hotels and houses in the area, you can easily find a home away from home. Consider Gulf Breeze, Pace, and Oriole Beach to set up base in when traveling to this historic city beaming with a military heritage.

Gulf Breeze

Right in the heart of Santa Rosa County, Gulf Breeze is a Metropolitan spot known for beach camping. It’s the go-to Floridian destination for hiking, snorkeling, and birding activities. This neighborhood is great for travelers keen on staying in an area surrounded by nature. Several parks and recreational facilities surround this locale which makes it an ideal base for families visiting Pensacola.


Set up base in Pace. It’s a thriving suburb close to many rural attractions like Benny Russell Park and Avalon Beach. Pace is family-friendly with many spacious properties, including bungalows, townhouses, and cabins that usually have a private garden. It’s ideal for those who just want to keep to themselves during vacation and still be close to the renowned hot spots like Pensacola Beach.

Oriole Beach

Oriole Beach is another great area to situate yourself in. It’s a highly recommended spot for foodies who will have access to a wide array of eateries, restaurants, bars, and cafes to explore. Many smaller properties are rented out here, ideal for couples or solo travelers spending a few days in this beach town. Hea> ###### For a top-notch vacation in the Isle of Skye, we recommend booking these amazing places to stay:

For a top-notch vacation in the Pensacola, we recommend booking these amazing places to stay:

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Enjoy sunny Pensacola

On your next trip to this sunny destination in Florida, you’ll find plenty of diverting things to do - from visiting one of the many parks to learning about the local history. Some other places to visit in the city are Plaza de Luna Memorial Monument, Pensacola Graffiti Bridge, Gulf Breeze Zoo, Innerarity Point Park, and Five Flags Speedway. Add some of these activities to your itinerary and have a fun-filled holiday in Pensacola FL. Explore the barrier islands and enjoy the casino beach bars around!

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Frequently asked questions about the best things to do in Pensacola, Florida

1. Which are the top attractions to visit in Pensacola?

Some of Pensacola’s top attractions include the popular Blue Angels Air Show, National Naval Aviation Museum, Uncle Sandy’s Macaw Bird Park, and the iconic and historical Pensacola Lighthouse and Museum.

2. Which are the best outdoor activities in Pensacola?

For those who love the outdoors, hike or bike in Pensacola Beach Eco-trail and UWF Bike Trails as they are perfect places to enjoy an adventurous day. If you prefer more laidback entertainment, you can catch the Blue Angels Air Show and Bands on the Beach.

3. Which are the most popular things to do with kids and family in Pensacola?

Take your family and kids for a wonderful day out in Pensacola. Catch the jaw-dropping Blue Angels Air Show or enjoy a day in Uncle Sandy’s Macaw Bird Park. Bayview Park is another great place that’s ideal for family picnics, while Destination Archaeology Resource Center in Pensacola is perfect for kids who love dinosaurs.

Any must-sees we missed? Tell us about them in the comments section or write a post here to help out fellow travelers!
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