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Thrifty In Taipei: 10 Best Budget Hotels In Taipei, Taiwan

Updated Apr 11, 2018

Full of bustling night markets, steeped in culture, and with no shortage of friendly faces, Taiwan is one of the most underrated places to travel to in East Asia. It’s one of the more expensive Asian countries to go to, but it’s also very traveller-friendly. The transport system is efficient and reliable, the people are really friendly, and local food is tasty and relatively cheap.

To help cut your costs so you can splurge when the moment comes, we’ve rounded up ten budget hotels in Taipei. From classy and minimalist to cozy and chic, these hotels won’t break the bank, but also won’t leave you with horror stories to bring back home.

1. Saual Keh Hotel (49 USD to 76 USD)

The Saual Keh Hotel has a fun, hipster vibe to it. The exterior is decked out in rich purple, so it’s hard to miss. Inside, the rooms have three different themes: romantic, homey, and luxury. No matter what kind of holiday you’re looking for, there’ll be something there to suit your needs. Like a lot of budget hotels in Taipei, you can opt for a room without windows if you’re not claustrophobic, and a lower price will be given.

Aside from the usual amenities like free Wi-Fi, a hairdryer, and an in-room safe, the Saual Keh Hotel also provides thoughtful touches like an international adaptor in the rooms. A free breakfast with both Chinese and Western selections are also provided.

The hotel is located between the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall MRT and the Gu Ting MRT Station. It’s also within walking distance of a lot of attractions such as the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall, the Museum of Contemporary Art, and the National Museum of History. If you’re looking for a more authentic night market experience, you can walk to Nanmen Market. It’s frequented by locals and has a very different vibe than tourist places like Shihlin.

Do note that if you’re returning to the hotel late at night, the path can be very deserted, so it might be advisable to take a cab.

Saual Keh Hotel (帥客旅店)

Address: No. 2, Lane 90, Section 1, Roosevelt Rd, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, Taiwan 100

Price: 49 USD to 76 USD

Contact: +886 2 2322 3887

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2. Beauty Hotels Taipei - Hotel Bchic (49 USD to 84 USD)

Hotel Bchic is a boutique hotel in a modern tower. With a simple, luxurious design and a fancy vibe, the hotel tries its best to live up to the chic ideal. However, it’s still a budget hotel, so you get good value for money still.

It’s an eight-minute walk from Songjiang Nanjing MRT Station. The MRT is an interchange, which allows you to easily switch to other train lines. Breakfast is included when you stay at this hotel, but it’s not well-reviewed, so you might want to get some street food instead.

The rooms are clean and nicely decorated, with art pieces in rooms and cozy wooden flooring. Some people might find the rooms a bit small, but if you don’t mind a bit of a squeeze or have lots of luggage, then you won’t have an issue. Some rooms come with a whirlpool tub too.

Do note that it’s not advised to get rooms on the first floor, as noise from the street might keep you from sleeping well.

Hotel Bchic (台北昇美精品旅店)

Address: No. 25, Section 2, Xinsheng North Road, Zhongshan District, 104 Taipei, Taiwan

Price: 49 USD to 84 USD

Contact: +886 2 2511 1399

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3. Dong Wu Hotel (62 USD to 93 USD)

The Dong Wu Hotel is an excellent city hotel, located just a few minutes away from Daqiaotou MRT Station. For a relatively cheap hotel, you don’t have to compromise on hygiene standards or comfort. The hotel is very clean, and you get all the comforts and amenities that you would expect, such as an in-room safe, hair dryer, and bath accessories. It’s a good option if you’re looking for value for money.

While it isn’t in the central area in the city, the MRT makes getting around really convenient. Daqiaotou MRT station is just two stops away from Taipei Main Station, and three stops away from Jiantan MRT station, the closest to Shihlin Night Market. Besides, one of the perks in staying in less popular areas is that you can be certain you’re seeing a more authentic side of Taipei, rather than the side that’s meant for tourists to see.

Free Wi-Fi is provided, but reviews have said that the connection isn’t very strong. If an internet connection is something that you’ll need, you can buy a SIM card at the airport when you first land. The Dong Wu Hotel also offers windowless rooms at a cheaper price, but many people have found them to be stuffy and claustrophobic. Be sure to check with the front desk that you’re opting for a room with a window. Aside from that, the dining area is accessible only via stairway, which might be an issue for some travellers.

Otherwise, you can expect a pleasant and comfortable stay at the Dong Wu Hotel.

Dong Wu Hotel (東吳大飯店)

Address: No. 258, Section 2, Yanping N Rd, Datong District, Taipei City, Taiwan 103

Price: 62 USD to 93 USD

Contact: +886 2 2557 1261

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4. Miyi Hotel (57 USD to 119 USD)

This is a relaxed red-brick hotel with an exterior so full of character, it wouldn’t look out of place in one of New York’s older neighborhoods. A classic vibe lines its interiors; so while it’s still fancy, it’s not as opulent as an upscale hotel.

Due to its small size, the hotel doesn’t have a lobby or waiting area. Some might also find the rooms rather claustrophobic, as they are small and some of them come without windows. The rooms are minimal and contemporary, with all the amenities you’ll need for a comfortable stay. The hotel keeps dehumidifiers outside the rooms - they’re essential to making sure you have a comfortable stay, but the humming noise might bother light sleepers.

Free wi-fi will be provided during your stay. The hotel doesn’t serve breakfast, though they have a little break room where you can stock up on snacks, milk tea, and water. If none of these fill you up, there are also lots of shops, eateries and street food stalls in the area.

The Miyi Hotel is just five minutes away from Taipei Main Station. This proximity also means that you can save money on transport, as there is a direct bus to the station from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport.

Miyi Hotel (名邑旅店)

Address: No. 4, Section 1, Hankou Street, Zhongzheng District, 100 Taipei, Taiwan

Price: 57 USD to 119 USD

Contact: +886 2 2371 3151

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5. Via Hotel (94 USD to 148 USD)

Located right smack in Ximending, a location doesn’t get any more prime than the Via Hotel’s. It’s a great location for shopping and exploring all that Ximending has to offer. It’s also located near to Ximen MRT Station, so you can explore the rest of Taipei easily from there.

The rooms are cheery, with colorful wallpaper livening up the atmosphere. However, do not that the amenities in the Via Hotel are extremely basic. The wardrobe is just a bar fastened to the ceiling, and the Wi-Fi connection is weak. You might trade in a bit of convenience for the accessibility of the hotel.

Via Hotel does try to make up for its lack of facilities though – you can head to the 24-hour snack area and help yourself to instant noodles, snacks, and bread. There is no on-site dining, but you’ll find no shortage of food in the streets of Ximending. Some rooms also come with a little massage cushion to help you wind down after a long day. For an additional fee of 3 USD, you can opt for an onsen-style bathtub in your room too.

Via Hotel Ximen (丰居旅店: 西門館)

Address: 2F, No. 17, Lane 114, Section 1, Chunghua Road, Wanhua District, 10843 Taipei, Taiwan

Price: 94 USD to 148 USD

Contact: +886-2-2311-2121

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6. Just Sleep Ximending (120 USD to 203 USD)

As the hotel’s name might suggest, Just Sleep Ximending is geared towards people who are looking for a place to crash after a long day of traveling. But don’t let that kind of description put you off – Just Sleep Ximending spares no effort in ensuring that guests have a comfortable stay.

With their small size and tidy, minimalistic vibe, the rooms create a genuinely homely feeling. Perhaps cutest of all though are the little nooks and spaces in the walls for you to store things such as clothes and mugs. The Wellspring beds also ensure that you’ll be able to embrace the hotel’s name and just sleep. Some rooms consist of two single beds placed head to head, which helps to maximise space. The hotel has free wi-fi; and should you ever need anything, you can pop down to the 7-Eleven attached to the hotel’s lobby.

The hotel is located just two minutes away from Ximen MRT station. Ximending, the source of Taiwan’s fashion, subculture, and Japanese culture, is one of the coolest places to stay in Taipei. The neighorbood is a mixture of past and present, with the busy Ximending district next to historical places such as West Honganji and Futai Street Mansion.

Just Sleep Ximending (捷絲旅台北西門館)

Address: No. 41, Section 1, Zhonghua Road, Zhongzheng District, 100 Taipei, Taiwan

Price: 120 USD to 203 USD

Contact: +886 2 2370 9000

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7. Dandy Hotel: Tianjin Branch (103 USD to 186 USD)

The Dandy Hotel Tianjin Branch has the coolest exterior design, hands down. The balcony doors on one face of the building all have murals of great musicians on them, which is an incredible sight from the outside.

The Dandy hotel also has historic significance. Fifty years ago it was The Prince Hotel, and the current hotel retained the balconies. Many high officials and leaders visited The Prince, so you can stand in the same places they once stood

Inside the hotel, you’ll find a clean, minimal design that exudes a natural elegance. The colors are calming, but you’ll also find fun touches like window stickers. Like the rest of the hotel, the rooms are minimally designed. The main color is white, and wood accents give them a natural touch. The Dandy Hotel wants you to have all the conveniences of home, so you have free Wi-Fi, free use of a washer and dryer, and complimentary breakfast. Small but thoughtful little services like umbrellas and free-flow coffee are also provided, which all contribute to a warm and welcoming stay.

The Dandy Hotel Tianjin Branch is situated in the Zhongshan district and the Zhongshan MRT station is just five minutes away. The station is an interchange, making changing to the other lines very simple. Other destinations such as Ningxia Night Market and Taipei Main Station are also 15 minutes away.

Dandy Hotel: Tianjin Branch (丹迪旅店: 天津店)

Address: No. 70, Tianjin Street, Zhongshan District, 104 Taipei, Taiwan

Price: 103 USD to 186 USD

Contact: +886 2 2541 5788

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8. YOMI Hotel (106 USD to 164 USD)

YOMI Hotel has a fun and welcoming atmosphere about it. It has the facilities of a hostel, but the services of a hotel. Rooms are modern and contemporary, with wood paneling adding a classy touch.

YOMI is a great choice because there are so many complimentary perks! Guests can the use hotel bicycles to cycle about the city if they wish. Each room gets a Wi-Fi device, which removes the hassle of searching for Wi-Fi or buying a SIM card. Bottled water and in-room snacks, such as instant noodles, are free and replaced every day. You can also use the washer and dryer for free, which is great for longer stays. If you’re worried about how much weight you’ve gained on your trip, or simply need to weigh your luggage, you can use the scale on the 6th floor. Breakfast is also included in your stay.

It’s about a 5-minute walk from the Shuanglian train station from the hotel, and from there you can easily get to places like Shihlin Night Market or Taipei Main Station. The Shuanglian neighborhood is full of life. It has lots of busy shops and restaurants that are sure to make your morning walk to the MRT always interesting.

However, YOMI is not very accessible for people with mobility difficulties. The dining area can only be accessed by stairs, and the bathtub has no handles to hold on to. Also, do note that the rooms aren’t sound-proofed well. If you’re a light sleeper, this hotel might not be a good idea.

YOMI Hotel (優美飯店)

Address: No. 28, Section 1, Ming Sheng East Road, Zhongshan District, 104 Taipei, Taiwan

Price: 106 USD to 164 USD

Contact: +886 2 2525 5678

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9. Dandy Hotel: Da'an Park Branch (100 USD to 163 USD)

The Dandy Hotel provides a welcome retreat from city life. It faces Da'an Park, which gives you your daily dose of green. In line with a park hotel, the Dandy Hotel aims to create a natural and charming atmosphere. The décor is minimal, with a calming ambience. The rooms and lobby have log furniture and accents. Unlike other hotels, the furnishings are minimal.

Different kinds of rooms have different wall decorations, and some rooms don’t have windows. As always, check with the front desk beforehand to make sure you get a room that you’ll be comfortable in. The hotel also has a washer and dryer that guests are free to use. A complimentary continental breakfast buffet is provided in the mornings, and free Wi-Fi is available. The only drawback to this hotel is that it only has one lift, so you might be stuck waiting during peak periods of the day.

The hotel is conveniently located near Da'an Park MRT station. If you’re not confident about navigating your way to the hotel when you first arrive, an airport pick-up service can be arranged for a fee. Da'an Park is within a one to two stop radius of interchanges such as Da'an, Dongmen, and Zhongxiao Xinsheng.

If you should ever have a midnight craving, there is a 7-11 next door. For a proper meal, you can walk to the very first Din Tai Fung branch, located on Xinyi Street.

Dandy Hotel: Da'an Park Branch (丹迪旅店: 大安森林公園店)

Address: No. 33, Section 3, Xinyi Road , Da'an District, 106 Taipei, Taiwan

Price: 100 USD to 163 USD

Contact: +886 2 2707 6899

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10. Ambience Hotel Taipei (111 USD to 177 USD)

Designed by the renowned Taiwanese architect Mr. Li Wei Min, the Ambience Hotel Taipei lives up to its name. It’s a polished hotel with a bright, stylish vibe and minimalist rooms. Within the rooms, the clean expanse of white is punctuated with marble and leather furnishings, making it a great place to clear your mind after a long day out.

This hotel is just a ten-minute walk from Taipei Main Station. From there, you have easy access to the central part of Taiwan, as well as other attractions such as Little Tokyo and Taipei Artist Village. Free Wi-Fi is provided, and guests can also use the washers and dryers in the hotel. Even in dining, the atmosphere is ambient; as live music is provided here during meals.

Ambience Hotel Taipei (喜瑞飯店)

Address: No. 64, Section 1, Changan East Road, Zhongshan District, 104 Taipei, Taiwan

Price: 111 USD to 177 USD

Contact: +886 2 2541 0077

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11. Goodmore Hotel (from 69 USD)

Located in one of the most trendy neighborhoods in Taipei, Goodmore Hotel is found close to the Shida Night Market which boasts a plethora of street food and retail options. No trip to Taiwan would be complete without a visit to one of its bustling night markets, and Goodmore Hotel is conveniently located 400 meters (0.25 miles) away from one. On top of that, the Taipei Songshan Airport is also easily accessible from the hotel as it is only 5 kilometers (3.1 miles) away, not to mention that the hotel offers surcharged shuttle service from the airport.

Aside from its prime location, Goodmore Hotel features well-sized rooms with chic and modern furnishings. Each room is equipped with a comfortable double bed or two single beds, as well as a private bathroom with a simple shower and a conventional bathtub. You will also have access to a flat-screen TV and free Wi-Fi, which is essential for uploading those all-important holiday snaps!

As if that weren’t enough to entice guests, the hotel offers pet-friendly accommodation, so you can bring your pets along with you on your trip to Taipei! Moreover, there is an on-site restaurant which serves delicious local delicacies, so there will be no shortage of dining options when you book a stay at Goodmore Hotel.

Goodmore Hotel Shida

Address: No.147, Section. 1, Heping East Road, Daan District, 10644 Taipei, Taiwan

Price: from 69 USD

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Stay in affordable comfort

So really, who needs ridiculously expensive hotels? You can get all the comfort and convenience of a luxury hotel for less than half the price at one of these places. With these budget hotels, you’ll have a comfortable, fuss-free stay throughout your Taipei holiday.

This article was originally published on Jun 24, 2016
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