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Self-catering Accommodations

Are you someone who wants to take control of your vacation as much as possible? If yes, self-catering accommodations are the right accommodation option for you. There are several types of self-catering accommodations that let you spend time away from home on your own terms. To learn more about these accommodations, keep reading this comprehensive guide, which also includes some of the top destinations around the world where you can find them.

What are self-catering accommodations?

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Self-catering accommodations include amenities that let you cater to yourself and your group. Instead of depending on the various services from the property, these accommodations allow you to provide for yourself as much as you can.

Catering for yourself gives you more control and independence, making it perfect for those on a specific diet or who tend to obsess over small details. Self-catering accommodations are also ideal for families with kids and toddlers. These accommodations allow families to cater to their little ones in a way that only they know is the best.

To learn about the ways you can cater for yourself, let’s also look at some common amenities you can find in self-catering accommodations.

What features can you expect at a self-catering accommodation?

  • Kitchen amenities

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A decently appointed kitchen is the most basic amenity that lets travelers cater to themselves. By booking an accommodation with a kitchen, you can cook your favorite meals any time you want. Private kitchens also easily allow you to follow dietary restrictions, if any.

  • Laundry amenities

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Access to laundry equipment during your stay is the next best thing after kitchens. A washer and a dryer provide the luxury of packing light, even for extended stays. They also allow you to be at ease with your toddlers, who might need more change of clothes.

  • Parking facilities

Access to on-site parking makes for easy in-and-out movement, allowing you to commute with relative ease. You'll also be able to save on parking fees.

  • Internet connectivity

A fast and stable internet connection not only keeps you connected and entertained, but it also allows you to have long and relaxing workcations. So, if you are a business traveler or someone who works from home, you can have convenient extended stays in self-catering accommodations.

  • Entertainment facilities

Most self-catering accommodations boast a TV, often with streaming capabilities, allowing you to stay up-to-date on your favorite shows. You can also find books, gaming consoles, puzzle games, or indoor play equipment, making for an entertaining time for people of all ages.

  • Dedicated workspace

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Apart from the internet connection, a dedicated workspace is another amenity that makes self-catering accommodation ideal for business and work travelers. While some have a separate office, others might have a work desk that lets you sit and work comfortably for long hours.

  • Bedding and toiletries

Most self-catering accommodations include bedding and toiletries for a more convenient stay. These features save you the hassle of packing additional things.

Types of self-catering accommodations

Depending on management, several types of accommodations boast self-catering amenities. Let’s take a look at a few common options where you can have a self-catering stay.

  • Serviced apartments