Top 7 Beautiful Beaches In Azerbaijan - Updated 2024

Top 7 Beautiful Beaches In Azerbaijan - Updated 2024
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The beaches in the beautiful transcontinental country of Azerbaijan are located along the coastline of the Absheron Peninsula, the length of which is 60 km (37.28 mi). I have visited most of them and am here to share my experience with you. The main thing to remember is that each beach in the country is unique and suitable for a different type of holiday, travel group, and budget. You can admire the pristine sands of Shikhov Beach or hang out in the lively beach clubs of Bilgah Beach. While planning your trip, consider visiting a few of them to have a variety of experiences.

Bring your friends, family, or partner, carry plenty of water, and don’t forget to pack sunscreen with an SPF of at least 50 as the sun in Azerbaijan is very bright. For a perfect summer holiday, choose among the top beautiful beaches in Azerbaijan, listed below.

1. Shikhov Beach

One of the most famous beaches in the country is located 17.7 km (11.00 mi) from Baku or about 30 minutes away by car. Shikhov is a small village in Baku, where travelers often stop on the way to an excursion to Gobustan. Do not expect a very developed infrastructure in the village, but you can definitely enjoy the beauty of the beach.

To get to Shikhov Beach by public transport from the city center, take bus number 120 at the stop opposite Puppet Theater and then walk for about 10 minutes. Typically, this journey will take about an hour. With a taxi, everything is much easier - about 15-20 minutes for a trip at 10 AZN (5.88 USD).

I often come here in June-July when the water warms up perfectly. None of my visits to this beach cost anything, as it allows free access. Nearby you can find cozy gazebos, tables, umbrellas, and deck chairs. I love to lie on a sun lounger right by the sea and read some books in peace. However, be prepared for the beach to get noisy at certain hours.

In the village, you will also find Sanatorium Shikhov. The facility has a landscaped area and comfortable rooms. It specializes in the treatment and prevention of many diseases, including diseases of the respiratory system, nervous system, spine, and joints. This makes the village an ideal place to enjoy a beach holiday as well as a health retreat.

If you are visiting with children, you can also visit Aqua Park Shikhov. Indoor and outdoor pools, water slides, and a lawn for sports - an ideal place to let the children have fun while you enjoy a relaxing holiday.

Shikhov Beach

Opening hours: 24 hours

Price: Free

2. Bilgah Beach

Bilgah Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Baku, where both local youth and families like to relax. Therefore, do not be surprised if you are surrounded by the sounds of techno and house music from speakers played by young locals on one hand, and children frolicking with their parents on the other.

The beach is located about 40 km (24.85 mi) from Baku. Getting to Bilgah will not be very easy and might take you about two hours. From any part of the city, you will need to take a metro to the Koroglu station, and from there, hop on bus number 171 from the general bus stop. I prefer to take a taxi as it takes about 20-25 minutes and 15-18 AZN (8.82-10.59 USD).

Bilgah Beach is covered with warm sand and lovely shells. The sand here is yellow-gray and shimmers beautifully in the glow of the sun. Just be careful as the shells can often be sharp. The beach is equipped with cleaning filters that help keep the water clean and ideal for swimming. In addition, from June to August, the temperature of the water reaches 26-28°C (78.8-82.4°F). However, it is worth noting that the beach is characterized by shallow water, so you might have to swim a little further to enjoy yourself.

I found the ideal solution to this! My friends and I often go to the part of the beach that is called the “Sea of Cottages” (“Dachniki”). This is a free part of the beach where even the water near the shore is deep enough to swim. In addition, there are more waves here, which means this is an ideal place for us to have plenty of fun. If you decide to come to this part of the beach, then do not expect sun loungers, umbrellas, or the like. I always take shelter from the sun by settling under a dam - it’s cool here and there are beautiful views to enjoy!

Bilgah Beach

Opening hours: 24 hours

Price: Free

3. Mardakan Beach

Mardakan Beach is among the cleanest beaches in the country, where people often spend time simply relaxing. It is located less than 40 km (24.8 mi) north of Baku. The sand found on this beach is white and very soft, so you don’t have to worry about getting hurt. I prefer to visit this beach in September or October.

When traveling to Mardakan Beach, opt for a taxi ride. It takes about 20 minutes and costs only 20 AZN (11.76 USD). If you want to enjoy the views of Baku, then go to the Neftchilar metro station and later, take bus number 141 to reach the beach. This trip will take you about a couple of hours.

This beach is well landscaped and for a certain price, you can rent sun loungers, umbrellas, gazebos, and tables. If you are lucky enough to reserve yourself a good place, you can also order tea with refreshments and some additional sweets. If you prefer an active holiday, you can also rent a hydro scooter and ride around the area. When hungry, look for local sellers of boiled corn, seeds, freshly baked pies, or oriental sweets. You won’t miss them - they shout out to tourists while slowly walking along the seashore. I often buy some goodies from them, bargain with them about the prices, and enjoy a chat with them about life.

The beach also has separate areas equipped for children and parents. Slides, pools, a kitchen, and a bar are available - but it is worth noting that entry to such areas is not free. Prices start at 3 AZN (1.74 USD) and can go up to 30 AZN (17.38 USD) per person depending on what you want to be included.

Mardakan Beach

Opening hours: 24 hours

Price: From 1.74 USD (some facilities come with a fee)

4. Novkhany Beach

Novkhany Beach differs from other beaches in its authenticity. Although it’s not one with the cleanest water, it does offer a warm soak. A large semi-wild beach with pleasant sand and slightly rough waves is what best characterizes this beach. In the water, you can often spot algae and even small, harmless honeysuckles when the water is especially clear.

The beach is located 18 km (11.18 mi) from Baku and 17 km (10.56 mi) from the picturesque city of Sumqayit. The journey to Novkhany Beach by public transport is quite simple and relatively fast. It takes about an hour if you take a ride from the Ulduz metro station, followed by a trip on bus number 145. The same journey by taxi will take about 25 minutes and cost you 15 AZN (8.82 USD).

The entire stretch of the beach is strewn with numerous cafes and restaurants with excellent local food, and you will also find several cottages and private houses. If you decide to visit this beach, I recommend you to try “qutab” - a kind of local flapjack with meat or greens, which is sometimes even made with melons!

Half of Novkhany Beach can be accessed without a fee, so I often take my blanket, sunblock, and plenty of water and enjoy the summer sun freely. After feeling well-rested, I usually head to a cafe or restaurant, relax, and eat something fresh. There is also a local water park in Novkhany featuring slides, swimming pools, a kitchen with local food, and a bar. Here, you can also play tennis, jump on a trampoline, or enjoy a game of billiards. For children under 12, entrance costs 15 AZN (8.69 USD), and for adults, the fee is 20 AZN (11.58 USD). Do remember not to take food with you, as bags are checked for food at the entrance and you may not be allowed inside in case of any violation.

If you want to travel from Novkhany toward Sumqayit on foot, you can walk along the local boulevard. The boulevard is equipped with beautiful monuments, benches, cafes, and restaurants serving fresh fish. You can also visit one of the most remarkable places on the coast - the local dam. Sit on the rocks and watch how the waves crash against them while taking in the scent of seawater.

Novkhany Beach

Opening hours: 24 hours

Price: Free or from 8.69 USD (water park fee)

5. Zagulba Beach

Zagilba Beach
Source: Zagilba Beach

Zagulba is a quaint beach in the northeast of Absheron, located in Buzovna, which is about 30 km (18.64 mi) from Baku. The beach stretches for only a couple of kilometers, but it is distinguished by its beauty. The shore here is full of pebbles with a small amount of sand, and the stones range in color, from light gray to dull red. The water is mostly shallow and the bottom is strewn with stones. Finding the most beautiful pebbles and taking them home as souvenirs is my favorite activity on this beach.

To get to the beach, I strongly advise you to take a taxi, as that way you can avoid breaking the journey into multiple public transfers. You can book a taxi for approximately 12 AZN (7 USD), which will take you to the destination within half an hour.

Zagulba Beach is famous for its three piers where yachts and boats are moored. If you want to rent one of them to explore the waters - feel free to do so. However, you should be careful and try not to swim close to the piers. The infrastructure is also well-developed in this part of the coast - there are many hotels, entertainment spots, cafes, and restaurants. However, most of these establishments cost quite a lot, so it is worth visiting this place with an appropriate budget.

Zagulba Beach (Buzovna)

Opening hours: 24 hours

Price: Free

6. Nardaran Beach

Nardaran is located 27 km (16.7 mi) away from Baku, on the northeastern coast of the Absheron Peninsula. On this beach, you can enjoy stunningly clean and calm waters without rough waves. The journey to Nardaran Beach by public transport will be difficult and unreasonably long, so it’s better to book a taxi for 15 AZN (8.82 USD) and be there in 45 minutes.

I like to visit Nardaran for entertainment - various excellent resorts are located here. You will also find different architectural wonders and historical buildings. Sea Breeze Resort, a popular establishment in the country, is located here, as well. The beach is part of a huge area comprising swimming pools, hotels, cafes, restaurants, shops, and more.

Entrance to the beach costs only 20 AZN (11.58 USD) and I was given my own locker, towel, and deck chair for convenience. Masterclasses, concerts, and many other entertainment programs are also often held here.

Nardaran Beach

Opening hours: 24 hours

Price: From 11.58 USD

7. Pirshagi Beach

Pirshagi Beach might be a relatively less popular place to relax by the seashore, but it is certainly worthy of attention. You will find a sandy golden beach and enjoy access to warm and clean waters here. It is also a perfect place for a quiet and peaceful time, as it’s hardly crowded.

Pirshagi Beach is located about 27 km (16.78 mi) from Baku. Although it does not have a well-developed infrastructure, the tranquility of the area is definitely attractive. The shoreline is graced by gentle waves, ideal for safe swimming. Entertainment facilities are also available at very low prices.

Traveling to this beach by public transport might be somewhat inconvenient. It is worth considering the option of a taxi, which will take approximately 45 minutes and cost you about 15 AZN (8.82 USD).

Pirshagi Beach

Opening hours: 24 hours

Price: Free

Explore the beautiful beaches in the Absheron Peninsula of Azerbaijan

As you can see, Absheron Peninsula covers a large area of Azerbaijan, thus providing lots of opportunities to enjoy the warm waters of the Caspian Sea. Beach lovers traveling to the country can enjoy the different beaches on the coast of the peninsula, offering unique experiences in different seasons. Refer to this list of the most beautiful beaches in the country to find your favorite!

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