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Family Resorts

What are family resorts?

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When one thinks of resorts, one typically envisions white sandy beaches and swaying palm trees, but in fact, resorts can also be urban escapes or found in the mountains and deserts. Family resorts are large-scale properties that cater to a broad range of age groups. They are designed as a destination in itself, and travelers can easily spend days without stepping out of the property. These resorts are a favorite for multi-generational family holidays since they offer a wide range of dining options and on-site activities. They also make it easier to book activities and excursions for the entire family.

These resorts can be found from the sandy shores of Maldives to the mountains of Chiang Mai. The type of resort you pick depends on the holiday you are planning. Family resorts can be all-inclusive, where everything is paid in advance and these are common in the Caribbean. Alternatively, they can be seasonal such as ski resorts in Vail.

However, while these resorts cater primarily to families, they can also be enjoyed by all. Couples and empty-nesters can take advantage of the wide range of amenities that family resorts offer, such as multiple restaurants, nightly entertainment, and more.

Types of family resorts

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Family resorts are found all over the world and offer more than just a place to spend the night. These resorts are a complete experience and are favored when traveling with children. Here are some of the most popular types of family resorts:

• All-inclusive resorts

As the name suggests, the booking fee for this type includes rooms, food, drinks, and activities. However, any off-site tours and excursions might incur additional charges. These resorts sometimes also include on-site activities for a fee. While you are most likely to find all-inclusive resorts in the Maldives and the Caribbean, it is also possible to find all-inclusive resorts in Europe.

The services included in the all-inclusive package vary depending on the property, so it is best to check directly. While some resorts only have certain restaurants in the all-inclusive package, others might include all restaurants plus unlimited drinks. Moreover, some also offer the option of booking just the room, while others have a tiered booking policy.

• Beach resorts

These are the most common family resorts, popular in tropical islands such Bali and Phuket. Beach resorts offer direct access to the beach, with some even boasting a private one where guests can enjoy water sports. Additionally, beach resorts include dining venues, multiple pools, with the option of private pools, and spacious accommodations, including villas.

• Theme park resorts

One day is usually never enough to experience all the sights of large theme parks. Theme park resorts offer the option to stay overnight at places such as Disney World and Universal. The Disney resorts in Orlando are family-friendly options to make the most of your time in the happiest place on Earth.

• Water park resorts

These resorts are perfect for the summer holidays and offer guests unlimited access to their on-site water park. While the water park might also be open to non-guests, resort guests have the advantage of being the first ones in and the option of heading to their rooms for a nap if they get tired.

• Adventure resorts

If you are a family that loves to go on adventures together, you can also book specialized resorts that cater to your needs. Skiing holidays in Japan can be enjoyed from ski resorts near Tokyo. Adventure resorts such as ski resorts sometimes include ski lifts and might even often have a ski-in-ski-out facility. Additionally, they offer storage for your gear along with an on-site repair service.

Amenities you can expect at a family resort

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The reason why family resorts appeal to, well, families, is because of the wide range of amenities that they offer. This makes it possible for various age groups to find an activity or an area in the resort that aligns with their interests. These are some of the most common amenities that are available at family resorts:

• Family rooms

These rooms are larger than your average hotel rooms and can come with multiple bed configurations to accommodate a family of four. In addition to these, family resorts can also offer connecting rooms, apartments, or villas.

• Amenities for families with babies/toddlers

To successfully cater to families, these resorts also have additional amenities for families traveling with small children. These can include a crib in the room and high chairs in restaurants.

• Swimming pool

Family resorts usually have multiple pools, with at least one dedicated to children. The kiddie pool or splash pool might also have attractions such as fountains or a rain shower. Some family resorts can also include an adults-only pool with a poolside bar.

• Family-friendly restaurants serving kids’ meals

Family resorts usually include multiple restaurants that serve a variety of cuisines. Out of these, at least one is usually a buffet-style venue, where even the pickiest of eaters are bound to find something to their liking. À la carte venues usually have a special kids' menu with all their favorite and easy-to-eat dishes.

• Snack bars/delis

In addition to the lovely multi-cuisine restaurants, family resorts can also have additional cafes or juice bars. Some even have a special dessert cafe, while others hand out treats to children.

• Kids club

These clubs are more than just babysitting services. They offer a wide range of interactive indoor and outdoor activities divided by age groups. Activities can include collecting shells on the beach to turn into a photo frame or taking a guided walk through the resort grounds to learn more about local plants.

The clubs also provide a nurturing environment and facilitate learning and discovery through practical activities. Identifying various birds, learning to make a pizza with a chef, and learning to paint with a local artist are just some of the activities that family resorts might offer.

• Children’s playground

All family resorts have an outdoor play area for kids in addition to a kiddie pool and a kids club. The play areas can be simple with a slide and swings or something with a much larger setup, which might include a sandbox.

• Sports and games facilities

In addition to multiple pools, family resorts can also offer a host of outdoor sporting facilities, such as tennis and volleyball courts. Many larger beachside resorts include a dive club where older kids can learn scuba diving and other complimentary non-motorized water sports for guests. Some resorts might have slides or a mini water park to keep kids of all ages entertained. Some properties might even provide bicycles for families to explore the resort outdoors together.

A game room is also an essential feature of a family resort and a space for older kids to make vacation friends. It can include ping pong, cards, billiards, puzzles, and even a little reading corner.

• Barbecue and picnic areas

Many family resorts, especially in North America and Australia, offer barbecue facilities that can be booked for a family cookout. You can also enjoy meals in outdoor picnic areas or gazebos.

• Entertainment

Children generally have a lot of energy and shorter attention spans than adults. Therefore, family resorts offer a plethora of activities to keep them entertained throughout the day. Activities can include foam parties, beach camping, and family movie nights with popcorn. Moreover, theme park resorts can include nightly storytelling sessions by popular characters. Some also offer meals inspired by popular movies.

Another feature is in-room entertainment, which usually includes a TV with a cable connection. But now, resorts are upgrading to offer smart TVs with Netflix. Some resorts go out of their way to set up a play tent in the guest rooms and welcome the little guests with a special gift.

• Babysitting services

Family resorts offer babysitting services if the parents want to enjoy a romantic dinner or a spa date. During the day, children can enjoy activities through the kids club, which are usually free. However, evening babysitting might incur a fee.

Why should you choose a family resort?

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• Indulge in family bonding activities

Family resorts are a great option when traveling with a diverse age group. A holiday at a family resort can also be a chance to participate in activities as a family, such as skiing or learning to dive together. Evenings can be spent around a bonfire or enjoying a sunset sail in the sea.

• Have a safe and age-appropriate environment for your children

These resorts are designed with families in mind, so the safety of children is a priority. Kids clubs offer a wide range of activities that cater to different age groups and are led by experienced activity leaders. There are separate pools for children, a sandbox, an outdoor play area, and open spaces to run.

• Choose from lots of entertainment and educational options to keep the kids busy

Children can thrive even with a short stay at a family resort. It is a safe environment to introduce them to new activities such as crafting or water sports. If the resort offers an educational walk, it can help you introduce them to plants and insects. These resorts also plan fun game nights, movie nights, beach barbecues, and dance parties.

• Opt for childcare services when you wish to unwind

While family vacations are a treat, sometimes the adults need to unwind. Family resorts offer babysitting services that can be booked in advance so that the parents can enjoy a night out.

• Enjoy family packages and special discounts for children

Many resorts offer special discounts during school breaks, and some even offer free nights. Many family resorts offer kids under a certain age group complimentary food and stay.

• Experience a social atmosphere

Guests are more interactive at family resorts. Children can also find playmates here while the parents hang out together. These resorts also include several daily activities and theme nights that take place during peak season.

Destinations with the best family resorts around the world

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While these resorts are commonly found in beach destinations for a relaxing stay, they are also quite popular near lakes and historic cities. Moreover, family resorts do not just cater to families but can also be booked by friends and couples on holiday. They offer a range of amenities attractive to all travelers, such as multiple dining venues, pools, and onsite activities and entertainment. Here are some popular destinations with family resorts.

Destinations with family resorts in the United States

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• California

California is a popular destination for family holidays on the West Coast. Not only does it offer urban destinations such as San Francisco and San Diego, but it also offers a magnificent coastline. If you wish to escape to the mountains, South Lake Tahoe is a top choice, while nothing beats Palm Desert for a luxurious desert getaway.

Family resorts in Los Angeles offer an urban escape and a chance to spot your favorite stars, while family resorts in Huntington Beach offer guests of all ages a chance to swim and surf in the Pacific. If you are looking to get away from it all and escape to the cool air of the mountains, then family resorts in Big Bear Lake make for a top choice.

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• Florida

On the East Coast, Florida, without a doubt, is a top destination for families. Florida is packed during the summer months when visitors can take advantage of the temperate climate and warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. During the winter months, families flock here to escape the cold temperature of the northern states.

Theme park-based family resorts in Orlando are the perfect choice when looking for a place to stay when visiting Disney World. Summertime on the beach is made more memorable by the fantastic family resorts on Hutchinson Island and Key Biscayne. And if you thought Miami Beach was just for adults, you need to take a look at these fantastic family resorts in Miami Beach, which offer walking tours, babysitting, and movie nights.

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• Texas

Everything is larger and grander in Texas, and that includes their family resorts. San Antonio offers beautifully designed family resorts near the city center with access to golf courses and multiple pools. San Antonio also has several urban family hotels that make it convenient to explore the city’s famed Riverwalk. Its surrounding area is ideal for families with numerous things to do, such as a visit to SeaWorld San Antonio and Morgan's Wonderland.

On the other hand, if you are planning on a relaxing holiday, family resorts near Lake Travis offer a chance to do as much or as little as you please. Moreover, Families that love adventure and outdoor-based holidays must consider a holiday in the Texas Hill Country, which offers some exceptional family resorts.

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• New York

The state of New York might be small, but it offers a chance to holiday in the mountains, beside a lake, on a beach, and even on an island. Live like the rich and famous and spend a couple of weeks enjoying a family vacation in The Hamptons, where resorts offer direct beach access, nightly entertainment, and apartment-style rooms. The family resorts in The Catskill Mountains are the perfect chance to spend some quality family time away from the routine of daily life.

Families who love fishing and boating adventures will be surprised by the wonderful setting of Lake George. The waterfront family resorts in Lake George offer wide open spaces and opportunities for fishing and kayaking and are close to amusement parks.

Destinations with family resorts in Canada and Mexico

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• British Columbia, Canada

While the summer season is the most popular time to visit British Columbia, the winter months offer some of the best skiing in places such as Whistler and Kelowna. Family resorts at Kelowna are lakeside retreats over the summer and are perfect to enjoy the slopes during the winter. Some resorts even offer indoor pools and slides for the little ones.

Vancouver Island is another exceptional family-friendly destination in British Columbia, which offers numerous land and water-based activities. Moreover, The Butchart Gardens, whale watching, and hiking are top choices for family activities on the island.

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• Ontario, Canada

Ontario is home to the country’s capital, Ottawa, and the most populous city, Toronto. Family resorts near Ottawa are a great way to understand the nation’s history and culture during the day and make the most of the resort facilities in the evening.

Families vacationing in Canada’s Ontario province can book family resorts in Niagara-on-the-Lake and experience the charm of small-town life. A stay here makes it possible to plan day trips to Niagara Falls and Lake Ontario. There are plenty of things to do at Niagara-on-the-Lake, which include historic sites and interesting ghost walks.

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• Quintana Roo, Mexico

Proximity to the US makes Mexico one of the top choices for a vacation. The country is packed with historic sites, dense rainforests, and sandy beaches. The state of Quintana Roo might be most famous for its Caribbean-facing beaches, but it is also the center of Mayan culture. The seaside Tulum Archeological Site is one of the most visited places in Mexico. Other top things to do in Tulum include swimming in a cenote, many of which are shallow and safe for children.

If you are visiting Cancun, you cannot miss a trip to Xacaret Park, an eco-theme park that teaches about local history, culture, and the ecosystem in a fun and playful manner. It offers a mix of cultural and natural attractions that will be a hit with the entire family. It is also possible to book family-friendly resorts near Xacaret Park.

The extravagant beachfront family resorts of Cancun and Playa del Carmen will leave families spoilt for choice and will have children never wanting to leave. Resort amenities here include waterparks, multiple swimming pools, outdoor sports, and multi-cuisine restaurants.

Destinations with family resorts in Europe

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• Italy

The sheer number of historic sites and noteworthy artwork makes Italy a history lover’s paradise. Family resorts in Rome make it easy to travel with children and introduce them to Roman history and masterpieces by some of the greatest artists, such as Michelangelo. The Colosseum and the Pantheon are some of the most visited attractions in the city. Benefits of staying at a family resort in Rome include a central location, concierge service, family packages, and complimentary stays for the little ones.

After a Roman holiday, families can travel to Florence, where urban family resorts offer a central location to navigate the city. Holidays are for unwinding, and Italy has no shortage of scenic destinations you might never want to leave. Family resorts near Lake Como, in Tuscany, or in Puglia can be booked for the perfect end to your vacation.

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• Greece

The islands of Greece are some of the most popular in the world due to easy accessibility as well as the pleasant climate. Family resorts in Santorini, Mykonos, Corfu, and Rhodes allow travelers to enjoy beachfront luxury with direct access to the Mediterranean. Moreover, guests booking these resorts have the option of a leisurely holiday alternating between the pool and the beach, or they can book tours to visit ancient sites and local markets. If you want to treat your kids, the several theme parks and amusement parks will be handy.

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• Spain

Spain is an interesting country to visit, where one can witness a variety of cultural and architectural influences from Moorish to Gothic. It is best to see the attractions of Barcelona and Madrid from centrally located hotels before making your way to the south of Spain. However, family resorts near Barcelona could be an excellent choice for families looking for a weekend getaway.

Family resorts in Spain are popular on the Spanish islands and the southern part of the country, in the province of Andalusia, which includes the area of Costa del Sol. Grand family-friendly resorts are the top choice for families visiting Ibiza, the Canary Islands, Tenerife, Palma de Mallorca, and Marbella during vacations. Multiple outdoor pools surrounded by towering palm trees, play areas, and multi-cuisine restaurants are usually common at these resorts.

Destinations with family resorts in Asia

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• India

Due to varied regions and cultures, India is a wonderful country to explore for both locals and tourists alike. The many family resorts in India make it possible to plan trips to the beaches of Goa and the backwaters of Kerala.

Mumbai is one of the most popular destinations in the country and allows visitors the perfect base from which to plan weekend trips. Cities near Mumbai, such as Alibag, Mahabaleshwar, and Lonavala, are popular with families and offer many options depending on budget and needs.

The mountains are a top choice during the summers when people are looking to escape the heat of the plains. Family resorts in Ooty and Mussoorie sell out during this time, so make your travel plans in advance.

A trip to this country is incomplete without touring the grand palaces and forts of Rajasthan. Get a taste of local culture when you choose to stay at family resorts in Udaipur and Jaipur where guests are given a royal welcome. These cities also boast some of the grandest heritage properties, and yes, they are family-friendly as well.

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• Thailand

When most people think of Thailand, they immediately think of shopping and partying. But Thailand is one of the most family-friendly countries to travel to. The malls in Bangkok are designed with interactive spaces where children can play and families can appreciate the many installations.

Once you leave the capital behind, the exquisite family resorts in Chiang Mai offer a scenic setting from where guests can visit historic sites, traditional villages, and the city’s Old Town.

If your family prefers the sea to the mountains, nothing beats the islands of Phuket and Koh Samui, which attract families traveling with young children. In addition to boasting a beachfront location, many resorts offer exceptionally designed villas with a private pool for an extended family holiday.

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• Philippines

It is nearly impossible to meet a child who does not love water. Island countries, such as the Philippines, are attractive choices for families looking for powder-white beaches and pristine water. While the island of Boracay is one of the most popular choices when searching for family resorts, there are plenty of options to choose from close to the capital, Manila.

The seaside province of Batangas is another wonderful choice for people searching for family resorts. If you are short on time, the cities of Batangas and Mabini in the province promise a glorious beach getaway with several family resorts. The province also offers more than just beaches, and attractions include Taal Heritage Town, Mount Banoy, and Ilijan Waterfalls.

The beauty of this island nation is that family resorts in the Philippines can even be found in stunning off-beat destinations such as Siquijor.

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• Indonesia

Indonesia is another island nation that offers a trove of beaches. But just like the Philippines, Indonesia has more to offer than just its beaches.

The island of Bali is the most visited destination in the country, but there is so much to see in Bali beyond the beaches, such as rice terraces and the ancient Balinese temple of Penataran Lempuyang. While Seminyak in Bali is a top choice for families with many large beachfront resorts, families should also consider spending a few days in Ubud, the cultural center of Bali.

Destinations with family resorts in Africa

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• South Africa

The southernmost country on the continent is also one of the most visited places on the continent. Excellent connectivity, facilities, and a range of tours and activities have helped make South Africa a popular destination with families.

If you are looking for a quiet and relaxing time, there are plenty of family resorts in KwaZulu-Natal Province. These properties are away from major cities and surrounded by open green spaces. If you are traveling with children who love animals, booking a resort in Mpumalanga, home to Kruger National Park and Londolozi Game Reserve, is the best decision you can make. The resorts in the province guarantee a tropical jungle experience while offering top amenities and services.

Another excellent option is North West Province, bordering Botswana. The province includes Pilanerberg National Park, Bushbabies Monkey Sanctuary, and Elephant Sanctuary Hartbeespoort. And when you are in Hartbeespoort, do not forget to ride the cable car for some of the best views.

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• Morocco

Proximity to Europe makes Morocco a popular North African destination. The country offers many interesting places to visit, such as the tanneries of Fez, the blue-walled city of Chefchaouen, and the UNESCO heritage sites of Aït Ben Haddou and Medina of Essaouira.

The capital city of Marrakesh is the gateway to exploring the vibrant and culturally rich country of Morocco. Large-scale resorts and hotels are common in the city, with many that include a waterpark. Family-friendly resorts in Marrakesh will be better suited to groups interested in exploring the souks and medinas of the capital. These properties provide a central location and also the facilities needed to destress after a day of sightseeing. A refreshing dip in the outdoor pool is the best way to end the day for children and adults alike.

The beachfront family resorts in Morocco will appeal to all age groups for spending a relaxing few days after exploring the cultural landmarks across the country.

Destinations with family resorts in Oceania

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• Australia

It is difficult to explore the vast continent of Australia in a single vacation, so visitors should pick a coast and club it with a few days in the Outback. Family resorts in Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, and Byron Bay on the Eastern Coast are better suited for couples traveling with small children. Families traveling with older children or with multi-generational members can choose to end their Australian extravaganza with a few days at a luxurious stay on the Whitsunday Islands.

Another option when traveling with older children who love the thrill of adventure is to opt to explore the lesser-visited Western Coast. Family resorts in Western Australia make for a comfortable base from which to explore the rugged and famous Australian Outback. Other than heading to Sydney or Melbourne, visiting an off-beat destination is a must to learn more about geographical conditions as well as native plant and animal life that thrive in such harsh conditions.

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• Fiji

While Fiji is generally considered one of the most romantic destinations on the planet, it is also incredibly family-friendly. Due to its location, it is not the most easily accessible place, but that also means that large portions of it are undiscovered. The low number of tourists also means you will be visiting some of the most pristine dive sites in the world. Taking a mud bath and going on a cave safari are other adventurous things to do in Fiji.

Like any other country, Fiji also has urban centers, such as the capital Suva where visitors can learn more about the nation's history at Fiji Museum. Nadi is another major city, where things to do include a taste of the local life at the Fiji Culture Village and Nadi Market.

Family resorts in Fiji are beachfront properties that offer complimentary meals for kids, babysitting services, and multiple dining venues. The location also means unlimited sand play time for the little ones.

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• New Zealand

Families that love to plan adventure holidays together cannot skip New Zealand. This country is also a top choice for families looking for a more laid-back holiday. Moreover, North Island offers fantastic beach resorts as well as cultural centers, while South Island offers adventure sports and wildlife encounters.

Queenstown on South Island is considered the adventure capital of the world and offers exciting things to do, such as bungee jumping and thrilling speed boat rides. While on the North Island, Rotorua is a popular choice where families can interact with animals at the Rotura Heritage Farm, book a Rotorua canopy tour, and go rafting on the Rangitaiki River.

Family resorts in New Zealand are spread across both islands and allow visitors to experience scenic landscapes and verdant jungles.

Destinations with family resorts in the Caribbean

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• Jamaica

Jamaica is a major Caribean nation that attracts travelers for its sandy white beaches and dense rainforests. Aside from visiting interesting places such as Port Antonio and Morant Bay, you and your family can also look forward to fun festivals here. The family resorts in Jamaica are also a popular choice for those looking for all-inclusive options in the Caribbean. Some of the top destinations for families include the beaches of Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, and Negril.

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• The Bahamas

This island nation is a lovely choice for families looking for a laidback vacation with maximum time spent on the beach and in the water. Sunset cruises, swimming with the pigs, and water sports are top activities in the Bahamas. Aside from having stunning islands, this destination is also perfect for day trips to places such as Nassau. Moreover, family resorts in the Bahamas are a top choice to consider for all-inclusive options in the Caribbean. Some of these offer a secluded location with miles of private beach, while others include up to 20 on-site restaurants to choose from.

If your priority is not primarily on all-inclusive accommodations, then Paradise Island, hand down offers the most entertaining and unique resorts for families. Some features include grand outdoor pools, a water park, buffets, and daily entertainment.

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• U.S. Virgin Islands

While the U.S. Virgin Islands incorporate over 50 islands, human settlement is centered on the three main islands. Since the islands are a US territory, Americans are free to travel without a passport, along with passport holders from countries that enjoy visa-free travel to the US.

The islands of St. John and St. Thomas are also quite popular with families due to easy accessibility and amenities. Moreover, most smaller islands have national park sites and are popular with divers.

Factors to consider when booking a family resort

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• Location and accessibility

Since you will be traveling with children and, in some cases, older family members, make sure that the travel time is suitable for all. Other factors to consider include landing time at your destination and transport to the hotel. Many resorts offer transport shuttles for a fee. It is also best to check in advance and book the same before getting on your flight.

• Price

The price of a family resort varies depending on the location. While these resorts are more affordable in Asian destinations such as Phuket and Bali, prices increase significantly when you travel to remote destinations such as Fiji and U.S. Virgin Islands. When considering price and planning a budget, flights and local transport should also be considered.

• Type of accommodations

Resorts offer a variety of room types, and they vary across resorts. Family reunions might be more fun in a private villa, but if you are traveling with teenagers, you might prefer a two-bedroom suite or connecting rooms.

• Availability of family-friendly amenities and services

Family resorts offer a variety of amenities catering to all age groups. Moreover, these resorts usually have a water park or even offer babysitting services. However, it is best to check directly with the resort to make sure that all the amenities you are searching for are available.

• Family-friendly activities to enjoy on-site or nearby

When planning to stay in a family-friendly resort, make sure to check out its free and paid on-site activities. You would want to pick a property with the maximum number of activities that appeal to your group. Some resorts can also help plan excursions to nearby attractions with transport.

• Rules and policies

It is important to check the timings for facilities so that you do not miss out on them. If the resort offers water sports, check in advance to see which are complimentary. No one wants a hefty bill at the end of the stay.

While most waterparks within a resort are free for guests, it might still limit the number of free passes per room. If the waterpark is your prime reason for choosing a resort, this should be checked before booking.

Also, not all family resorts allow pets, so it is best to check individual policies, including the number of pets allowed, the breed, weight restrictions, or any other fees.

• Meal plans for children

This is an extremely important factor to consider since children can be picky eaters. Make sure that the resort offers a kid-friendly menu and has more than one restaurant on site. Many family resorts also include an international buffet spread.

• Accessible features

If you are traveling with a family member who might have mobility issues, it is imperative to confirm that the resort is ADA-compliant for US-based properties. For properties outside the US, different certifications might apply.

• Deals, packages, and discounts

If it is possible to get a discount, grab it! Resorts are always offering attractive deals that could include a free night stay or discounted all-inclusive packages. If not bound by school holidays, the off-season discounts are an attractive factor to consider.

• Guest reviews and ratings

Never book a property without taking a look at the reviews and ratings. A property might look stunning online, but at the end of the day, it needs to meet the guest’s expectations.

Plan your next holiday at a family resort

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Family resorts offer the maximum number of activities and amenities to truly receive a bang for your buck. These properties make it possible to plan vacations with a variety of age groups and be guaranteed that each member will have a fabulous holiday. There are a variety of family resorts located in some of the most gorgeous destinations around the world. These properties allow families to turn into explorers as they explore the world from fantastic locations and have the ultimate vacation they deserve.

Family Resorts in the USA

Family Resorts in Asia

Family Resorts in Canada

Family Resorts in Australia

Family Resorts in Europe

Family Resorts in Mexico

Family Resorts in the Caribbean

Family Resorts in Africa

Family Resorts in Other Destinations

FAQ's about Family Resorts

  • What is a family resort?
    Family resorts are large holiday resorts that cater to broad age groups. They also offer a variety of on-site activities and better accessibility to off-site tours and excursions. Essentially, they are a destination in themselves and not just a place to spend the night.
  • Are family resorts expensive?
    They can be more expensive than a hotel, but at the end of the day, they offer a lot more amenities, such as a wide range of food and beverage choices, multiple pools, and a kids club, among other features.
  • What kind of rooms are available at family resorts?
    Family resorts offer a wide variety of rooms that include connecting rooms and family rooms with multiple beds. Some might even include suite-like rooms with multiple bedrooms.
  • What are some common amenities in family resorts?
    Since family resorts cater to various age groups, they include amenities that appeal to a broad range of people. Family resorts in tropical countries always feature pools, with many properties offering multiple pools. They also include large open spaces, play areas, and kid-friendly menus.
  • What are some common services offered at family resorts?
    Family resorts make it easier to plan excursions with children, with many offering a concierge service that can help with bookings. They also include a kids club offering various age-appropriate activities.
  • Are family resorts pet-friendly?
    Some family resorts are pet-friendly. It is best to check individual resort policy before booking your stay.
  • What kind of activities can I enjoy with my family at a family resort?
    There are a variety of activities for the entire family. Some family resorts include water parks, while others might host a nightly entertainment.
  • Are family resorts suitable for all ages?
    Definitely! Family resorts are not limited to travelers with children. While they might have a higher percentage of children-friendly activities, everyone can enjoy staying at a family resort.
  • Are all family resorts all-inclusive?
    No, not all family resorts are all-inclusive. Some include select meals, while others might only offer rooms.

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