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Themed Hotels

What are themed hotels?

Themed hotels feature a distinct and specific design, decoration, and activities. Showcasing everything from fantastical motifs to pop culture concepts, this kind of hotel makes for a unique experience for travelers. So, whether you’re a fan of an iconic fictional world, a history buff who wants to get transported back in time, or a believer in an alternate reality, you can experience the perfect simulation of your world while staying in a themed hotel.

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To learn more about these hotels, keep reading this elaborate guide, which also includes destinations from around the world with the best themed hotels!

The rise in popularity of themed hotels

As the tourism industry continues to grow and evolve, tourists continue to seek alternate accommodations. Themed hotels offer tourists something new and allow them to immerse themselves in an alternate world. The uniqueness factor, along with the rise of social media, especially Instagram, has taken the popularity of themed hotels to the next level. More and more people are booking themed hotels to experience a unique world within the confines of the property.

For instance, hundreds of thousands of Harry Potter fans in the world will definitely love spending a night at the iconic Georgian House Hotel in the UK. The hotel features a separate section that is full of motifs from the Harry Potter world and also offers several activities for an even more magical atmosphere. Another more iconic hotel is Fantasyland Hotel in Canada, which boasts rooms with a range of designs, including those resembling modern igloos and space capsules, among others.

• Fantasy and adventure

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Ever had a fantasy in which you were a pirate or a mermaid? Several hotels around the world, such as , feature concept rooms that allow you to be in your fantasy world. You can also find several hotels with adventure-themed rooms that bring outdoor adventures, such as camping, inside.

• Underwater world

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If you have always wondered what the underwater world looks like, then you have to stay in an underwater hotel. While several hotels, such as Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, feature underwater rooms, others boast large in-room aquariums that allow you to witness marine life in the best way possible.

• History and culture

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Historic hotels can refer to a centuries-old hotel still in operation or a castle- or mansion-turned-hotel that takes you back in time. These hotels can be from different eras and allow you to admire the best of the age-old architecture. Top hotels such as Ritz Paris and Waldorf-Astoria New York have hosted notable historical figures over the years and have been part of significant historical events.

• Nature

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For outdoorsy travelers, they can opt for plenty of hotels around the world set amidst nature. One of the most common types of nature hotels is treehouse hotels, which let you have a comfortable stay amidst tree foliage. You can also find several eco-hotels that incorporate lush greenery into their rooms and premises, making for the most charming time for nature lovers. Plus, you'll be away from the hustle and bustle!

• Pop culture

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Hotels and accommodations inspired by pop culture are one of the most popular forms of themed hotels. Whether you are a Star Wars enthusiast or a Harry Potter fanatic, you can find plenty of hotels around the world that include decorations and activities from your favorite movie, TV show, or book.

• Futuristic

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Fans of sci-fi and modern-edge technology can find futuristic hotels that give a slice of how daily life can be in the coming years. A couple of the most technologically advanced hotels in the world include Henn na Hotel Tokyo Ginza and Viceroy Los Cabos.

Perks of staying in a themed hotel

• Themed rooms and common areas

The prevalent theme on the hotel premises, including different motifs, interactive elements, and activities, has to be the best perk of staying in a themed hotel. The theme is what makes these hotels stand out and create an interesting experience for travelers. This also gives guests the chance to click lots of pictures against fantastic backgrounds for their Instagram feed!

• Unique theme-inspired experiences

Staying in themed hotels is often accompanied by unique activities and experiences that let you immerse yourself in a particular theme. Among others, hotels organize movie screenings and storytelling sessions based on themes, allowing guests to interact with like-minded people. To delve deeper into your fantasy world, you can enjoy themed dinners as well.

• On-android shoe shop selling themed merchandise

Merchandise is yet another brilliant advantage for staying in themed hotels. You can buy and enjoy a range of wearable and fun merchandise related to the central theme.

• Themed transportation options

Another unique feature you can enjoy while staying in a themed hotel is the availability of alternate transportation options. While you can reach your destinations by the conventional means of flights, trains, and road vehicles, you can ride on alternate means of transportation, such as horse-drawn carriages and vintage cars.

• Opportunity to host a themed celebration

If you have ever dreamt of a fairytale wedding or a pop-culture-inspired birthday party, you can check the banquet facilities of themed hotels. These hotels offer a range of options when it comes to events, allowing you to organize and celebrate your event based on a particular theme.

Top destinations with themed hotels around the world

Destinations with themed hotels in the United States

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• California

With Universal Studios Hollywood, Disneyland Park, and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, California boasts some of the best theme parks and amusement parks in the USA. To explore these theme parks, it is apt to stay in one of the themed hotels in the state. For some of the best options, you can find several themed hotels in San Diego, a bustling metropolis in southern California. You can also find several themed hotels in the Hollywood city of Los Angeles and the charming metropolis of San Francisco, making for an entertaining time for travelers. During your stay in California, you can also attend some of the most iconic and popular festivals, such as the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

• Idaho

From the charming city of Boise to the gorgeous recreational destination of Ketchum, Idaho boasts plenty of stunning places to visit. For fun-loving travelers, the state features several themed hotels, some of which are adult-only and make for an entertaining time with your partner. For some of the most unique theme rooms, you can find the aforementioned Black Swan Inn, among other themed hotels, in the city of Pocatello. For more appealing options, you can book a themed hotel in Boise or Rexburg. When in Boise, art and history enthusiasts can busy themselves with one of the many museums in the city.

• Florida

Considering that Florida boasts upscale coastal cities, adventurous day cruises in the south, and plenty of theme parks and amusement parks, it’s safe to say that it is one of the best entertainment capitals in the USA. With Disney World, Universal Studios, Hollywood Studios, and Legoland, Orlando boasts the most iconic theme parks, making it perfect to visit with your kids. To also make your stay entertaining, you can find plenty of themed hotels and resorts in Disney World and several themed hotels in Orlando. Among other destinations in the state, you can explore glitzy Miami while staying in one of the themed hotels in the city.

Destinations with themed hotels in Canada

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• Montreal

Sitting on the shore of the St Lawrence River, Montreal is a city perfect for both nature and urban travelers. For adventure seekers, it boasts several river cruises, which are perfect for admiring the cityscapes. Nature lovers can check out the charming Mount Royal Park, which is also one of the most iconic attractions in the city. To shop for the latest trends, you can also find plenty of shopping malls in the city. As for accommodation, the city features plenty of themed hotels, one of which is a warehouse from the 19th century.

• Toronto

The charming city of Toronto is full of immigrants and international students, making it one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. From a variety of international restaurants to delectable street food to try, the city has something for everyone. For an entertaining time in the city, you can embark on one of the party boats. Moreover, you can book one of the themed hotels here for a fun-filled stay.

• Vancouver

Are you planning a family trip to the bustling metropolis of Vancouver? The city boasts a few theme parks and amusement parks and plenty of kid-friendly restaurants, allowing your little ones to stay entertained and comfortable. For an unparalleled stay, you can find several themed hotels in the city. However, if you're traveling alone or with your partner or friends, you can find nightclubs and piano bars in the city, allowing you to have an electric and mellow time.

• Winnipeg

From eating at some of the best restaurants in the Exchange District to learning about its history in one of its many museums, Winnipeg offers a range of attractions and things to do. Owing to its rich history, plenty of tours in Winnipeg are centered around its historic tours and districts. Among its variety of accommodations, Winnipeg boasts various themed hotels, which make for an exciting stay for tourists.

Destinations with themed hotels in Europe

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• United Kingdom

From plenty of historical hotels to those inspired by pop culture, such as Harry Potter, the UK is one of the best places in the world to book a themed hotel. With themed hotels in England and Scotland, tourists traveling to the UK have plenty of options for a fun and unique stay. You can even find themed hotels in London and Edinburgh, the capitals of the aforementioned UK constituent countries. For more uncommon accommodations, you can find plenty of themed hotels in Liverpool and Brighton. During your stay in the UK, you can eat at some of the oldest restaurants in London and check out the magnificent Edinburgh Castle, among other charming attractions.

• Spain

With one hotel full of film props and posters and another nestled amidst gorgeous farms and vineyards, Spain boasts plenty of stunning themed hotels. During your stay in one of the themed hotels, you can admire beautiful beaches or go surfing at one of the surfing spots in this charming Mediterranean country. Spain also boasts a group of islands in the Atlantic Ocean, just off the coast of southern Morocco. To make the most of coastal life, you can stay in a themed hotel in Gran Canaria, one of the islands in the Canary Islands.

• Amsterdam

With a dense network of canals and charming waterside lanes, Amsterdam is one of the most gorgeous European capitals. The city features vibrant street art, which you can explore by strolling through its streets. While taking a stroll, you can also check out the most famous buildings in Amsterdam and admire the city’s unique architecture. Talking about uniqueness, the city also boasts themed hotels, which make for an eccentric yet comfortable stay.

Destinations with themed hotels in Asia

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• India

When it comes to themed hotels in India, the country’s financial capital, Mumbai, leads the way, as the city boasts plenty of themed hotels redefining luxury. Mumbai also boasts Essel World, which is one of the most famous theme parks and amusement parks in the country. Apart from Mumbai, there are also plenty of themed hotels in Chennai, which, along with the city’s themed restaurants, offer plenty to keep the tourists busy. For more concept accommodations, you can find themed hotels in Hyderabad and Bangalore, two of the most modern metropolises in India.

• Japan

Japan is probably the most innovative country when it comes to offering accommodations to tourists. Apart from traditional Japanese accommodations that make for an authentic cultural experience, the country also boasts budget- and backpacker-friendly capsule hotels with cabin-sized rooms. It features plenty of themed hotels that guarantee unforgettable stays. For some of the best options, you can find several themed hotels in Osaka. Tourists staying in these hotels can also try distinctive and themed cafes in the city. If you are planning a romantic getaway, you can instead book a themed love hotel in Tokyo and try one of the themed restaurants during your stay. Moreover, tourists fascinated by Japanese culture will have a stunning time while exploring the crazy-cool theme parks in Japan.

• Singapore

Singapore boasts endless attractions and famous landmarks, such as the Esplanade, beckoning tourists from around the world. Among other world-famous attractions, the city-state features Universal Studios, apart from the other theme parks and amusement parks. Additionally, Singapore includes several themed hotels to cater to its millions of visitors and provide them with a unique experience. One of these hotels is set in a pre-war shophouse in Chinatown and depicts the rich diversity of the city.

Other destinations with themed hotels around the world

• Australia

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The vast and magnificent Australia features historical, centuries-old hotels and art hotels, making the country perfect for those looking for a concept stay. You can find themed hotels in Melbourne and the rest of Victoria for a one-of-a-kind stay. There are also a few themed hotels in Sydney and Brisbane, two of the most bustling metropolises on the eastern coast of Australia. From these coastal metropolises, you can take day trips to explore the most beautiful beaches in Australia.

• Egypt

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From hotels with pyramid-view rooms in Cairo to Baroque architecture hotels in Alexandria, Egypt boasts themed hotels that feature the best of its culture and history. To delve deeper into Egypt’s past during your themed hotel stay, you can explore its other historical places, such as the Valley of the Kings and the Temple of Hatshepsut. You can also check out some of the best monasteries in Egypt, which make for more magnificent sights in an already glorious country.

Things to consider when booking a themed hotel

• Location

Depending on the kind of holiday you are planning, you can book a themed hotel at a range of locations around the world. If you are in the mood for a more urban getaway, you can book a themed hotel in the USA, Europe, or Japan. If you are also planning to be close to nature while living in a city, it would be best to book a themed hotel in Canada. For a specific theme, such as historical hotels, you can consider booking a themed hotel in the UK.

• Budget

Most themed hotels tend to be on the expensive side, so expect your pockets to get lighter. Also, it would be best to set aside some budget if you are planning to participate in additional experiences. While history and culture hotels sometimes organize surcharged art exhibitions and workshops, pop culture-inspired hotels invite theme-relevant celebrities for live events.

• Duration of stay

While the themed hotel experience is definitely exciting, it might get tedious and repetitive if you stay too long. So, it would be best to consider what that sweet spot period is for your themed hotel stay.

• Preferred theme

As you are familiar with themed hotels by now, you can find plenty of concepts for your themed stay. Based on your preferences and the kind of vacation you are planning, you can book a hotel with a range of themes. From your favorite pop culture themes to historic hotels, you can have diverse experiences. However, if you are traveling with your kids, it would be best to choose a fun theme, such as underwater hotels.

• Amenities and facilities at the property

Apart from bedding and toiletries that all hotels offer, hotels with different themes also have different amenities and facilities. Underwater hotels, for example, often feature rooms with in-room aquariums, making for a fun stay. Other themed hotels might feature props and motifs, making for a unique interactive experience. Without compromising on amenities that make for comfort, you can choose accommodations depending on the additional amenities you want.

• Activities offered on the property

Depending on the on-site activities and experiences, you can book a range of accommodations. While some hotels don’t offer theme-based experiences, others allow you to tread further into their respective worlds. Some themed hotels, for instance, collaborate with relevant organizations and host workshops and live-performance events. So, based on your preferences, you can choose the themed hotel that is best for you.

• Child and pet policy

To avoid any surprises during the period of your stay, it would be best to carefully go through the house rules. If you are traveling with kids or taking your pet along, you can learn all the required information under the child and pet policies by checking the official website or directly calling the staff.

• Accessibility

If you or anyone you're traveling with has mobility issues, it would be best to check the accessibility features and ensure that the hotel comes equipped with the needed equipment, ranging from pool hoists to roll-in showers.

• Guest reviews and ratings

After confirming that the hotel you have shortlisted has great ratings, you can dig deeper into guest reviews and learn more details. Guest reviews can also answer your queries at times, making them all the more beneficial.

Have a one-of-a-kind experience in a themed hotel

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The unique interiors, concept designs, and magical atmosphere are a few reasons why themed hotels make for the most entertaining stays. Whether you want to get lost in your favorite fictional world or find yourself in nature, you can find a themed hotel based on your preferences. So, if you are tired of having a monotonous hotel experience, you should definitely mix things up and opt for a themed hotel on your next exploration.

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