10 Best Yakiniku Restaurants In Tokyo

best yakiniku in tokyo

Yakiniku can be translated to “grilled meat” and is a popular Japanese cuisine. Typically, Japanese yakiniku restaurants will serve delicious, marbled, wonderful-looking wagyu, Kobe or Matsusaka beef that’s premium and exquisite, served to you cooked on a smoking hot grill. You’ll be able to enjoy the tasteful, tender cuts while hot that’ll leave your mouth watering for more. Along with some soy sauce, mirin or sake on the side, yakiniku is a must-have treat in Japan. And what better place to enjoy this well-known cuisine than the capital of Japan itself, Tokyo. With a sprawling urban area mixed with a traditional Japanese flair, Tokyo is also home to many popular yakiniku restaurants that have captured the world’s attention. We’ve gathered the best yakiniku restaurants in Tokyo for you to head to on your next trip there.

1. Yakiniku Jumbo Shirokane

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Yakiniku Jumbo Shirokane has been around for over 30 years, initially established back in 1988. Since then, they’ve gained a massive following and feed loyal patrons till midnight every day. They use Premium Kuroge Wagyu, a prized cut of the famed Japanese wagyu beef which will definitely leave you wanting more. From chateaubriand to pork loin, there’s a huge variety of selections to choose from.

Yakiniku Jumbo Shirokane

Address: 3-1-1, Shirokane, Minato 108-0072 Tokyo Prefecture

Website: Yakiniku Jumbo Shirokane

Opening hours: 5pm - 12am (daily)

2. Yoroniku

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

About a 10-minute stroll away from Omotesando station is Yoroniku, this cosy yet elegant yakiniku store that’s ready treat you with gastronomic delights. You’ll find a large diversity of cuts and wagyu beef variants, including the tongue! The beef is amazingly tender and simply melts in your mouth. Another thing to try is the super juicy and delicious sirloin steak.


Address: 6-6-22 Minamiaoyama Luna Rossa Minami-Aoyama B1, Minato 107-0062 Tokyo Prefecture

Opening hours: Mon - Fri: 6pm - 12am; Sat: 5pm - 12am; Sun: 5pm - 11pm

3. Halal Wagyu Yakiniku PANGA

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Halal Wagyu Yakiniku PANGA is a mixture of both Japanese and Korean cuisine. With the traditional Japanese wagyu on selection as well as more Korean-influenced marinades such as bulgogi, you’ll be having the best of both worlds. Their platters for sharing include cuts such as wagyu beef tongue, sirloin, and chicken bulgogi for you and your friends to feast on. For a change of flavour, try their seafood platter with scallops and shrimp too!

Halal Wagyu Yakiniku PANGA

Address: 3-27-9 Taito, Taito 110-0016 Tokyo Prefecture

Website: Halal Wagyu Yakiniku PANGA

Opening hours: Mon - Sat: 11:30am - 2:30pm, 5pm - 11pm; Sun: 5pm - 10pm

4. Rokkasen

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

We hope you’re hungry because at Rokkasen you can opt for their all-you-can-eat course and indulge in as many cuts of wagyu beef as you can. Try some of their Matsusaka Beef which has incredible marbling and texture, guaranteed to blow you away. Asides from yakiniku, you can also opt to enjoy your beef such as shabu-shabu or sukiyaki as well. They’ve won Trip Advisor’s Certificate of Excellence five years in a row, a testament to their popularity and delight.


Address: 1-3-1 Nishishinjuku Sunflower Bldg.6 to 7F, Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku 160-0023 Tokyo Prefecture

Website: Rokkasen

Opening hours: 11am - 8pm (daily)

5. Yakiniku Jumbo Hanare

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Yakiniku Jumbo Hanare is a quaint, small shop that serves up delicious beef. With very limited seating options, the place is always full which just shows how popular it is, so book a seat if you want to secure your dinner plans. Options to try include grilled sirloin beef dipped in raw egg (noharayaki), chateaubriand or even cow’s heart and tongue. Alternatively, you can opt for omakase, which means “chef’s recommendations”, in which the chef will pick the finest selections for your taste.

Yakiniku Jumbo Hanare

Address: 3-27-9 Hongo, Bunkyo Tokyo Prefecture

Opening hours: 5pm - 12am (daily)

6. Yakiniku Motoyama

Editor's Note: There's no photo available at the time of writing

Grilled to perfection, Yakiniku Motoyama offers patrons scrumptious black beef and other cuts that are top-notch. The store was opened back in 1975 and still consistently ranks top among the best yakiniku restaurants in Tokyo. With a specialisation in Kobe beef, the marbling is exquisite and the flavour just screams quality. With eight kinds of seasonings including salt, yuzu pepper, spicy miso, wasabi soy sauce, grated ponzu sauce and more, every bite is going to be unique and leave your palate dancing.

Yakiniku Motoyama

Address: 7-10-12 Nishishinjuku, Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku Tokyo Prefecture

Website: Yakiniku Motoyama

Opening hours: 5pm - 11:30pm (daily)

7. Yakiniku Excellent Ginza-ten

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Yakiniku Excellent Ginza-ten is a hidden gem amongst all the touristy yakiniku places in Tokyo. With a welcoming ambience and an excellent, almost instantaneous service to boast, this place makes you feel at home. You’ll find that the average price is cheaper here too compared to the other yakiniku stores around the area. You can order from their special courses that contain a variety of curated meats. For example, the Toraji Special Course contains kimchi, salad and hors d'oeuvre as an appetizer, salted beef, fins, shrimp and more as the main course and a dessert of your choice to top it all off.

Yakiniku Excellent Ginza-ten

Address: 6-9-9 Kanematsu Bldg. 7F, Ginza, Chuo 104-0061 Tokyo Prefecture

Opening hours: 11am - 2:30pm, 5pm - 10:30pm (daily)

8. Sumibi Yakiniku Nakahara

Editor's Note: There's no photo available at the time of writing

Sumibi Yakiniku Nakahara is dedicated to serving you the most memorable experience at their shop. With a specially curated selection of meats, the head chef carefully examines every cut for its taste, texture and looks to give customers a one in a lifetime meal. Every bite of their wagyu or Kobe is tender and bursting with flavour. One item not to miss out on is the tongue, as this restaurant is famed for having perfected this particular organ with critics raving about it.

Sumibi Yakiniku Nakahara

Address: 4-3 Rokubancho GEMS Ichigaya 9F, Chiyoda 102-0085 Tokyo Prefecture

Website: Sumibi Yakiniku Nakahara

Opening hours: 12pm - 2:30pm, 5pm - 11pm (closed on Wed)

9. Nikugatou Yakiniku

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Posted by on Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Nikugatou Yakiniku differs from the rest of the yakiniku restaurants in that they prioritise lean meat as opposed to the marbled ones. Perfect for those who want to slow down on the fat intake and are looking for healthier options to enjoy beef, the lean block cuts are a must. Served hot off the grill, a bite into this rare piece of meat with some soy sauce is a taste that’s hard to forget.

Nikugatou Yakiniku

Address: 1 Chome-6-7 Nihonbashihoridomecho, Chuo City, Tokyo 103-0012, Japan

Website: Nikugatou Yakiniku

Opening hours: Mon - Fri: 5pm - 11pm; Sat: 5pm - 10pm (closed on Sun)

10. Kobe Yakiniku Kanteki Sangenjaya

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account


Posted by on Sunday, December 27, 2020

This small shop with little countertop stools is welcoming right from the get-go. Kobe Yakiniku Kanteki Sangenjaya is a humble eatery that welcomes foreigners wholeheartedly. The meats served are soft and tender while also retaining a bunch of flavours. Chef’s recommendations include unique cuts such as the cheek, tongue, heart and liver. Seasoned with salt among other spices, the dishes here have a unique natto flavour that keeps you wanting more.

Kobe Yakiniku Kanteki Sangenjaya

Address: 2 Chome-13-19 Sangenjaya, Setagaya City, Tokyo 154-0024, Japan

Opening hours: Mon - Sat: 6pm - 3am; Sun: 5pm - 2am

Enjoy your meal at the best yakiniku restaurants in Tokyo

Yakiniku meat
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Hajime NAKANO used under CC BY 2.0

On your next Tokyo trip, markdown one or even a few of these restaurants and enjoy the delicacy everyone’s been raving about. From wagyu beef to pork belly, there’s bound to be something that fits your taste. The chefs at these restaurants have perfected their craft for years and are there to give you a dining experience you’ll never forget. Use the guide to help you find the best yakiniku restaurants in Tokyo!

Editor’s Note: Due to Covid-19, the business hours of the restaurant may differ from the stated timings in this article. Please be sure to check the updated hours from the websites.

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